What Our Patients Say

Abdallah Derder (3/22/24)
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are the best! I had a a surgical extraction of 4 teeth, bone graft ,7 dental implants. From Cynthia to Ludy, Adriana, Miriam, Paola and Guen ( the A team) things started the right way. Dr. Kazemi is a fantastic Surgeon. He is a major component in making this as pleasant of an experience as possible.He is the best Oral Surgeon I have had in 57 years
Everyone I interacted with in Dr. Kazemi’s office was a true professional. I was told exactly what to expect during the procedures and during the follow up and that is how things happened. I had zero surprises throughout this entire process. That was the best possible thing that I could have happened. They put me at ease immediately every time I go to their office through out the a year a 4 months process.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Kazemi and his A team.
The best in the business.”

Deanna Stripling (3/19/24)
“5 Stars! Dr. Kazemi and his assistants were amazing! I was referred to Dr. Kazemi for an extraction of my wisdom tooth. I initially called to inquire on the next availability and I was invited to come in immediately! I was having an emergency where I was experiencing excruciating pain in addition to an infection in my wisdom tooth. Considering, this was my very first experience getting an extraction, Dr. Kazemi made the experience as pleasant as possible! He was extremely informative as well as his staff! The entire staff made me feel extremely comfortable (I was secretly scared). Further, I was extremely impressed with the aftercare instructions and follow ups! Everything was extremely detailed and even included little gifts and recipes for your soft diet! Dr. Kazemi also calls you personally to check in, which made me feel truly cared for. Thank you Dr. Kazemi and staff for providing me with such a pleasant experience!”

Eric Nawar (3/24)
“My dentist only recommends top docs so I had plenty of confidence going in. I wasn’t disappointed – Dr. Kazemi runs an amazing practice top to bottom – from the video prep on the website to continuous monitoring throughout the journey, he’s totally transparent, communicative, and supportive. And I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a practice where the entire staff – billing, front desk, all the assistants, etc. were top-notch. I fully recommend this practice.”

Melissa Korniotes (3/24)
“Dr Kazemi was great to work with. He is very thorough. He and his team were great! I am very happy that I found Dr Kazemi. He helped me begin to fix a problem that was weighing me down…Now I’m on my way to having healthy implants.”

Irene Spero (2/24)
“Excellent experience. Competent and caring. Staff is very supportive. Never pleasant to go through the experience but Dr. Kazemi eliminates some of the pain and anxiety with their caring support. Highly recommend.”

Steven Swartz (2/24)
“Dr. Kazemi and his team were just great, paying attention to every detail with an emphasis on the comfort of the patient at all times. Dr. Kazemi personally followed up each procedure with a phone call to see how I was doing during the post-procedure periods. Very reassuring. I feel fortunate to have his team keeping me smiling!”

Nedda Walkup (1/24)
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are awesome. My surgery went smoothly and recovery went as expected. Although I was a little stressed, Dr. Kazemi’ s follow up phone calls to check on me were very reassuring. He is the best!”

Nancy Nathan (12/23)
“Dr. Kazemi follows up so often and thoughtfully. I am confident that the care I got in his chair was better even than his following up phone calls!”

John Kelly (10/23)
“Had a very nice experience visiting Dr. Kazemi and staff for the extraction of diseased/broken #15 with local anesthesia. The office was very accommodating with appointment time. From the front desk to the assistants and the superb clinician Dr. Kazemi, everyone was caring and kind. After numbing ,the procedure was painless. Healing progressed normally ,with no issues. As circumstances happen in life and you might need the services of an oral surgeon I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and staff.”

Marla Viorst (9/23)
“Dr. Kazemi and his team made my son’s wisdom teeth removal so easy. From check in to follow up, you are totally cared for and prioritized. On top of it, the offices and recovery rooms are fantastic!!”

Babak Forozandeh (9/23)
“One the best human beings that I have ever seen in my life, I went to him for my mother who has diagnosed with a tumor recently, he took the time to check everything and answered to all our questions. Thank you again for your help and patience.”

Pornsri Miller (7/23)
“The procedure was smoothly done and all details were explained every step throughout. I appreciated the care and follow up after the procedure.”

Alice W (7/23)
“Dr Kazemi is excellent – knowledgeable and caring with a very calming voice and demeanor. The office is friendly and efficient. There is a large room with a wall of windows and a large screen that displays x-rays; it was a very pleasant place to stay in while I waited during the procedure.”

Ram Janakiramen (6/23)
“Thanks for the surgery. It was as painless as possible. So far I’m doing ok.”

Sam Boyd (5/23)
“Very Happy with the Doctor and his Staff!! Thanks! Very nice People 👌!!”

Cam Le (4/26/23)
“Dr. Kazemi is an amazing surgeon. He is such a good experience, professional and quick. I had surgery for my whole mouth and got the implants. I’ll recommend him to everyone”

Ricardo Paredes
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were great! Over the summer I caught a wisdom tooth infection while undergoing chemotherapy. He took me in as an emergency patient and had the procedure (wisdom teeth extraction) done the next morning! Dr. Kazemi did a wonderful job! There was no swelling and at the very least mild discomfort, however, I felt fine after three days! Today, I am cancer free, and by getting my infected wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Kazemi, it played a huge part of my healing process!”

Paul Kramer
“I was in a bike accident and my ER doctor referred my to Dr. Kazemi, and I am glad he did. Dr. Kazemi was professional and made time for me immediately. I got a tooth removed and immediately an implant was placed. His staff was kind and helpful with all my questions and with filing insurance claims. They filled out all the appropriate paperwork for me and filed it on my behalf! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Other than not breaking a tooth in the first place… but such is life.”

2/23 James Carden
“cannot recommend highly enough”

2/23 Marina Rosa
“Dr. Kazemi is very knowledgeable and competent. The staff are all so pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend this office to everyone.”

2/23 Brian Flower
“All three appointments started on-time or sooner. All available options and costs were described upfront with no pressure, including the option to do nothing. Strict COVID protocols were followed. Easy parking and great location.”

2/23 Maxim Trifonov
“Quick, painless, and most attentive! Dr. Kazemi is superb and his staff deserves no less gratification!”

2/23 Charles Eisenhauer
“Slept thru all of 3 wisdoms being removed. Very caring service!”

“A superb experience all around. From scheduling, to the procedure, to the post op follow ups, Dr Kazemi and his staff went above and beyond to make sure we fully understood what was involved and how things would pan out.
We received all the paperwork ahead of time and the office helped us with insurance filing afterwards. The procedure got done very smoothly. Dr Kazemi personally called to check up on Ethan a few days after the operation. When we needed to talk to Dr Kazemi, he was always accessible and would return the call literally within 5 minutes.
Thank you very much, Dr Kazemi and the entire office staff. Could not have been happier with your services.”

2/23 John Simmonds
“I had an extensive dental procedure that took about a year to complete between the original procedures to final implant. The Kazemi team and Dr. Kazemi were fantastic. They have a well planned system to assist the patient pre and post procedure which makes the recovery much better. I hope I don’t have to have another implant, but would use the Kazemi team again and recommend them highly to anyone else.”

2/23 Adam & Sandra Fine
“Dr. Kazemi has created a very special practice. From the initial call to inquire about services and availability to the actual procedure to the follow-up, I felt cared for by every single person encountered. Dr. Kazemi saw me within days of my call and made the decision simple to have the surgery the same day! It only took minutes and I felt no pain (and I was nervous!). Best of all, I never bruised or swelled. The gums healed exactly as predicted. I recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone who needs minor or major dental work, anxious and nervous or not, you are in the hands of experienced professionals.”

2/23 Jeff Lin
“Excellent services. Very courteous and professional.”

TC Belaiz
“I must say I was very nervous going in, but this has been an incredibly comfortable experience. When I arrived, everything was swift and organized and a conversation with Dr Kazemi put my mind at ease before I went under. I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled and it was a super quick procedure. I was provided with so much information to help my recovery be as quick as possible. The email reminders and the check-in calls from Dr Kazemi were BIG for me as they would reassure me that I was healing normally. 5 Star Service! 5 Star post-op service! I would definitely recommend.”

2/23 James Allen
“I was looking on the Web for an Oral Dentist and I ran across Dr. H Ryan Kazemi name, I was glad I did because I had two right side back teeth that had to be removed. I explained to him I had not been to a dentist in a long while so I was very nervous and I had to be sedated before any work was done. Both teeth were removed while I was sleep and when I woke back up within 30 minutes I did not even know he was finished, this should explain how much care he took to make sure I was at ease with the process. Dr. Kazemi explained to entire process before the surgery and after the work was done he also made follow up calls to check on my condition. This is my reason for stating he is one of the BEST Oral Dental Surgeon in the whole State of Maryland. I will tell all of my family and friends about Dr. Kazemi Business, I am one happy customer I found you name on the Web.”

2/23 – Benjamin Martin
“Dr. Kazemi and his team are highly skilled and professional. Dr. Kazemi took time to learn about my issues before my initial consultation, and then presented me with clear plan as to how he could help me. What impressed me the most was how committed Dr. Kazemi was to the success of my procedures. I had many procedures over several years, and Dr. Kazemi truly went above and beyond to ensure the final results were healthy and met the expectations outlined at my initial consultation. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Kazemi and his entire office, and highly recommend them to anyone seeking an oral surgeon.”

1/30/23 – Brian Ellis
“Whereas some oral surgery centers can feel like a factory, turning out as many patients as quickly as possible, Dr. Kazemi’s Oral Surgery & Dental Implants truly felt like a home. The center is efficient, the staff are all very welcoming and friendly, and I experienced virtually no discomfort after having all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. After the procedure was done, Dr. Kazemi himself called me once a week to ensure that there hadn’t been any complications and to update me on the recovery process, which I truly appreciated.”

12/22- Mary Beth


6/30/22 – Mary Alice

6/2/22 – Naomi Lungu
“Dr. Kazemi I want to thank you for all you do. I called you at 4am the pain and anguish in my voice for not being able to sleep due to pain. Dr you treated my case as an emergency.You booked in, examined me, took me through the procedure step by step, your staff explained all the billing and till you made sure I was okay with everything, you did what you do best, tooth extraction.I woke up feeling better, no after a pain, you gave me my care package with all the necessary pain medication and antibiotics, to quicken my healing ❤️‍ process. Your follow up emails and videos indeed made me feel am in safe hands. God bless you and your team.”

5/2/22 – Mrs. Markwood
“When I had first gone to my previous oral surgeon, he said my tori had gotten so bad that it could only be removed in a hospital. Well, my sweet husband was determined to find me the best care and he found the BEST “hospital” in Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD operating room! Many thanks to Dr. Kazemi and his operating “family” team for a stellar surgical removal of my bilateral mandibular tori on April 8, 2022. Dr. Kazemi’s kind, humble, respectful interaction with his team increased my confidence and trust in him and relaxed me for my two hour operation. Additionally, Dr. Kazemi’s compassion for me, communicating constantly with me did not go unnoticed, was a huge help and gave me peace throughout the procedure. I also appreciated a kind and helpful telephone call from him the same evening after the operation. As well, I had two follow-up appointments to check on the progress of my healing. I feel extremely lucky to have had Dr. Kazemi as my doctor/surgeon. I would highly recommend him and his office with no hesitation.
The story would not be complete without the mention of Laura who I believe is the Director and Office Manager. She gave friendly, respectful, and stellar service and care, not only the months before and during, but the weeks following the surgical removal of my bilateral mandibular tori. She checked up on me weekly being sure that I was using my salt water solution to heal my gums. She is one of a kind. She manages Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi’s office with a quiet efficiency that is unique and much appreciated. My successful recovery is due in large part to her and her conscientious detail to her hard work.
Again, my month long surgery and recovery was perfect in every aspect and I can’t think of one thing that could have been done to make it better. I am grateful that people like Dr. Kazemi and Laura exist in the world.
By the way, they even covered me with a warm blanket during the operation so I wouldn’t be cold & the friendly smiling assistant helped me to the restroom afterwards (little things!).”

4/4/22 – Mrs. Brophy
“Dr. Kazemi is amazing. He has done all 3 of my children’s wisdom teeth removals. Each was as smooth and easy as could possibly be. Thank you, Dr. Kazemi!”

3/8/22- Mrs. Aizenman
“Experience was excellent. Dr. Kazemi dealt with the issue for which I’d been referred to him immediately on the initial visit. He followed up with regular advice during the healing process and as a result, recovery was without incident. Outstanding in every respect.”

3/7/22 – Mrs. Hawkins
“My experience was very positive. Dr. Kazemi is an excellent surgeon and he and his staff are very professional,courteous and helpful.”

1/19/22 – Mrs. Matthews
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff took execellent care of my son who needed emergency extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth 2 days prior to going off to college. The procedure was completed before my one hour meter expired! The follow up calls and emails helped my son stay on track and heal quickly with minimal post operative pain. We highly recommend Dr Kazemi for excellent state of the art care and “old school” chair side manner.”

