Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implant cost estimateCost of dental implants:

The cost of dental implants depends on the number of implants, bone grafting needs, and your choice of anesthesia. Following examination and discussion of treatment recommendations, our financial coordinator will present the exact cost and payment options. Dental implant fees range from $1,800 to $2,600, depending on the site, complexity, and necessary materials. Our global implant fees include all of the following (with no hidden costs):

  • Dental implant surgery
  • Dental implant components
  • Exposure and temporary abutment
  • Surgical guide (prepared by laboratory)
  • All consultations
  • All necessary X-rays
  • All follow-up appointments
  • Impression post for your restoring dentist ($50 value, used for implant impression)
  • In-house prescriptions ($40 value)
  • Home care kit
  • Life time guarantee* (*Should the implant develop any problems at any time or require replacement, there will be no cost to you. This is extremely rare as our implants have over a 99% success rate.

What implants do we use?

We use only the most well known and researched implant companies in our office, including Zimmer, Biomet (3i), and Nobel. We do not use the lower quality and cheap dental implants that are available in the market. These cheaper implants, which are often sold to general dentists, do not have adequate research and literature behind them and their composition and manufacturing process is unknown. We do not recommend use of such implants as they are unpredictable and may be associated with increased risk of failure, infection, fractures, and poor healing.


Dental implants and related bone grafting procedures are typically not covered by any insurance plans as they are considered elective and not medically necessary. If you have a plan with possible benefits we will be happy to submit a pre-authorization letter and form on your behalf. For this we will need to see you for an examination and obtain an X-ray. Dental implants may be covered under medical insurance if teeth loss is related to a traumatic injury or pathology such as bony cysts. Contact your insurance company or call us for assistance.

Payment options:

We offer several payment options including short- and long- term plans. Those with insurance may choose to pay the surgical fees and receive reimbursement directly from their insurance company, or pay an approximate co-pay and we will submit the necessary claims. We accept all forms of credit cards, personal checks (with two forms of ID), and cash. If you need special assistance for payments, we recommend a separate consultation appointment rather than scheduling your consultation and surgery on the same day.

We offer three- to 12-month (or longer) payment plans. A short application (via phone or website) is necessary, along with a credit check for approval. Once approved, you do not have to pay any fees to our office. Following procedure or treatment, you will make monthly payments. This is a NO-INTEREST program. Speak to our financial coordinator for details or contact the companies below to obtain line of credit. We offer these programs through the following companies: