Medical Management Articles

Antibiotic Prophylaxis Regimens

Antibiotic Prophylaxis Regimens The current antibiotic prophylaxis regimens for prevention of infective endocarditis and orthopedic prosthetic joints. View Article ... Read More

Biphosphonate & BRONJ

Biphosphonate & BRONJ These articles discusses bisphosphonate therapy and its implications in bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw bones. Recommendations for prevention and management are presented. AAOMS MRONJ Position Paper:  mronj_position_paper Bisphosphonate & BRONJ... Read More

Biphosphonate Consent Form

Biphosphonate Consent Form You may use this consent form for any patient with a history of bisphosphonate therapy who is having invasive oral surgery procedures. View Article ... Read More

Biphosphonate Info for Patients

Biphosphonates for Patients This quick guide can be used to educate patients about bisphosphonate therapy and current recommendations for management and important precautions. View Article ... Read More

Coagulopathy and Oral Surgery

Coagulopathy and Oral Surgery 1) Dental management of patients taking anticoagulants View Article       2) Recommendations for patients taking anticoagulants before and after dental procedures View Article ... Read More