1/17/22 – Mrs. Helmer
“My son had four wisdom teeth removed at a very short notice. Dr Kazemi made it the smoothest procedure, and it all healed nicely just in time for him to go back to school. He is the best, no questions. My younger son will be next soon!”

1/3/22 – Mrs. Jobson
“My experience was seamless and easy. all details were taken care of and Dr. Kazemi checked in on me at least twice post surgery. I had basically no swelling and minimal pain/ discomfort. My post-op directions were super clear and the ice pack wrap I went home with was the best. Thank you!”

10/13/21- Mrs. Bell
“Dr. Kazemi made the implant process as easy and painless as it could have been. He did an excellent job.”

9/15/21 – Mrs. Minnick
“Everything was perfect. The process was efficient and the treatment and care were outstanding for my daughter’s wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Kazemi and his team are true professionals and his entire office runs like clockwork.”

9/3/21 – Ms. Pilot 
“Dr Kazami and staff are very welcoming. They communicate very well and are very prompt in seeing you. The environment is very clean and healthy.”

9/3/21 – Ms. Peroff
“I was very impressed by your teams’ professionalism, communication, and overall efficiency.  Especially noteworthy was Dr. Kazemi’s personal follow-up phone calls after surgery.  While having a wisdom tooth pulled is not among my favorite experiences, the “Kazemi team” did a fantastic job and I would recommend you highly to anyone.  Thank you again for your outstanding service.”

8/11/21 – Ms. Shore
“Very positive. I’m happy with the outcome.”

7/8/21 – Mrs. Zhan
“The services are perfect.”

6/29/21 – Anonymous
“Dr. Kazemi is brilliant, kind and caring.”

6/18/21 – Mr. Moore
“Outstanding. Very attentive and patient oriented.”

6/14/21 – Mr. Colonna

4/23/21 – Mr. Kolakowski
“Excellent attention and follow up.”

4/21/21 – Mr. Ozdeger
“We had a very positive experience for a difficult problem. The surgery went very well and everyone was very kind and helpful. Dr. Kazemi was especially kind and explained the procedure well. I was also impressed with the follow up of phone calls to see how we were doing and emails to remind us of postoperative care. Thank you!”

4/16/21 – Ms. Puzzo
“The entire team was friendly, caring and incredibly knowledgeable. The procedure was done quickly and with as little pain as possible. The doctor personally called me several times, more than any other dentist I have seen, to check on my progress. I would highly recommend anyone to this practice.”

4/13/21 – Ms. Rechcigl
“Did not feel any pain during or after the extraction. I did not believe it was over.”

4/12/21 – Mr. Pfleeger
“Efficient, competent and as close to painless as feasible. Plus Dr Kazemi cares enough about his patients to phone the evening after a procedure to check how they are feeling.”

4/10/21 – Mr. Kebede
“An amazing staff member!!! Dr Kazemi is well organized and everything he told us what he was doing went excellent. We are lucky to be there since we have only one child. No swelling, no pain on next day. My son stopped the pain medication the next morning and finished the antibiotics for seven days, no infection. According to the quality of work done they charge us very fair price!!! I highly recommend this place!!!
Thanks to the staff members and Dr Kazemi!!!”

4/7/21 – Mr. Hammer
“Professional and caring”

3/27/21 – Ms. Georgieva
“Excellent experience – not the wording I would have expected to use after a wisdom tooth extraction. Painless surgery, successful post-surgery healing, top-of-line procedure and office. Most importantly: confidence-inducing Dr. Kazemi&team. Thank you!”

3/26/21 – Mr. Rothstein
“Professional, remarkably little or no pain and bleeding, good follow-up care, nice people, good result.”

2/22/21-Mr. Vanderslice
“Excellent in every aspect. Wisdom tooth extraction was very well done, and the followup to ensure safe healing was very thorough.”

2/17/21 – Ms. Ellis
“Excellent. Dr Kazemi answered all my questions and explained the treatment thoroughly. He was a good listener about the fact that I do not want to have any more long awake dental surgeries and I want IV sedation. He also asked good questions about my prior experience with being overdosed on anesthesia and that I need lose doses. I know his surgical skills to be excellent as I had no post op bleeding and I left his office when they said I was awake enough and had no bleeding. Also he has a great technique of using your own bone not cadaver bone plus your own platelet rich fibrin to build up lost facial bone which gives the highest success rate. I am extremely grateful for his compassion, scholarly research and years of research and surgical expertise”

2/16/21 – Mr. Larin
“It was incredible. I closed my eyes and woke up what seemed like instantaneously! Procedure was a breeze, I woke up numb in the face but totally feeling fine. I was escorted to my girlfriends car, and given gauze pads to control the gentle bleeding from my gums. Overall, Dr. Kazemi deserves all the positive reviews he constantly receives because of how professional & efficient his care is.”

2/11/21-Ms. Wood
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are very professional, friendly, and understanding when schedules have to be changed. They use strict COVID guidelines, but it doesn’t feel odd or rushed. My mother is nearly 90, with Alzheimer’s and Dr. Kazemi was able to successfully remove two extremely decayed teeth with no problems. He and his staff called me to check on her, which is very unusual in 2021. I would recommend him to anyone who has been frustrated in trying to find the “right” oral surgeon for whatever reason(s).”

2/10/21 – Previous Patient
“Excellent!! Dr. Kazemi and his staff are very professional and walked me through every step of the process.”

2/4/21 – Mrs. Chiozza
“Very professional and kind personnel. They take care of every detail to make your procedure the most comfortable possible.”

1/28/21- Mr. Dela Cerna
“Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi is one of the very best board certified oral surgeon and dental implant specialist in th USA , and perhaps world.
I consulted with him in 2019 to get help in restoring the health of my teeth/mouth becaused of a ” botched dental implant job ” that was done overseas.

Dr.Kazemi’s clinic is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipments and procedures used in dental implantology and prosthesis. In concert with his specialized education and proven experience & success in his field he was able to do my implants and fabrication of a full arch prosthetic that feels and looks like my natural teeth, but only better .
My implants are painless and so strong that it would probably hold up my entire weight even when hanged on the ceiling.

Dr. Kazemi’s dental team is also the very best in terms of customer service and side chair assistance and support especially during recovery from surgery. They always have a welcoming smile and caring heart that will make you feel like you’re a part of their family’ instead of just another customer that you’ll find in some clinics.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Kazemi and his team for all their help and care.”
1/15/21- Ms. Skoff
“Very easy and had great follow up!”

1/15/21 – Mr. Carboni
“Friendly, quick and caring towards their patients.”

12/22/20 – Mrs. Barnes
“Wow! What an impressive experience! Dr. Kazemi and his staff are absolutely fantastic. From the very first phone call I knew I was engaging with an extremely professional and efficient staff. After a horrible experience with another oral surgery team, I was on the hunt for an alternative for my two and a half year old son. He was in pain and really needed surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Kazemi and team especially Mae, whom I spoke to first, were the DREAM team. Things did not go as expected but their patience and ability to pivot and adjust to my son’s needs and age was truly refreshing and really appreciated. Dr. Kazemi sang to my son to calm him, explained the procedure carefully and thoughtfully to help ease my nerves, and listened to my concerns intently. He also never rushed me. Dr. Kazemi called to follow-up with my son’s care several times, not an assistant or an intern, but Dr. Kazemi himself. I am so thankful for the experience my son had with Dr. Kazemi and will refer him to everyone and anyone.”

11/23/20 – Mrs. Powers
“We had an amazing experience and would highly recommend to all friends and family. The staff are responsive, patient, and organized. I felt very safe with their covid protocol. Mostly importantly Dc Kazemi was thorough and kind to my 10 year old daughter during our second oral surgery at the facility. He talked us through the procedure and assured me that he would treat my daughter like his own. Oral surgery can be a hard experience for kids but my daughter felt confident and cared for. Thank you so much.”

11/20/20 – Mr. Chapman
“Let’s be honest, there is a lot of talk about wisdom tooth removal being a pain for days on end. But here’s the truth: Dr. Kazemi and his team make it easier than a normal dentist appointment, and the surgical techniques he uses make recovery almost too hard to believe! I had to look in my mouth to make sure I had had surgery because there was no pain, no inflammation, no uncomfortable feeing for days, and no need for any pain medication, in my case at least. Plus the follow-up videos and reminders every few days were excellent. I can’t recommend that you get dental surgery just for the fun of it, but with Dr. Kazemi’s work, I’d come pretty close to such an absurdity. If you need dental work done – you must go to him!”

11/12/20 – Ms. Ross
“Dr. Kazemi consistently excels not only with his surgical expertise but also, and importantly, with his empathy and concern from the initial consult through the final visit.”

10/07/20 – Mr. Clysdale
“Excellent from beginning to end.”

09/28/20 – Mr. Grady
“Excellent result and superb customer service throughout the process.”

09/18/20 – Mrs. Dick
“Dr. Kazemi and his team are as gentle and nice as they are skillful. I have had two implants with Dr. Kazemi and would recommend him to anyone who wants to make the experience as painless as it possibly can be in every way.”

09/09/20 – Mrs. Utley
“Very professional makes you feel relax and confident!”

08/25/20 – Mr. Poe
“Dr. Kazemi and his office staff are excellent in every respect. Christina arranged an appointment on short notice and could not have been more friendly and helpful. Laura was great at every stage. The consultation was efficient and clear. The procedure, from our perspective, went as well as possible. And the follow-up protocol was fantastic. The proactive personal attention from Dr. Kazemi in the follow-up protocol was unexpected and impressive. We highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his office.”

08/24/20 – Mrs. Norman
“Your team were so helpful scheduling during a pandemic as well as preparing the necessary pre-authorizations and insurance filing documents. Dr. Kazemi is an extraordinary surgeon – skilled and efficient, which really helps with swelling and subsequent healing. Your follow up calls really make a difference! Thank you.”

08/13/20 – Mrs. Merrill
“I’m a repeat customer, and my experience with Kazemi Oral Surgery has consistently been of the highest quality. Their follow-up care is thorough. My dentist always comments on how well they’ve done the work.”


08/05/20 – Mrs. Spero

08/04/20 – Mr. Burgess
“I found Dr. Kazemi and his practice very professional and caring. He performed a difficult procedure on one of my teeth and saved one of my large bridges. When I then had some bleeding, he fixed that in a most expeditiously manner. I highly recommend him.”

08/03/20 – Mrs. Cohen
“Excellent. Very professional, very comfortable, very competent. The support staff and Dr. Kazemi are excellent.”

07/28/2020 – Mrs. Mesfin
“My experience at your office was beyond what I can explain. From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, I felt well taken care off. Dr
Kazemi is an amazing surgeon. He literally extracted two of my erupted wisdom teeth in 10 min.I didn’t even know my extraction was done and that the procedure was over. I went to work the next day with no pain killers. Dr Kazemi is so caring that I got two personal call from him to check on how I was doing. I would highly recommend Dr Kazemi. Thank you so much again Dr Kazemi and staff.”

07/19/20 – Mrs. Bumbrey
“Positive. professional and most of all comfortable.”

07/13/20 – Mrs. Killy
“Everyone was so nice. They made us feel welcome, safe and important. I would recommend Dr Kazemi’s office to anyone.”

07/6/20 – Mr. Hamilton
“Very thorough personable and informative”

07/1/20 – Ms.Sundrum
“Extremely professional and caring. The extractions were performed with high competence and minimal discomfort, and followed up by clear after-care instructions and phone calls.”

06/29/20 – Ms. Edwards
“It was very professional warm and caring staff.”

06/22/20 – Mr. Bauman
“It was a stress-free experience and the staff was very comforting.”

06/15/2020- Mr. Koy
“Dr. Kazemi and team was great during my all-in-one wisdom tooth extraction visit. The team made me feel comfortable as I went through the consultation process, surgery and post-op. The team checked up on me numerous times with a phone call to see how my recovery process is going and sent me valuable information through email. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends.”

06/12/2020 – Mrs. Mantyka
“I had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction while being 38 weeks pregnant. Dr. Kazemi was able to see me right away, and extraction was super quick and painless. I had extractions before, but this one was absolutely the best experience I ever had. Will definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi and will go to him again.”

06/04/2020 – Mr. Pokras
“I had a cracked molar that needed immediate attention. Dr. Kazemi was able to see me the next day. He and his staff took all possible precautions given our current covid environment. I relayed my fear of “the shot” and he extra care with my injections. After that, I’m good to. The extraction went well. Post-op instructions are detailed clearly and extensively on forms provided. I found these materials quite useful. Healing, etc went quite well.
I image using dr. Kazemi if I need an oral surgeon in the future. But hope not!”

05/14/2020- Ms. Marshall
“Caring and compassionate, as always. Dr. Kazemi’s skills are amazing.”

05/06/2020- John Crellin
“Nice work. Not only my friends/family,I’ll thank Vince Prestipino for steering me to you and how pleased I am with the how it went. Much appreciated.”

03/30/2020- Ariel Campbell
“I had an appointment with Dr. Kazemi for the removal of two dental implants. His team did an excellently job of preparing for the surgery. Once I made my appointment, they called me back shortly after that, organized my virtual consultation with the doctor, informed me how to send my x-rays and everything I needed to know for the surgery.
On the day of my surgery I had another talk with Dr.Kazemi when we discussed all details about it. Dr. Kazemi and his assistants did excellent job during the surgery, they were very supportive and caring about my comfort.
After the surgery Dr. Kazemi called me several times to check on me. He offered me help from them any time I have some dental problems arise.
I feel very lucky finding Dr. Kazemi and his team and I would highly recommend him to everyone.”

03/11/2020- Lauren Pickard
“Dr. Kazemi and his team are wonderful! I was really nervous about my wisdom teeth removal as an adult, but they did such an amazing job! They were so friendly, kind, and thorough with my questions. Dr. Kazemi is so talented at what he does. I was worried about pain after the surgery, but it was so minimal and my recovery went so well! He truly cares about his patients. I looked at a lot of places before surgery and he is definitely the best! The whole process from beginning to end was so organized and professional. I’m so grateful I chose to come here.”

03/06/2020- Linda Ore
“I felt very comfortable with the staff, the doctor followed up with me and left me a voicemail. I would come back here.”

03/04/2020- Rita Gama
” I had a great, relaxing and comfortable experience. Everyone involved was very professional. The outcome could not be better.”

03/02/2020- Mr. Feng
“Dr Kazemi was one of the best. He removed three extra teeth inside the gam from my son. Other doctors said that those baby teeth on the top should be removed and be sedated. However, Dr Kazemi did the extra teeth removal without the need to remove the baby teeth and without sedation. I was so worried about those extra teeth which broke the permanent teeth’s growing. Dr Kazemi did a wonderful job. I was so grateful for his care and expertise.”

02/22/2020- Mrs. Huffman
“Awesome! It truly was the best I could’ve asked for.”

 02/13/2020- Mr. Justin Clark
“The office was friendly and Dr. Kazemi is very knowledgeable. I requested the platelet rich growth factor treatment which aided in the healing process after my wisdom teeth extraction.”

02/07/2020 – Mrs. Walton
“The most comfortable dental experience – confident caring and courteous staff wonderful surgeon.”

02/04/2020 – Mr. Lenderking
“Efficient, well organized, knowledgeable staff, sure-handed and expert oral surgeon Dr. Kazemi in charge. Dental implants are serious matters, and it was reassuring to have Dr. Kazemi in charge every step of the way.”

02/03/2020 – Dylan Middleton
“Getting my wisdom teeth out at Kazemi Oral Surgery was an easy and pleasant experience.”

02/01/2020 – Camille Robinson
“Excellent follow-up service post operation via phone, e-mail and video.
I felt like I was in safe hands and that the staff genuinely cared about my well-being. Would recommend!”

01/31/2020 – Mr. Daschle
“As good as getting your wisdom teeth out can be.”

01/28/2020 – Jane MacLeish
“Nothing but good, everyone charming and full of intelligence!”

01/24/2020 – Luke Reisert
“Kind, thoughtful, gentle, efficient – as easy as possible considering it’s surgery! My son received excellent care during and after his procedure. Dr. Kazemi is extremely responsive to all questions and concerns. I highly recommend this practice.”

01/24/2020 – Mindy Hedaya
“Dr. Kazemi is an excellent oral surgeon ! He is very thorough and caring . His staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an Oral Surgeon.”

01/20/2020 – Max Smith
“Convenient scheduling and appointment experience.”

01/17/2020 – Christina Kelly
“Very pleasant! Dr. Kazemi and his staff were not only knowledgeable but made me feel comfortable before, during, and after my surgery. They took care of everything for me including helping submit the claim to my insurance without a problem.”

01/14/2020 – Sophie Bowers
“I was well taken care of, and the staff was very kind to my family and me.”

01/13/2020 – Mrs.Davis
“pleasant, informative”

01/10/2020 – Sydney Comstock
“The people who work at Kazemi Oral Surgery were friendly and professional. Dr. Kazemi was very nice and welcoming. The assistants helped calm my nerves before my procedure and were extremely organized about all of the payment and paperwork. Thank you guys so much!”

01/09/2020 – Sohrab Saadipur
“Excellent, everything was perfect.”

12/30/2019- Mrs. Wall
“Incredible! Got wisdom teeth removed, never had to take more than tylenol for pain, it healed unbelievabky quickly and with an ease I did not anticipate. No nausea, nothing more than soreness that passed with a coldpress and some tylenol, no lying around miserable for a couple of days… it was as pleasant as it could’ve been. The staff was lovely and attentive and quick!”

12/27/2019 – Mrs.Bakhtari
“Very good experience. Super easy and reduced all my anxiety that I had before. The process was easy and comfortable.”

12/27/2019- Mr.Dormu
“It was great! Very nice nurses and assistants. Process was quick and easy.”

12/26/2019- Michael Taylor
“Great service- nice people- good results.”

12/26/2019- David Sokolowski
“Dr Kazemi & Staff: Thank you for taking care of me! you always make me feel so welcome. This has been a journey and I appreciate everything you have done for me. Warm Regards ”

12/13/2019- Ms.May
“Dr Kazemi is extremely gracious and inspires confidence. His staff is caring and efficient.”

12/02/2019- Mr.Kim
“Dr. Kazemi did a fantastic job with not just my wisdom teeth extraction surgery but also in terms of communication. He made sure I knew exactly what to expect during and post-surgery. His team is also very responsive and attentive to any questions I had post-surgery. Could not have asked for a better team.”

12/02/2019- Mrs.Valianatos
“The professionalism and dedication is outstanding. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are constantly checking on you to make sure the recovery process goes well. Great experience!”

11/26/2019- Randy Miller
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff did an excellent job. All of the staff are very friendly and easy to work with, and Dr. Kazemi is a leading expert in dental implants.”

08/29/2019 – Alexander Weiler
“Very good, were very open and nice with me from start to finish, every time I went in they were ready for me, and the surgery was absolutely painless”

08/28/2019 – Mrs. Bass
“Great with no complications. Doctor was very helpful”

08/28/2019 – Jennifer Driscoll
“Excellent. First-rate medical treatment with and friendly physician and staff.”

08/27/2019 – Ilaria Schlitz
“Very quick and easy”

08/25/2019 – Eleanor Wright
“I had a lovely experience. Dr. Kazemi is very experienced in oral surgery, and I immediately felt like I was in good hands. Dr. Kazemi personally called me a few hours after the surgery to check in on me, which was very impressive. I would definitely recommend.”

08/22/2019 – Anna Hervey
“I was nervous to have my wisdom teeth taken out but Dr. Kazemi and his staff were incredibly professional and kind and after speaking with them for a short time I felt much better about the procedure. I chose to undergo twilight sedation and the procedure (which removed all four of my wisdom teeth) was complete in 30 minutes. I had minimal pain and after a day did not need any pain medication. I had the tiniest amount of smelling and the recovery was far easier than I expected it to be. If I need any oral surgery going forward I will be coming back to Dr. Kazemi and would highly recommend him for anyone needing their wisdom teeth removed.”

08/20/2019 – Kim Hammond-Rusk
“Had a great experience, Dr. Kazemi was very caring and helped anyway he could. Am very grateful for the treatment and caring staff. Thank you!”

08/16/2019 – Mrs. Marston
“Any surgery involving your children is anxiety provoking. Your practice provided all the care, support and pre-and post- surgical information I could have wished for.”

08/09/2019 – Aras Sanati
“Very quick procedure and the healing process was straightfoward and easy. Thank you!”

08/06/2019 – Graham Hillman
“Quite pleasant! The friendly demeanor of Dr. Kazemi and the rest of the staff put me at ease. The actual extraction was quick and easy, and I feel that I was exceedingly well prepared for home care in terms of advice and supplies. Thank you!”

08/02/2019 – Benny Kerzner
“My experience in Doctor Kazemi’s practice has been excellent. The attention to detail is remarkable starting from there willingness to integrate my surgery with my orthodontic care; the comfort of the surgery; and the exceptional post procedure attention to detail including follow up e-mail reminders and instruction care.”

07/19/2019 – Marisela Montoliu Munoz
“It has been a week since the extraction of two of my wisdom teeth, and the experience has been excellent. I have a special condition that required special attention, and Dr. Kazemi took the time to consult with my other doctors before even deciding on my procedure. I chose IV sedation, which made everything very smooth and easy. Pain and swelling were totally tolerable, and post-op instructions and reminders were clear, detailed, and helpful. The team was kind and accessible, and communications were smooth and easy — I hope they keep it this way; communication is very important for patients. The rooms are neat and the location of the office in Bethesda Row is very convenient. Overall, a very good experience, and I would recommend it to family and friends.”

07/10/2019 – Michael Taylor
“Very positive experience. Staff is very professional and friendly. Appointment and pre-appointment information was an easy process. Dr Kazemi is very personable, procedure went as he described and the follow up / post procedure was awesome.”

07/09/2019 – Daniela Kidder-Luciano
“Staff was helpful, patient, and kind; we never felt pressured to make a decision one way or another about anesthesia or timing. Great job on wisdom tooth removal procedure itself, also very knowledgable about post-op experiences and open to feedback.”

05/31/2019 – Jane Rubin
“Dr. Kazemi removed my son’s four wisdom teeth last week. I would give Dr. Kazemi and his staff the highest marks. Dr. Kazemi is an excellent doctor, professional and also very nice. The staff was kind and professional as well. The procedure went very well. The office has state of the art equipment and is clean and comfortable. He is conveniently located in downtown Bethesda. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

05/17/2019 – Nipa Islam
“Great quality service.”

04/12/2019 – John Akins
“Everyone was completely professional and caring.”

04/12/2019 – Veronica Rush
“My experience In Dr. Kazemi’s office was AWESOME! I have a fear of dentist but I had a tooth that needed to be extracted. So I searched for a dentist who did sedation and Dr. Kazemi was recommended. The staff was Awesome! Most importantly I didn’t have any pain in the following days!! I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi he gets 10 stars in my book”

02/25/2019 – Shimone Bekker
“Good experience, happy with surgery and after care. Thank you”

02/22/2019 – Kimberly Perry
“Excellent. Thanks for being so patient with my mother.”

02/17/2019 – Melissa Lane
“Knowledgeable, kind and efficient people!”

02/17/2019 – Colin Notley
“Great honest doctor! Wouldn’t change a thing about the surgery.”

02/07/2019 – Sahar Hamid
“The surgery by Dr.Kazemi for a lesion in my tongue was excellent.The follow up and the instructions after surgery are very informative.The staff are are very helpful and nice.”

01/07/2019 – Andrew Urena Diaz
“Amazing! Thank you for your amazing Customer Service, the experience was super easy and I really appreciate your prompt responses to all emails / text messages. I will highly recommend your office to family and friends.”

12/30/2018 – William Barlia
“Clean and efficient office. Friendly and warm. Dr. Kazemi gets an A+!”

12/17/2018 – Shemar Wheeler
“My experience was amazing! Dr. Kazemi and his staff are really superb. I had very little pain and recovered pretty well by following the close after care instructions. They really care about your oral health and it shows.”

12/11/2018 – Jennifer Cohen
“Dr. Kazemi was a true professional throughout the entire process of my son’s wisdom teeth removal. He was warm and engaging from the outset at the consultation and relieved all of my worries and fears instantaneously about the surgery. He called to check in after the surgery and then a few days later to see if my son was continuing to recover well, after I had called with some questions the day earlier. He really went above and beyond to ensure that my son had a positive experience. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends as he is clearly an expert in his field and also a kind and caring person.”

11/30/2018 – Gloria Kim
“No complaints whatsoever. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are friendly and tend to their patients’ needs with efficiency and thoroughness.”

11/20/2018 – Anna Lyons
“Very professional and easy experience! My surgery went very well and my recovery was as easy and painless as possible, thanks to the great team here. Thank you!”

11/14/2018 – Galen Reser
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are first-rate professionals. From the minute you walk into the office you see and feel the commitment they have to have to quality care. The doctor takes the time both prior to, and following a procedure to make sure you fully comprehended what to expect. Even his follow-up call a day or two later demonstrates his level of commitment to excellence. All the staff reflect and mirror his dedication to quality care.”

11/01/2018 – James Menditto
“Absolutely fantastic! Everyone I met is incredibly professional, and I was astounded when they had one of the assistants walked me all the way out of the building to make sure I made it to my driver safely as they needed to walk to get the car. 10/10 would recommend to any, and everyone!”

10/08/2018 – Layla Houshmand
“The entire office is knowledgeable, professional, and very efficient. I was so grateful that I was able to be seen and operated on same day. Everyone ensured my comfort from start to finish and I am appreciative on the transparency on pricing.”

09/17/2018 – Dagmara Kopec
“I am so happy for all your service. Will be back as soon as needed. Thank you very much.”

09/10/2018 – Virginia Shorb
“Very easy surgery experience. Recovery was a little rocky at the beginning but that is to be expected.”

08/22/2018 – Nataliaya Martin
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were very supportive, friendly and professional. They explained every step of the procedure and we had a great experience. Thank you!”

08/18/2018 – Grace Tietz
“Very good work. Minimal swelling and very efficient and professional work. However, every time Dr.Kazemi would give instructions or give a consultation, it would always be at the speed of light, as if I were expected to know everything already. This speed also made if difficult to ask questions, as I would not have enough time to fully process what was being said and ask the questions that I wanted to. Otherwise, helpful website and useful emails, as well as a friendly front desk.”

08/10/2018 – Jun Cao
“Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi first provided me a detail dental implant plan. Then he strictly followed his plan to achieve the best results. He always quickly answered my questions, concerns and gave me right instructions during the whole implant process. His staffs are very professional. I highly recommend him for the dental implant.”

08/10/2018 – Ithan Mishra
“My 15yr old son recently had his wisdom teeth removed and had an extremely positive experience. Everyone at Dr. Kazemi’s office was wonderful. The front office staff were professional and very helpful, and Dr. Kazemi and his assistants were amazing. He explained the procedure very well, and the post op directions were great. We especially appreciated the follow up emails and reminders for fast healing and pain management. My son had swelling, but almost no pain and only needed medication for a few days. We plan on recommending Dr. Kazemi to all of our friends who have teenagers with wisdom teeth extractions to look forward to!”

08/08/2018 – Olivia Posz
“Very professional and extremely helpful.”

07/29/2018 – Lucy Norton
“excellent! felt very routine, like they have done this a million times.”

07/27/2018 – Sarah Stein
“Our experience was highly professional and every step was very organized, from scheduling our first appointment for an evaluation to our final checkup to remove stitches following my daughter’s wisdom teeth extraction. Everyone working in the practice is very friendly”

07/23/2018 – Nina Chang
“Easy, efficient, and seamless! Great service and care!!.”

07/21/2018 – Maxine Penn
“Dr. K. was gentle and kind as he pulled out my tooth. The office has followed up to check that I’m Ok. I am!.”

07/19/2018 – Ilina Mitra
“I have gotten 8 teeth extracted at Dr. Kazemi’s. Both procedures were perfect – no extended pain, no swelling, no infections. Many of my friends who had their wisdom teeth removed said they were bedridden for 7-10 days and couldn’t eat solid foods for that time as well. Luckily after only 4 days, I’m back to my old routine! Thank you!.”

07/13/2018 – Benjamin Duke
“The entire process from scheduling to follow up visit exceeded expectations. Speedy surgery and very little swelling and pain for my son. A one experiece.”

06/28/2018 – Michael Gewirz
“from beginning to end your team was professional, responsive and gentle. They made it all a very easy experience.”

06/24/2018 – Sabine Muller
“Dr Kazemi and his team are highly professional, efficient and very friendly. I had a tooth extraction and bone grafting with no side effects, no pain, no swelling, absolutely nothing. Everything was just perfect, the booking, surgery, recovery and follow up. I am very thankful to Dr. Navabi who recommend me this amazing doctor. And for this amazing experience with Dr. Kazemi I am giving 10/10! Thank you und vielen Dank!.”

06/18/2018 – Evelyn Sutton
“Staff was very friendly. Office was very clean. Nurses very caring. It felt as if they actually cared about me, not just treating me as a patient. Very pleased with Dr. Kazemi’s work. Definitely recommend. Love that the office staff and doctor run on schedule, and do not keep me waiting. The on-time aspect is very refreshing (compared to other offices).”

06/12/2018 – Susan Walen
“Dr. Kazemi is a superb oral surgeon. I was pretty scared about getting a surgery on my lip, but everything about the experience was easy. Dr. K and his team made me completely comfortable; I knew I was in good hands. I even got to try some nitrous oxide. All in all, I have to give Dr. K a five-star review!.”

06/12/2018 – Cameron Brown
“Dr Kazemi and his staff go out of their way to explain each step in the process, and make sure that patient (and parent!) feel comfortable throughout the procedure, and afterwards.”

05/31/18 – Laura Yataco
“I had my evaluation and X ray and Dr Kazemi adressed my concerns, discussed the options with me and I decided to take out all four of my wisdom teeth that very same day. I chose local anesthesia and the pokes from it were actually the most uncomfortable thing in the whole process. Less than 30 min later my wisdom teeth were out (all were fully erupted) and Dr. Kazemi was able to take each of them whole :). HIs assistant during my procedure was really nice and helped me fell relaxed. The instructions were clearly given by both Dr. Kazemi and Rachel and I was also given a written copy along with a bag with important insurance infromation (thank you Rachel) to take home. Bleeding afterwards lasted for about 7 hours, nothing mayor and was decreasing each hour. It was only uncomfortable because I felt like I could eat but according to the instructions I had to bite gauze. I had a liquid meal that night and a soft diet 3 days after. Only used prescription pain medication for 3 days and the pain was well controlled with Advil after that. My face did not get swollen and unless I told, nobody could tell I had my wisdom teeth pulled out. today I am on my 10th day and eating basically everything again!! Thank you Dr. Kazemi! I will recommend you without hesitation. You have a wonderful team.”

05/17/18 – Mary Casey Walsh
“Dr. Kazemi and staff are very professional and took great care of our son. Dr. Kazemi is very thorough and took time to explain the procedure and made sure to answer all questions. After our sons surgery the follow up care was exceptional!!!”

05/15/2018 – Ryan Mitchell
“I felt that I was given excellent medical care by Dr. Kazemi and his staff.”

04/30/18 – George Clark
“Super friendly and professional office. For someone who is fearful of the dentist, I’d hop in the chair with Dr. Kazemi and the team anytime!”

04/20/18 – Nancy Estes
“I waited ten years to have my wisdom teeth out. Finally, I worked up the courage to have them out by Dr. Kazemi, which turned out to be so lucky: No pain, no swelling, no bleeding, and I was back at the gym in two days. He did a brilliant job and I have already recommended him to my friends.”

04/19/18 – Azeem Batchelor
“My entire experience with Dr. Kazemi’s office and staff was nothing short of superb.
I came for a wisdom tooth extraction, having done 2 nearly 20 years ago as a teen. Dr. Kazemi’s staff was very friendly and helpful in working with me to schedule the appointment and get the necessary x-rays from my dentist.
The day of surgery I was quite nervous and the doctor and his staff put me completely at ease. Each professional has an excellent bedside manner and really takes the time to ensure that patients are comfortable during every step of the process. Dr. Kazemi called the evening of surgery to ensure I didn’t have any further questions or issues. the follow up emails and video for post-op instructions were very useful and thorough.
My follow up appointment a week later was also efficient and smooth.
I can’t recommend this practice more highly. I hope I don’t need oral surgery again, but if I do I will be sure to return to Dr. Kazemi!”

03/29/18 – Mary Motha
“My encounter with Dr K and his staff was professional, over and beyond, careful, very reassuring follow up, and most of all “O so punctual!”


02/28/18 – Wanda Diffley
“I was always met with friendliness and a willingness to make me comfortable. Waiting time was minimal. Rachel (at the front desk) was extraordinarily helpful and went the extra mile for me…very much appreciated. She was extremely competent and always very friendly on the phone.

Dr. Kazemi came recommended to me by Dr. Damar. He proved to be very competent and professional. I also appreciated the fact that he was always available and that I could easily ask
questions at anytime. His access was extraordinary.

Although I don’t know the dental assistants names, they also were comforting. All in all it was an uncomfortable process, and they were comforting.”

02/23/18 – Joseph Graham
“The booking, surgery, recovery and follow up all exceeded our expectations.Thank you.”

02/07/18 – Janice Ginsberg
“Rachel and the staff at Kazemi Oral Surgery were extraordinarily attentive. They were responsive and respectful during both of my visits and all contact between the two visits. Dr. Kazemi clearly defined my treatment plan and checked in with me by phone the evening following my procedure. I would highly recommend Kazemi Oral Surgery.”

01/31/18 – Barbara Mandel
“Very thorough and welcoming communication, pre and post visit emails, videos, phone messages. Excellent online preparation materials and rapid response to online questions. Extremely friendly office staff.”

01/30/18 – Gordon McMillen
“The experience was an absolute 10, start to finish! My son had his wisdom teeth removed and Dr. Kazemi, Rachel and the entire staff were professional, knowledgeable, efficient and hospitable during the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final check up. This was one of the best medical/dental experiences we have ever had. Highly recommended!”

01/28/18 – Jackson Hurley
“I was very pleased with the overall experience of the wisdom teeth extraction. Within a couple of hours, I was already eating soft food and, one week after surgery, I feel completely recovered. This must mean Dr. Kazemi did a good job and for that I thank him.”

01/27/18 – Azadi Mojgan
“I had two wisdom extraction, I really enjoy this experience. The day after I was up and working, I recommend Dr. Kazemi to everyone one, you’ll love his service.”

01/24/18 – Laura Hollis
“Wonderful doctor and staff.”

01/23/18 – Pomi Yun
“Easy, thoughtful, and efficient!.”

01/17/18 – Carol Williams
“Dr. Kazemi and the team were great! I had all four wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Kazemi was friendly, professional and explained everything. The actual procedure was fast and painless (IV sedation). I really appreciated the follow ups from Dr. Kazemi. Thank you Dr. Kazemi!.”

12/30/17 – Marc-Austin Derrickson

12/22/17 – Meg Page
“I am so grateful our orthodontist recommended Dr. Kazemi ! Our 12 year old is very nervous about anything medical so of course I was worried about how she would be with having 5 teeth pulled. It was nerve wracking for no reason. First Dr. Kazemi & his staff are excellent at going through the procedure & after care for oral surgery.
They are very thorough and professional concerning everything from pre-op to the procedure to after care & even payment.
The most important aspect, the procedure itself, was great (for having teeth pulled).. Dr. Kazemi did a masterful job – our daughter had no swelling which meant she had practically no post op pain or discomfort. I only had to give her 1 Advil! Her recovery was also very quick with zero complications. He is a very kind, patient doctor who is excellent at what he does.”

12/21/17 – Mohamed Fuad Anis
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were amazing. They performed a wisdom tooth extraction in less than 30 minutes from when we entered the front door. His staff was warm and caring. I was even able to go to work the same morning with no problems. Dr. Kazemi is a wonderful person who spent several weeks helping in the Syrian Refugee camps of Jordan. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone needing oral surgery.”

12/21/17 – Tom Miller
“Dr. Kazemi and his entire staff are amazing! He performed a wisdom tooth extraction in under 30 minutes from the time we entered the office. He is a very generous person who has spent weeks volunteering his services in the Syrian Refugee camps of Jordan. Rachel and the rest of the staff we very welcoming and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

11/28/17 – Sy Majidi
“I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18 by Dr. Kazemi. Both the procedure and the recovery at home was truly a comfortable experience. 20 years later, I am referring my pediatric dental patients to him and his practice for oral surgery needs. He has been treating my patients and also my friends & family over the past years. I couldn’t be more appreciative for the treatment they receive.”

11/01/17 – Kian Kaviani
“I am also a physician. With no doubt I state Dr. Kazemi and his team are one of the most professional and caring team I have encountered. I highly recommend this team.”

10/23/17 – Daisy Curtis
“Dr. K and staff were kind, attentive and professional.”

10/02/17 – Wei Fan
“Took me in as an emergency patient for a tooth removal. Very happy with the skill and efficiency of Dr. Kazemi, who is definitely an expert at his craft. Office is very nice, matches the location, and staff are very professional. Slightly pricey (I did not shop around given the situation) but service and quality of work is high.”

08/16/17 – Dory Halbe
“Rachel is amazing and extremely thorough and helpful. Dr. Kazemi was very professional and took extra care in making sure the recovery was easy. Highly recommend!”

08/08/17 – Gwendolyn Copeland

08/03/17 – Mary Mochary
“Excellent in every way. ”

08/03/17 – Karen Page
“I began the journey over a year and a half ago. I told Dr Kazemi that I wanted my smile back.! Today I’m smiling from ear to ear! There were some difficult setbacks during the process but with the support and encouragement of Dr K and his staff I have come to the end of the journey with a set of gorgeous teeth and a beautiful smile! I send a huge and grateful thank you to Dr Kazemi and his wonderful team! ”

07/31/17 – Gwendolyn Copeland
“Dr Kazemi, I thank you for your gentle procedure and for providing me with an emergency appointment. Your attention to my surgery today surpassed my expectation (based on my past dental experiences) by 150%. Additionally, from my first phone contact with Katalina, to Rachel to Maria and the X-ray tech were so assuring and I felt very comforterable! Tres positive. Many thanks!

07/26/17 – Janice Dunlap
“I actually read everyone’s reviews. They have said it all. I need not say more. But I will. Dr. Kazemi has the rare combination of amazing skill and humanity. This dentist is truly a gift to humankind. So many of us have dental anxiety, but the moment one walks into his office, it is like walking into another dimension. The entire experience is calming, caring, and efficient, and the office does not smell like a dentist’s office. My extraction went without a hitch. No swelling, no pain, no bleeding, and I remembered to Rinse, rinse, rinse! Because I too suffer from extreme dental anxiety, I opted for IV sedation. As with everyone else, he called the same evening to see if everything was ok. I had contacts, emails, etc., from his extremely efficient staff and even from Dr. K. himself! Thank you Dr. Kazemi.”

06/28/17 – Maya Griffith
“Wonderful. Everyone was incredibly helpful, friendly and terrific. The instructions before and after the oral surgery for my 17 were clear and comprehensive. Follow-up was perfect! The email reminders and phone calls were extremely useful. Additionally my child is trans and highly recommend this office for people of different gender identities. Navigating the health care system with a tans child can add stress to already stressful and anxious situations. But everyone at Kazemi was so terrific — using correct name and pronouns — it made the whole experience much less stressful. I can’t say enough good things about our experience.”

06/27/17 – Kelesy Branch
“Everything went swimmingly and I felt very comfortable with the doctor and staff. Each person in the office handled my surgery with care and precision, from the moment I stepped in the door.”

06/19/17 – Krystal Abbott
“Dr Kazemi and staff are great. The post op care and follow-up follow up was outstanding. Their office is accessible and have a very friendly environment.”

06/16/17 – DeeDee Shields
“I spent a little more than a year with Dr. Kazemi and his team. Surgery to save and repair my smile after a terrible accident. They were so calming and helpful. It was a great experience. And they have great art on the walls.”

06/06/17 – Donald Pelles
“Excellent! Dr. Kazemi and his staff were accurate, efficient, and highly skilled, resulting in a fully functional implant with no complications, that I can expect to last for many, many years.”

06/02/17 – Nikki Bellamy
“Excellent experience. Everyone from Dr. Kazemi, dental assistant staff, and Rachel office lead all provided nice and clear expectations for service.”

05/30/17 – Marla Magner
“I was greeted so warmly upon my arrival. The staff was very professional. They took care of all the details to make sure my visits to the Dr. went smoothly. It was an excellent experience.”

05/25/17 – William Woodall
“Very good. Would highly recommend your practice.”

05/17/17 – Shannon Coffey
“My experience was excellent. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are extremely professional and personable. I knew I was in good hands with them. Thank you”

05/07/17 – Marva Frazier
“Excellent service and my experience was better than I expected.”

05/06/17 – Nataliaya Ioffe
“This was the best experience I’ve had at a dental office, even though the reason for my visit was not great — impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Kazemi and his staff saw me quickly and went an extra mile to help me feel comfortable, explained the procedure in detail, and provided follow-up care. The dental surgery went fast and I had a smooth recovery. I would highly recommend this office.”

05/02/17 – Ella Fagone
A few weeks ago, I sat in a dentist’s chair, sobbing in pain, asking to have a tooth extracted. Because there was nothing visible on x-ray, the dentist chuckled at me and sent me on my way. The next day, I was in so much pain, I hyperventilated until I fainted. I went to see a different dentist who treated me with dignity, but wasn’t willing to extract the tooth. Today I went to see Dr. Kazemi, with very little hope that my weeks of excruciating pain would be relieved. An hour later, I was on my way home, pain-free, with one less chomper. The staff members were friendly, efficient, and informative, and the environment was very clean but warm with gentle music in the background. Most importantly to me, Dr. Kazemi was empathetic, and used my subjective measure of pain as the deciding factor for treatment. I am so grateful to the whole team for releasing me from my prison of pain. I just ate a bowl of piping hot soup with a glass of ice cold water, and was so happy, I almost cried. Dr. Kazemi and team, you are amazing. Thank you!

04/30/17 – Adam Kirschenbaum
“I appreciated that the appointment happened in a timely manner and that I was not made to wait in the waiting room for a long time.”

04/27/17 – Robert Barnes
“Extremely positive.”

04/17/17 – Jasmin Jones
“Excellent service from Dr. Kazemi and his staff. They never missed a beat for any appointments or services they rendered.”

04/14/17 – William Loadder
“Very positive experience. Everything was explained to me and the staff were very consider and helpful. Dr. Kazemi was exceptional.”

Dr. Kazemi and team, you are amazing. Thank you!”

04/07/17 – Robert Liebner

Robert In His Own Words from H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD on Vimeo.

04/06/17 – Alexandra Prior
“Super efficient and great with no complications! Made my wisdom teeth experience the least stressful that it could’ve been.”

04/05/17 – Brenna Maloney
“This is our THIRD visit to Dr. Kazemi and his staff. Each experience has been a good one, despite the circumstances that brought us there. Dr. Kazemi is an extremely gifted surgeon and a warm and supportive doctor. His team is efficient, friendly, supportive, and helpful.”

03/17/17 – Anna Aboody
“I got my wisdom teeth removed at Dr. Kazemi’s office about a week ago. Dr. Kazemi and his team are the best of the best. Period. I had to reschedule several times and they were more than accommodating. But most importantly, Dr. Kazemi’s non invasive technique meant that I stopped needed pain meds after just one day. I had absolutely no swelling. The kindness and compassion that him and his team show, from the receptionists and medical staff, makes the experience a beeze. I cannot recommend Dr. Kazemi enough.”

03/16/17 – Gilman Toombes
“After I hit a pothole riding my bicycle home from work, Dr Kazemi did an amazing job treating my broken jaw. He and his staff are not only very professional, but also absolutely dedicated to their patients. For example, when my wife called Dr Kazemi’s office in a minor panic because our local pharmacy did not have liquid medications, one of Dr Kazemi’s staff kept calling pharmacies on her behalf until he eventually found one that did, and later checked back with us to make sure we were fine. I still wish I had not hit that pothole, but at least I had the good fortune to receive treatment from a surgeon as caring and talented as Dr Kazemi.”

03/01/17 – Dilara Jappar
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are amazing team! I had such a pleasant experience working with this group of people. Dr. Kazemi is very professional and is very good at what does. He uses the most advanced technology in diagnosis as well as for treatment and surgery. His office is run very professionally. Can’t expect more than this!”

02/16/17 – Eleyni Rodirguez
“Dr. Kazemi and the rest of his staff are amazing! The office is nice and modern as well. I went in to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. I had NO SWELLING, NO BRUISING, and minimal bleeding – I never took any of the pain medication either. I was back at work the next day feeling great and all my co-workers were shocked!
I was nervous about the procedure, but they put me at ease right away. The folks at the front desk are very welcoming and accommodating. I was helped right away, and Dr. Kazemi and another member of his staff explained the procedure and all of the financial stuff very clearly to me. I had to get some quick x-rays then I was taken immediately into the room for the procedure. Dr. Kazemi came in right away, and next thing I knew I was out cold. The procedure was like 20 minutes then I woke up to the sound of my mom’s voice, and we were escorted downstairs by one of Dr. Kazemi’s assistants. I was given medications and everything else I needed at the office, and the post-surgery care instructions were explained to me very clearly. Kazemi called to check-up on me that night which was a nice surprise. A little after a week later I went back for a quick 5 minute check-in with the doctor to make sure everything was healing properly, and he removed what was left of the stitches. I am taking the time to write this review because it really was a great experience, and I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi!”

02/04/17 – William Wulftange
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were incredibly accommodating in scheduling an appointment and having what I needed done.
The whole experience was surprisingly fast and simple.
Plenty of follow-up and availability and of course, an unparalleled skill set. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone needing oral surgery.”

01/30/17 – Kelly Hanan
“Great experience with Dr. Kazemi. The surgery itself was seamless and stress-free, and the recovery was much easier than I could have expected.”

01/09/17 – Zoe Murphy
“Great experience. Was definitely nervous about getting my Wisdom Teeth out, however Dr. Kazemi made the process very easy. Everything went smoothy, and he continuously followed up the next few days to monitor my progress. Would highly recommend!.”

01/05/17 – Nicolas Payan
“I really enjoyed the overall experience with Dr. Kazemi! I had a dislocated jaw 6 months ago that caused me huge pains and so I was worried that having 2 wisdom teeth removed would cause great amounts of pain. However Dr. Kazemi was incredible and I have had Zero pain and a very quick recovery!.”

01/03/17 – Edward Bou
“Dr. Kazemi’s office is professional, organized, responsive and friendly. I would highly recommend him to others.”

01/03/17 – Lauren Lang
“My experience with Dr. Kazemi and his team was great. The Dr and his Staff are friendly and welcoming making the entire process comfortable and easy. Their commitment to follow up and making sure the healing process goes well is beyond anything I have experienced before. A true top notch team!.”

12/30/16 – Larry Cohen
“Excellent emergency treatment and was fast and perfect!.”

12/30/16 – Matthew Zanolli
“No one looks forward to having their wisdoms pulled but Dr Kazemi’s office was spectacular in stewarding me through the process and post-op care. The staff is super professional and organized. I would HIGHLY recommend these practitioners. Excellent experience.”

12/15/16 – Johann Stocker
“Absolutely professional treatment; can’t say more.”

12/15/16 – Douglas Slocum
“Dr Kazemi is extremely professional and explained every detail of the implant process and performed the work flawlessly.”

12/06/16 – Philip Colangelo
“Dr. Kazemi, you and your staff are truly amazing! You are professional, courteous, reassuring and efficient. I am very pleased with the end result and the time that you all took to ensure a positive outcome!”

12/02/16 – Carolyn Bowden
“This was my first experience with Dr. Kazemi. I found him and his staff to be very professional and attentive. I was made to feel welcomed and comfortable.”

11/27/16 – Joanne Hustead
“I had a wisdom tooth extraction and was incredibly impressed with Dr. Kazemi and his team. Everyone was extremely professional and kind. Dr. Kazemi phoned me that night to see how I was doing, and when I called several days later with a concern about the antibiotics (on a Sunday morning), he called me back in less than two minutes. I appreciated the reminder emails that came periodically, informing me about what should be happening at that point and what I needed to keep doing (rinsing!).”

11/25/16 – Jennine CarMichael
“Very professional.”

11/22/16 – Ellen Meyerson
“Extremely positive. The staff were all especially helpful and gracious. Dr Kazemi called me the evening after the surgery to check on how i was doing.”

11/18/16 – Mary Lynne Martin
“My second extraction by Dr. Kazemi, went well, healing nicely.”

11/17/16 – Andrew Weissfeld
“Speedy, Respectful, Professional, Effective.”

10/17/16 – Peyman Marandloui
“This place is professional specially Dr Kazemi one of the best oral surgeon in this area. I do recommend him and his team.”

10/13/16 – Sarah Haney
“I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Kazemi based off of the reviews (June 2016), and am SO glad that I did! The whole experience from making an appointment to the actual surgery as well as the after-care left me feeling very informed, comfortable, and well-cared for. For someone who has been to a lot of doctors due to various health issues, I’ve learned that many doctors seem to do their jobs well, but also without really personally caring. However, Dr. Kazemi is not one of these doctors; he was truly kind and caring. And amazingly, I found his staff to be the same way! Making an appointment and getting my long list of the questions answered was fast and easy. The staff were very knowledgeable and upfront about the costs as well as the procedure that I was going to have (extraction of tooth #31). Because there was a lapse in my insurance at the time that I needed to have the procedure done and had to pay out-of-pocket, I decided to forego the anesthesia and laughing gas, and get local anesthetics only. After reading and hearing about others’ horror stories about being awake during a tooth extraction (from other oral surgeons), I was understandably quite anxious! I happily report though that the procedure was painless (other than Novocain shots) and fast! There was a quick freaky cracking sound while they were removing the tooth, but that was as scary as it got! I asked Dr. Kazemi beforehand if I could listen to music on my phone with my earbud headphones (to help with my anxiety), and he kindly obliged. I kept the volume loud to hear the songs, but soft enough to hear if he or his assistant talked to me. I kept my finger on the volume button as it laid on my abdomen to adjust the sound as needed and had my eyes closed to avoid seeing anything that I might find disturbing, which worked out great!! I kid you not, the actual procedure lasted less than the time of one song that played on my phone (which I just checked is 3mins 47secs long). Although the procedure was very short, they asked me what seemed to be several times both beforehand and during how I was doing. When he tapped me on the shoulder after a few minutes, I thought that he was going to ask me a question or tell me that they were just getting started – but it was to tell me that they were all DONE!! He called to check on me a couple of hours afterwards (we were still driving home as we traveled to his office from Delaware), and then also a couple of months later. I unfortunately missed both of his calls, but felt very cared for through his kind messages (he also mentioned that I could call back with any questions or concerns). I didn’t use prescription painkillers afterwards and got by just fine with over-the-counter painkillers. However, I would definitely not recommend not trying to do without any painkillers as although not nearly as painful as it could have been without such a great doctor, there is still a considerable amount of pain – especially for the first 24 hours!! I was worried that I was going to be swollen and even thought that I appeared to have a swollen cheek at first until I realized that it was just the gauze in my mouth that made it seem that way when it wasn’t! Probably the most annoying thing about recovery was getting food stuck in the open space where the tooth was every time that I ate, but rinsing helped a lot (just remember to do so gently if you have an extraction – there were a few times where I rinsed too vigorously and it caused some bleeding and a lot of pain)! I’m someone who is usually skeptical of reviews, because I have been burned by them before – but I happily report that my expectations were well beyond exceeded and recommend Dr. Kazemi whole-heartedly, saying that any extra expense or travel that you might have is definitely worth it as a skilled and caring doctor really does make all the difference! ;-)”

10/05/16 – Alexander Porter
“As easy and comfortable as having teeth pulled could possibly be, much better than expected. I was very impressed.”

10/02/16 – Deborah Doddy
“Everyone in the office and Dr. Kazemi were outstanding from the very beginning. During our recovery process, we really thought that our hands were being held: Dr. Kazemi’s calls, the office checking on us, Dr. Kazemi was always available if necessary, the information given out to us was very helpful and the emails as my son recovered as well (loved the video for steps after surgery!) Very professional and caring! Thank you!”

09/22/16 – Luisa Rodriguez
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff did a great job. Every body acts very professional and shows kindness when you need it.”

09/09/16 – Luciano Acosta
“First of all I want to thank Dr. Kazemi and his team for the way they kindly treated me. I was very afraid to come and get my surgery, but after having the amazing experience I had I would come anytime! Not just because of how nice everyone is, but also because of their professionalism. I highly recommend anyone in need of oral surgery to come to Dr. Kazemi’s office; I promise you will be extremely satisfied!”

09/06/16 – Jan Alexander
“Most professional staff & Dr. I have ever encountered. First Class experience.”

09/06/16 – Jacob Cutler
“Great, no issues at all.”

09/02/16 – Alyssa Loube
“This was our first experience at Dr. Kazemi’s office. Everyone was very warm and friendly. My daughter was 9 and nervous. They made her feel at ease and comfortable.”

09/02/16 – Nicola Renison
“Very satisfactory, and, although I cannot be regarded as a judge in the matter, all procedures done very professionally. Great care in ensuring follow-up.”

09/01/16 – Laura Epstein
“As quick and painless as is possible under the circumstances. Everyone was so helpful and responsive.”

08/30/16 – Tamara Kessinger
“Was great and they wonderful job very clean office and stuff members who work for the office are friendly very understanding the as far changing appointment very formal sending email reminder and great part that after I had my surgery in evening I received phone call for the Dr.Kazmai checking on me that was great I told all my friend how great this office is thanks for making it easy and less pain.”

08/25/16 – Mitra Ilina
“My experience was wonderful! Everyone at the office was extremely kind and helpful and the wisdom teeth extraction went very smoothly.”

08/24/16 – Akhila Ramanathan
“Dr. Kazemi was very professional, answered my questions and fears, and I felt very confident. The staff were very helpful. I felt very good when the doctor called and made sure that I was recovering without any issues. He was reachable to answer mt fears anytime.”

08/21/16 – Erin Sternlieb
“Very efficient. Great service. Sensational dental work.”

08/16/16 – Colleen Gradowski
“I have terrible anxiety and was very worried about this wisdom teeth procedure (I’ve avoided it for years). It couldn’t have gone better!! Dr. Kazemi and his entire staff are so kind and thoughtful! The women at the front greet you with a smile and take their time to make you feel at home. The nurses and other staff with him in the procedure were so kind and understanding of my worries. They shared their experiences and helped put a smile on my face. The best part was Dr. Kazemi and his office were reaching out on a regular basis during the recovery to remind me of all the things I needed to do for a healthy recovery and making sure I was doing alright. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi and his staff to anyone and everyone that needs any work done. So thankful I listened to all the other recommendations to see Dr. Kazemi for my wisdom teeth removal.”

08/12/16 – Sue Khinda
“Very attentive, professional and experience with wisdom teeth removal. Office communications and administration is excellent. Highly recommend!”

08/11/16 – Thomas Keisler
“Excellent care and personal attention.”

08/09/16 – Mauricio Apaez
“Everything was great from the moment I walked into the office. The front desk staff were very friendly and kind. I only waited for 3 minutes and during those 3 minutes there was an informative video presentation about the different procedures which helped me relax because they were very thorough. One of the surgical assistants took me back to the surgery room and explained to me what was going to happen and showed me my x ray. The doctor then explained to me the procedure in detail which helped me a lot because I was nervous. He was very kind and nice to me which allowed me to feel comfortable. After the doctor finished explaining the procedure the surgical assistants and the doctor began to prepare me for the surgery. After this I was put to sleep and the next thing I know I was awake and everything was done! I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his amazing team. They are professional and very detail oriented. Most importantly, they will make you feel at ease with their amazing professional expertise and the kindest patient care you’ll ever find.”

07/25/16 – Karen Wines
“Dr. Kazemi is fantastic. Our daughter had all four wisdom teeth extracted. There was never any bruising, minimal swelling and very manageable discomfort following the procedure. Dr. Kazemi even checked on her personally the evening of surgery. We also received emails the week after surgery with helpful reminders.
Dr. Kazemi’s staff is professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this practice.”

07/25/16 – Chase Fox
“Quick and easy. Made the fear of getting wisdom teeth out feel like nothing.”

07/24/16 – Olamide Alli
“Great service and great experience overall! The staff was extremely patient and super accommodating and also very realistic about the healing process (all four wisdom teeth removed). I will definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi to my friends and colleagues.”

07/22/16 – Kim C.
“Dr. Kazemi removed my daughters wisdom teeth. Everyone in the office was very professional. The whole experience was very good!”

07/21/16 – Kim Cesafsky
“I had a fantastic patient experience with Dr. Kazemi and his organized, well-run team. After calling in for an inquiry about a mucocele on the inside of my lip on a Monday afternoon, my consultation and removal procedure were scheduled for two days later, on Wednesday. The reception staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and my procedure went smoothly and comfortably. I was provided instructions on proper recovery care several times after the procedure, including a personal check-in call from Dr. Kazemi later in the evening on the day of my surgery. One week later, I stopped in for a brief follow-up appointment during which I received a fully-completed claim package to send to my insurance provider. Best of all, my sutures are healing perfectly with no damage or malformation to the shape of my mouth. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone seeking an oral surgeon in the Bethesda area.”

07/01/16 – Laura Narvaiz
“Superior in every way – professional expertise, customer service and warm hospitality. My 17 year old daughter had an excellent experience and outcome getting her 4 wisdom teeth out.”

07/01/16 – Holly Johnson
“Friendly staff and great support before, during and after the procedure!”

06/16/16 – Melissa Soares
“Very calming, professional, and efficient.”

06/05/16 – Galen Hendricks
“The staff was quite friendly and helpful, the procedure went very smoothly, and they followed up with many reminder emails on how to care for your teeth post operation.”

06/03/16 – Bahram Soltani
“Dr. Kazemi pulled one of my teeth and gave me a dental implant. He also pulled all three of my children’s wisdom teeth without any complications. All of our experiences have been painless, and Dr. Kazemi has since become a family friend. We have never experienced any delays and his work is exceptional. I highly recommend him.”

05/24/16 – John P. Casey, MD
“I feel a real obligation to write this recommendation online because it was through review of the online recommendations that my wife and I decided to choose Dr. Ryan Kazemi for my oral surgery.
John P. Casey, MD
It had been determined that I needed an extraction of tooth with a complex root canal failure with a resultant abscess.

This oral surgery practice is a model for medical practices of all specialties.
The staff are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, kind and timely.
They fill out the insurance forms and the prescriptions are given when you leave, along with gauze in a little kit with all the instructions and referrals if needed – no detail is overlooked!
Dr. Ryan Kazemi is a surgeon whose expertise and experience is immediately obvious from his manner which is calm, confident, extremely thorough and reassuring.
The nature of the problem, its cause and the treatment choices available were explained in detail.
Each step of the procedure itself was made clear.
The surgical procedure was extremely efficient, comfortable and absolutely painless.

The above description merits the highest aspect of a 5*rating that could be given.
However, I was even more impressed with the extraordinary nature of the post-procedure care.
As a specialist in rehabilitation medicine who has been directly involved in the care of large numbers of postoperative patients over many years, I have never encountered a surgical postoperative follow-up of this kind.
It can only be described as exemplary.

This practice has organized postoperative care in the best way I have ever encountered:

  • Careful review of my condition after the procedure.
  • Clear verbal and written instructions before leaving.
  • A postoperative early evening call from the surgeon.
  • Multiple and timely reminders from the staff about my postoperative care.

All dental care and medical care should be provided in this way.
This is a highly computerized office where the computers assist, rather than control the care.
The result is that this practice seems to really be about people being cared for by people.
From my experience, Dr. Ryan Kazemi cares for his patients in the best way imaginable.
With his impeccable credentials, 24 hour availability, excellence of care from start to finish done as a team with his staff, I would say this practice is beyond outstanding and the level of care absolutely unique and a model for other medical professionals.”

04/26/16 – Juliette Balbannian
“Run to Dr K for extraction. A master oral surgeon, he prepares you for the pre and post operation personally. He and his staff are determined to make painful recovery a thing of the past. My son hardly experienced pain or swelling. Follow instructions and you’ll be dancing soon. 25 stars to this amazing practice.”

04/24/16 – Elaine Busby
“I had a wonderful experience. I am very nervous around needles, and was reluctant about having the IV sedation and my wisdom teeth extracted. I was reassured that the needle would not hurt and surprisingly enough, it didn’t! Before I knew it, the procedure was over and I was on my way home. Just had a day or two of discomfort.The overall experience was great!”

04/24/16 – Arif Chaudhri
“Thoroughly professional with great attention to detail and making the experience fear-free. My 15 year-old son had a quadruple impacted-wisdom teeth extraction procedure which went like a breeze. Dr. Kazemi’s expertise as a dentist is par-excellence.”

04/21/16 – Tierney Wright
“My experience with Dr. Kazemi was wonderful! I was new to the city and in dire need of an oral surgeon. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were so accommodating and kind. They made me feel comforted during a very difficult time. I appreciate them so much!”

04/16/16 – Alejandra S.
“I had orthodontic treatment 25 years ago, and my orthodontist decided I only needed to extract my lower wisdom teeth. So I was stuck with my two upper molars for many years instead of having all of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time.
I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Kazemi! All I can say about him is he is the best oral surgeon! He’s like a magician when it comes to oral surgery; I’m not kidding! I had my two upper wisdom teeth extracted, and I didn’t ‘t feel a thing! I didn’t need ice or pain medication. He’s an amazing and skilled doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his staff they’re the best!”

04/15/16 – Amir Shojaei
“I had a fantastic experience with this practice. The employees are all highly professional and show great care in their activities. Dr Kazemi is a true expert in the field.”

04/15/16 – Carie Milllin
“After a long process of trying to find someone I was comfortable with, I found Dr. Kazemi. I am considered a high risk patient due to a bleeding issue I’ve had since childhood. It’s been very difficult to find someone in this area who is willing to take your care into the upmost consideration. I found that in Dr. Kazemi. I’ve never had oral surgery until recently, and I was so nervous and concerned for a number of reasons. Dr. Kazemi made me feel safe, comfortable and reassured me the process would go smoothly. I chose to have the IV sedation for multiple extractions. Not only did I wake up feeling pretty good, my recovery time was nothing. Nothing in the fact that I had my surgery at 2:30, and by 7:30pm I didn’t even need the gauze anymore. I had zero pain and never had to take any pain pills! My friends and family were pleasantly surprised and asked for his info, lol. I am so thankful and grateful to have found such a wonderful person and Doctor! God bless him and his staff! Thank you Dr. Kazemi.”

03/24/16 – Mark Lieberman
“Excellent. Getting your wisdom teeth out is never going to be pleasant, but the doctor is very easy to communicate with and very skilled. I had a slightly more involved procedure than most and it went very smoothly. The follow-up emails are very useful as well. I’m glad I chose Dr. Kazemi for my wisdom teeth extraction.”

03/21/16 – Tierney Wright
“My experience with Dr. Kazemi was wonderful! I was new to the city and in dire need of an oral surgeon. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were so accommodating and kind. They made me feel comforted during a very difficult time. I appreciate them so much!”

03/14/16 – Mitch M.
“Dr. Kazemi was thorough, caring, professional, skilled and went above and beyond the call of duty with my 8 year old daughter. EXCEPTIONAL experience. His staff is A+ and all of the follow up correspondence is very helpful. He runs on time, and the office is uber-modern and pleasant. His staff (Rachel, in particular) provided very timely and completed insurance reimbursement forms. The process was simple. This was one of the top medical experiences I’ve ever been part of.”

