Anesthesia & Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is not uncommon among people having surgical procedures. For patients with anxiety, we recommend IV sedation so the patient can nap during the surgery. This helps greatly to make patients comfortable and reduce anxiety. In addition, all our patients are cared for by a group of very friendly and professional staff members who take the time to personally connect with each patient and allay their fears and concerns.

The best way to manage anxiety and make sure you have the best possible experience is to opt for IV sedation. It is the recommended method and preferred by many patients. Dr. Kazemi is trained and licensed in administering office anesthesia.  Its safety is attributed to continued monitoring techniques, the short-acting nature of the medications, availability of emergency equipment, and most importantly, proper training of the surgeon and the staff. Another options is local anesthesia, with or without nitrous oxide (laughing gas), but with this form of anesthesia, the patient is completely awake and fully aware of the procedure.