03/07/16 – Francesca Darwish
“Had a great experience with this practice. I was extremely skeptical about extracting my wisdom teeth, as I had convinced myself it wan an unnecessary procedure. Nevertheless, another dentist recommended that I do it, so I finally gave in. He recommended I go to Dr. Kazemi, and I’m glad I did. I felt extremely well taken care of on the day of the procedure, and it was done amazingly fast. I also experienced little, to no swelling afterwards wish was extremely impressive. Thank you again for everything!”

03/03/16 – Joanne Barlia
“Easy and thorough.”

02/26/16 – Ramin Dadmanesh
“It’s encouraging to see such top-notch and modern dental services delivered while still making the patient feel comfortable and at-home. This is enhanced by great post-operative follow-up communication and care.”

02/25/16 – JH
“Long story short, I had 2 dental implants removed that were fully integrated into my bone for the last 9 yrs. Implants looked great but my gums always appeared inflamed and discolored, along with other issues? Recent research showed my “Titanium” implants contained alloys to help make them strong, one ingredient being aluminium! The abutments that were seated on them contained nickel! Per allergy tests,these elements are on my toxic list! I wanted them out ASAP! I figured since they screw in why not simply unscrew them? A couple of oral surgeons I spoke with said they did not have success with unscrewing them that the only way they wanted to remove them was with a trephine(cutting around the implants and take them out that way). Well mine were in the top front of my mouth and I did not want to take the chance on losing more bone than I needed to or take the chance on being disfigured. Then I came across Dr. Kazemi’s video showing he can in fact unscrew them! I flew there from out of state, awake the whole time with a couple of shots of novacaine, and just like he said out in less than 10 minutes each!! Watching him work he exuded total and utter confidence. Apparently, he’s the one the other doctor’s send their patients to who have failed in their attempts to “unscrew” the implants like break them and whatnot. Highly recommend and so grateful I found him!!”

02/21/16 – Ana Cardenas
“My experience has been nothing but remarkable I feel very lucky to have found an excellent doctor who not only listens to his patients, but really wants to understand their needs which gave me the confidence to feel I was in good hands; it has been a blessing. Their staff were all friendly and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. From the moment you enter the reception area, you’re greeted by a smiling receptionist who checks you in and then one of the surgical assistants walks you to one of the treatment rooms. While I waited for a very short time for Dr. Kazemi to see me I was very nervous. However, the surgical assistants not only helped me feel relaxed, but they made feel almost as if my mother was comforting me! In fact, it’s not just the surgical assistants who are kind the entire staff is caring and warm. Nonetheless, the surgery results have been excellent which have helped me not only to achieve a healthier life, but I’ve also gained more confidence and feel much better about myself. Last but not least, the office is beautiful, it has the latest technology, so everything is digital. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his staff, do not hesitate to come here you will surely be pleased with their professionalism and outstanding members of the team. I’ve recommended them to all of my co-workers. It’s understandable why so many people rave about Dr. Kazemi and his staff it’s because they’re simply the best!”

02/19/16 – Mark Tulchinskiy
“Excellent! Looking forward to getting the other half done.”

02/17/16 – Tatyana Berezhkovskaya
“Dr. Kazemi is competent and experienced expert in his area. One prepares for a long and quite tormenting procedure, but with Dr. Kazemi it turns out to be so quick that one doesn’t have time to realize that everything is over. He works like a magician. After the job was done, he takes care about a patient very well.”

02/16/16 – Selan Mesfin
“My experience at your office was beyond what I can explain. From the moment we walked in, to the moment we walked out, we felt well taken care off. What I anticipated with how it was going to be with a 4yrs old teeth extraction and how it went so smooth is unbelievable. She didn’t even know her extraction was done and that the procedure was over. Thanks again Dr Kazemi and staff!”

02/01/16 – Thelma Deutsch
“I especially appreciated the post-surgery written and oral instructions as well as the email reminders.”

01/29/16 – Katherine Faust-Little
“Astoundingly good!”

01/29/16 – Melissa Smith
“The people who work there were very nice and very patient. I do wish that I had known that it was going to be more on the expensive side. But all-in-all, a great experience.”

01/22/16 – Michela Fiorentino
“Dr. Kazemi & his team were absolutely wonderful. I was initially very nervous about having all four of my wisdom teeth removed but they made me feel comfortable the entire time. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi to all my family and friends! Thank you again!”

01/22/16 – Greg Buzzard
“My experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff was very positive. I was initially nervous about oral surgery, but he and his staff provided me with very useful information about what to expect from the procedure. They also provided detailed instructions on steps I should take to improve my recovery, they kept in regular communication with me to make sure I was feeling well after the surgery (including a personal call from Dr. Kazemi himself) and, importantly, continued to encourage me via email and telephone to follow all of the instructions necessary for proper recovery. I experienced very little pain from the procedure itself, and have recovered very well.”

01/19/16 – Robin Kane
“We had a very positive experience with Dr. Kazemi and his team when my daughter needed oral surgery. The initial consultation was informative and relaxed, the preparation information was thorough, the surgery went well, and the follow-up attention was very caring. We have already recommended Dr. Kazemi to friends.”

01/16/16 – Dolores Rogers
“Professional, friendly, thorough, informative, and seamless. The entire process of having a wisdom tooth extracted was pain free. Dr.Kazemi and his staff made the experience easy with TLC.”

01/11/16 – Edmund Doku
“I had a very comforatable experience. The staff are very friendly and very competent. I received calls from staff and Dr Kazemi personally after the procedure to check on my progress – a very nice touch.”

01/06/16 – Brett Kramer
“Very pleasant.”

01/05/16 – Valerie Munoz
“Quick, easy, painless, and professional.”

01/05/16 – Michael Hannan
“Very professional!”

01/02/16 – Lauren DeVol
“I had a great experience, everyone was welcoming and made me feel at ease. I was sent e-mails throughout my recovery and received phone calls to make sure everything was going smoothly. My recovery was also easy and comfortable.”

12/31/15 – Alexander Neeley
“Extremely quick procedure, did not experience much pain as anticipated afterwards”

12/24/15 – Alexandra Druskin
“Dr Kazemi was fantastic! His staff is warm and welcoming! The clinic is super clean! No wait time! Very organized! He also follows up with you, as if he is your family Doctor! Dr. Kazemi is the best!”

12/24/15 – Joshua Hansan
“Fast, easy and done!”

12/23/15 – Tesha Richards
“It Was Amazing .. Everyone Is So Nice Dr Ryan Is The Best .. Whenever I Text Him About Complications , He Is Always There To Reply”

12/15/15 – Romando Harrison
“Seamless procedure and Dr. Kazemi made sure I was comfortable throughout the process.”

12/3/15 – Rachel Starnes
“Very pleasant. I went to Dr. Kazemi for 3 separate surgeries, and every time left feeling very well taken care of with no complications. The office is extremely comfortable and the staff make you feel right at home. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anybody looking for an oral surgeon.”

11/30/15 – John Carbonell
“Dr Kazemi personally welcomed me and provided a careful and detailed review of the proposed treatment – which then proceeded very smoothly. Afterwards, in phone calls and emails, he was extremely attentive to keeping me informed about ongoing care. All in all, he and his staff provided first class treatment, from beginning to end.”

11/24/15 – Mrs. Bradley
“Dr. Kazemi is one of the nicest doctors in the area. He is professional and a caring person. His team is very friendly, supportive and organized. They have lots of reminders and follow ups so you can stay on top of your health.”

11/28/15 – Ashley Stewart
“For the wisdom teeth consult: I walked in feeling nervous and resigned. I left feeling at ease with the procedure and made confident by the non-pushy, friendly and extreamly organized staff. There was perfect efficiency, yet I never felt rushed. I really felt like every single person I encountered was great at their job. The next visit, the surgery was over before I even knew it. Post-surgery I really, really appreciated Dr.Kazemi’s instant responsivenss to post-op questions via phone. It allowed me to self-care with confidence.
The follow-up auto-emails are also a nice touch.
And I appreciated the care kit – not having to get the meds etc on my own. (It would have been useful to be told during the consult the other things that were in the kit – like ice pack – since I purchased one or two things on my own which were duplicative – not a big deal) Thanks so much! Ashley”

11/24/15 – Lila Nojima
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were very helpful and made my wisdom tooth removal as easy as possible.”

11/23/15 – Linda McReynolds
“Positive and professional with great information and care along the way”

11/16/15 – Anderson Briggs
“It was great, I was so nervous going into it and they took great care of me. I had no pain or swelling at all.”

11/13/15 – Zohreh Shokrai
“The staff are the best and service was great.”

11/12/15 – Beth Daugharty
“It was great! Dr. Kazemi and his staff are very kind and care for their patients. They constantly check in to make sure the healing process is going well and to make sure their patients are fine after the surgery. Overall they made the surgery much more comfortable and easier than I thought it would be!”

11/10/15 – John Russo
“Very professional experience. Staff was serious but not without a sense of humor. Outreach after procedure and resource materials were excellent.”

11/09/15 – Justine Hirshfeld
“From the moment I decided to work with Dr. Kazemi it was a wonderful experience. I am the third person in my family to have Dr. Kazemi remove our wisdom teeth- and I would not have gone with anyone else. Deciding to pay out of pocket was not an easy choice, however when it comes to medical procedures I only want the best- Dr. Kazemi and his staff truly treat you like a patient should be treated, with respect, kindness and they exceed all expectations.

From the initial phone calls and emails and the consultation appointment, to the day of the surgery- everything went great. I had four very impacted wisdom teeth that took a lot longer to recover. Whenever I called with any questions or concerns Dr. Kazemi himself would make sure he would speak to me about my concerns.

I would highly recommend anyone I know- or did not know- for them to use Dr. Kazemi and his staff for any oral surgery needs! Truly the best at what he does in this area!”

11/06/15 – Michael Cutler
“I was very pleased by the professional service and care I received by all members of the team.”

11/02/15 – Cindy Flannery
“All staff were very professional and pleasant. The office is very efficient and Dr. Kazemi has a great bedside manner”

11/02/15 – Amelia Mccleskey
“Very professional and accommodating.”

10/26/15 – Alicia Braun
“While no one ever wants to have teeth pulled, this practice has made the process as seamless as possible. There were not long waits for scheduling the consultation and surgery. The procedure went smoothly. My daughter had no discomfort after the first day. Post-operative instructions were clear, and the post-operative emails were also very helpful. She is healing beautifully. Thank you for your excellent care!”

10/21/15 – Lores Glanville
“I have been to 3 different oral surgeons to get my implants done, and none of them could do it so the last surgeon I saw recommend Dr. Kazemi so I made an appointment with Dr. Kazemi. On my first visit, he examined me and made suggestions about what I should do. I took his suggestions, and guess what? His suggestions worked! Now the implants are completed, and now I can smile again! Thank you again! Thank You, Dr. Kazemi. pp”

10/20/15 – Alexander Slocum
“Dr. Kazemi is very knowledgeable and very professional. The entire staff was extremely polite and very easy to work with. It was also very easy to schedule and change appointments.”

10/15/15 – Marlene Aisenberg
“From the initial phone call to the greeting in the office you were professional and pleasant. I am a realtor in Bethesda and appreciate great customer service. Your office sent valuable emails and follow up was fantastic. I also had no pain. Thank you for making my experience seamless. Best , Marlene Aisenberg”

10/13/15 – Ali Matini
“I’ve known Dr. Kazemi for over 20 years. He’s been a great asset to my family and myself. As a medical professional, I highly recommend him to all my friends and patients. Very skilled oral surgeon with impalpable reputation.”

10/12/15 – Virginia Murphy
“I was taken on an emergency basis for acute pain after a trip to the ER on the weekend. The ER referred me to Dr. Kazemi. Dr. Kazemi responded very promptly and accommodated me within a few hours early on Monday morning for my emergency extraction. The staff was very friendly and congenial and the follow-up and coordination of care was superb. This all helped in my speedy recovery.”

10/09/15 – Daniel Alvord
“Very friendly, quicker by far than I expected, a pleasant experience (considering that visit was for a tooth extraction).”

09/21/15 – Sarah Zogby
“I came into Dr. Kazemi’s office in acute pain that required I have an emergency extraction of my wisdom teeth. Having heard horror stories for years about the surgery I had put it of for way to longf. My experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff was remarkable. Not only was he able to help me right away, but I experienced no swelling from the procedure and I was given an amazing amount of support following the procedure about how to take care for myself and my teeth. Because of this I experienced no secondary complications like infection or dry socket. I would and will recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone who may be in need oral surgery.”

09/15/15 – Natalie Ferenbach
“Dr. Kazemi and his team were extremely professional and were diligent in following up and making sure I was doing ok after my wisdom teeth removal. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to friends and family!”

09/15/15 – Azar Dashti
“Very professional job with top up to date Dr and facility”

08/29/15 – Yashar Toossi
“Professional and friendly doctor and staff.”

08/21/15 – Griffin Jones
“Fantastic. Warm and professional greetings from the second I entered Dr. Kazemi’s office. I was slightly anxious about my operation but that anxiety disappeared immediately thanks to the wonderful, friendly treatment I received from each and every person I interacted with.”

08/20/15 – Melissa Huth
“The staff was very kind, professional, and helpful. Extraordinary patient care all around.”

08/20/15 – Anthony Gauthier
“Quick, efficient and Pain-free!”

08/19/15 – Mansour Ghaderi
“Dr. Kazemi is an excellent surgeon and great professional.”

08/13/15 – Sarina Hanfling
“It was very easy and I felt like I was taken care of very well. Even after the procedure was over, the office staff continued to follow up with me to ensure that I was healing and following all their instructions.”

08/11/15 – Julia Lechliter
“Dr. Kazemi is professional and also kind. I was very nervous going to my appointment for surgery to get three wisdom teeth removed but he quickly assured me that the procedure would not take long and that I would feel no pain.”

08/11/15 – Helene Toye
“Very kind and service-minded office. All staff is helpful and Dr. Kazemi seems to be very knowledgeable. The follow up is personal (follow-up phone calls) and flexible (I was bothered by my stitches 6 days after a minor surgery. When I called, I could immediately swing by to have the stitches removed.).”

08/10/15 – Patricia Darish
“Extremely efficient, well-organized for the patient’s comfort and ease in recovery. Very clear pre-operative and post-operative instructions. Very little pain and discomfort with the procedure. Highly recommended.”

08/04/15 -Genaro Fullano
“It was a very pleasant experience and I had confidence in the practice and was thankful for all the help I received pre and post surgery”

08/04/15 -Denora Naulty
“My experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff were amazing. Everyone was very friendly. On the day of my surgery, I was the only patient there it felt as if I were a celebrity, everyone was focused on me. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to a family or friend.”

07/31/15 -Debora Thompson
“Dr. Kazemi is fantastic! I never thought that extracting an impacted wisdom tooth could indeed be painless. The whole staff is extremely attentive and entirely focused on making sure the patient has the best possible experience. Thank you!”

07/27/15 -Sue Keisler
“We felt the medical care was excellent and the attention to after care was also excellent.”

07/22/15 -Katherine Gaudry
“I went to Dr. Kazemi for removal of a wisdom tooth. Due to insurance coverage, I had only local anesthetic. I did not even realize it when he took out the tooth. By the next morning, I did not even need Tylenol. By the second or third day, it felt completely healed. His staff was very helpful and nice, and the waiting time was short. Highly recommended.”

07/22/15 -John Mahaffie
“Thoroughly professional, friendly, helpful staff”

07/21/15 – Jessie Diruggiero
“Really great! The office area is very well decorated and the staff were attentive and patient. The surgery went very well with minimal discomfort and Dr. Kazemi has provided me with constant updates on how to care for my mouth post-surgery. Awesome job!!!”

07/20/15 – Maks Rosenbaum
“Just perfect”

07/20/15 – Mireya Solys
“Our experience with Dr. Kazemi was excellent. He is an incredible surgeon and very thorough in his post-operation care. The office staff is very well organized and very attentive. We couldn’t have received better care.”

07/15/15 – Walter Friauf
“I was very favorably impressed by your entire operation, including in particular all staff members. However, I have one reservation regarding your information video. While I agree with most of what is presented, I think it applies primarily to people under about 80 years of age. For those over 80 some qualifications should be considered.”

07/14/15 – MaryBeth Slack
“I was treated with great care and each member of the office staff was very professional. My implant procedure went flawlessly and the counseling about how to take care of the site made my recovery much easier than I expected.”

07/13/15 – Michelle Lefrancois
“It was great (as great as a wisdom teeth removal could be)! Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful when I was there, as well as when I called with a question. I also was told at my follow-up appointment that I am healing well, which I attribute to the skill and care with which everything was done. Thank you!”

07/13/15 – Brandon Nguyen
“The experience was great. I had no complaints and no complications. Dr.Kazemi responded to all the questions I had, and replied quickly from emails I sent. I would recommend him for everyone.”

07/07/15 – Jay Matson
“All around it was an excellent experience. Dr. Kazemi not only did an excellent job medically, but had a good “bedside” manner. The staff was friendly and helpful. And the whole process was very efficient – not a lot of down time in the waiting room as there can be in medical offices.”

07/03/15 – Alanoud Alomar
“It was pain free the entire weak. Some soreness here and there but I had no complaints. I was expecting something much, much worse.”

06/26/15 – Thomas Banks
“Dr. Kazemi and his team were excellent throughout the process. From the initial consultation, the surgery itself, and the follow up appointment, they were beyond courteous and professional.”

06/23/15 – David Weber
“Painless and comfortable experience.”

06/22/15 – Melody Khosravi
“Very professional and extremely empathetic to my situation. The staff were so helpful and kind and Dr. Kazemi himself is an excellent oral surgeon. His work is high quality leaving no scars or a trace of any surgery.”

06/16/15 – Ryan Vaskov
“Everyone was polite and there were no problems with the process.”

06/15/15 – Miller
“The experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff receives highest marks. From the first phone contact to the final follow-up, their expertise, courtesy, timeliness, and organization was top notch. We highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone needing his services.”

06/05/15 – John Carbonell
“Dr Kazemi personally welcomed me and provided a careful and detailed review of the proposed treatment – which then proceeded very smoothly. Afterwards, in phone calls and emails, he was extremely attentive to keeping me informed about ongoing care. All in all, he and his staff provided first class treatment, from beginning to end.”

06/04/15 – Kavaughn Gilanshah
“At first I was very nervous at first, but Dr. Kazemi, and his staff were very accommodating. Best experience I think I could have, I would recommend to everyone!!”

06/04/15 – Melody Mansourkia
“It was very well, the doc was extremely responsive whenever I was having an issue with my teeth.”

06/02/15 – Gabriel Schwartz
“Very Professional. Dr. Kazemi was very knowledgeable and attentive to all questions. Procedure was quick and painless and his expertise made the recovery very easy.”

06/02/15 – Albert Nyikuli
“Nice office and friendly staff to put you at ease.
The personal e-mails from Dr. Kazemi are a nice touch–you can actually e-mail him after surgery and he responds. For me I received two complimentary followup appointments which was nice.
Last but not least, this office will fill out your insurance claims for you, which is another nice touch.”

06/01/15 – Max Humphrey
“Very friendly service and professional work. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone. His work was as advertised, which is one of the best in the business.”

05/20/15 – Benjamin Kelly
“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Kazemi and the rest of the office staff. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful during my visit, and I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

05/20/15 – Michael Morfit
“Very attentive, extremely professional, efficient and confidence-inspiring.”

05/13/15 – Tara Patton
“Had a wonderful experience. Dr Kazemi and his staff are very friendly and make you feel comfortable being in their office. They always made sure I was ok or answered any questions I had.”

05/01/15 – Jessie Despard
“I found Dr. Kazemi and his staff to be very professional, caring and considerate. They go out of their way to make their patients comfortable and the follow-up care is very thorough. Dr. Kazemi is a excellent surgeon and I highly recommend him.”

04/24/15 – Eric Schiller
“Very professional, and as comfortable as the experience could be. The office took great care of me before, during, and after wisdom tooth and cyst removal.”

04/22/15 – Theodore Clark
“Wisdom tooth extraction (under anesthesia) went quickly and without complications. Post-Op guidance was excellent: clear, written instructions and frequent reminders via e-mail. Dr. Kazemi called me at home to check on my recovery and made it clear that he was easily reachable, even through the weekend, to deal with any complications in my recovery, but there were none. Per instructions, I returned to his office one week after the surgery so he could confirm that everything was okay.”

04/20/15 – Robyn Lieberman
“The patient experience of wisdom tooth extraction has been perfected by Dr. Kazemi’s office. Not saying we would choose to have the surgery just to go to the office, but if it’s necessary, it’s nothing to fear in the hands of Dr. Kazemi and his team. There are no pre-appointments, the explanations of what is going to happen are clear, straightforward, and designed to help you understand so you can manage your recovery. We also appreciated the gentle recovery, and the follow up instructions and procedures and reminders are so very, very helpful and important. Most importantly, though Dr. Kazemi’s work seems to have been perfect. There as minimal swelling because of his technique, and once the stitches were removed, it was as if the surgery had never happened. Wisdom teeth extraction is still a chore and inconveniences you for a few days, but it’s not nearly as drastic and scary as it can be when you choose Dr. Kazemi to execute.”

04/14/15 – Frank Friedman
“Excellent. A wisdom tooth needed to be pulled. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were very professional. I experienced no pain after removal. Their follow-up was very thorough.”

04/12/15 – Brendan Reynolds
“My experience was great! I was nervous to have my wisdom teeth taken out, although I knew it had to be done. Everyone working made me feel comfortable and at ease. The space is up to date — clean — and Dr. Kazemi did a great job! I will most certainly recommend this place to anyone in need of an oral surgeon.”

04/10/15 – Susan Furbay
“It was a very pleasant experience from the very beginning. Friendly staff and Dr. Kazemi’s work is excellent and I am happy with the results of my implant and crown.”

04/09/15 – Amanda A.
“Dr. Kazemi was probably the best doctor I have ever had. He is not only knowledgeable, but very gentle and caring when dealing with your teeth issues. He makes you at ease. I could not have been luckier findng him. The staff is also so affectionate, professional and responsible. The office always reminds you of appointments which is important to me when you have a busy life and need reminders. Overall, they are an amazing practice. Five stars +++
Amanda A.”

04/07/15 – Max Estabrook
“Great from the moment you walk in. Assistants get you checked in and ready quickly, procedures were simple and fast.”

04/07/15 – George Felcyn
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff, led by Lisa, took excellent care of my 4-yr old son, who needed a tooth removed. They were thorough and professional both during the procedure and in following up afterward. Definitely would recommend the practice.”

04/03/15 – Katherine Mariska
“I had a great experience! I had to undergo an implant, which required multiple steps over a long period of time. I felt that I was getting the best treatment possible over the course of the two oral surgeries.”

04/03/15 – Claire Duffy
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were incredibly professional, welcoming, and efficient. They were extremely accommodating and made me feel calm and comfortable throughout the (very quick!) process.”

04/02/15 – Marsha Brown
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were just phenomenal. After searching months for an oral surgeon and having no luck, I am so grateful to finally have found such a kind, well-experienced, and professional doctor. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were very informative and caring. Based on what seemed to be horror stories about oral surgery, I became hesitant and leery about even having a wisdom teeth extraction procedure done at all. But because I needed to for future orthodontic treatment, it was time to stop the procrastination and only pray that I find someone quite the opposite of all the negativity I’ve been hearing about teeth extractions. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Kazemi, because my whole experience was absolutely great. Far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend anyone to visit Dr. Kazemi. Thanks again for everything, Dr. Kazemi and Staff!
-Marsha B.”

03/31/15 – Ricardo S.
“My son’s wisdom teeth started to hurt on Sunday night. I was apprehensive because he is traveling abroad for Spring break. The appointment was quickly scheduled for Tuesday morning; he had the surgery and the consultation on the same day. The procedure was done under IV sedation which I believe it was the best choice, considering that my son woke up comfortably and surprised the procedure was already done! Dr. Kazemi and his team are outstanding, they take care of every detail from the moment you call their office, you know you are in good hands. Furthermore, we received a follow-up phone call from Dr. Kazemi on the same day, which I thought was very thoughtful. The follow-up emails with convenient videos that walk the patient through as they advance in their recovery are extremely helpful.

I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his staff for their professionalism, thoroughness and kindness, it is no wonder why so many people highly recommend them. Congratulations and keep up with your great surgical results and fantastic service!”

03/31/15 – Madeline Smit
“very comfortable, professional, and friendly environment”

03/30/15 – A.M.
“My experience with Dr. Kazemi and the staff was above my expectations. I am impressed with the quality of results for my wisdom teeth extraction. They made the procedure seem effortless and I felt like I was in good hands. I expected to be in much more pain following the extraction of all four of my impacted wisdom teeth, but Dr. Kazemi’s superb work spoke for itself. Thanks.”

03/29/15 – Jeanne Toungara
“Dr. Kazemi is professional and experienced. He genuinely cares about his patients and strives to relieve the stress by fully explaining procedures in advance. His welcoming staff is well trained and add greatly to the friendly, caring reception here.”

03/26/15 – Heidi Dupler
“Dr.Kazemi and the staff were outstanding in pre and post care and made my daughter and I feel at ease with the wisdom teeth extraction process. The reminders after surgery were very much timely and helped my daughter be responsible for her after care! The office staff is kind, calming and just amazing. The actual procedure did not take long and was very well monitored right after; post op room where vital signs were taken. Every aspect of this was so well done. The office is very clean and comfortable. A packet is given to the patient prior to surgery with detailed instructions for pre and post op. The healing process went well and my daughter said “if she had to do this , she is so glad she went to Dr. Kazemi” I rate the Dr. and staff a 10 . REally excellent.”

03/21/15 – William Guilfoyle
” Dr. Kazemi was recommended by my long term restorative dentist.
The initial decision to go forward with an implant was based on the irrefutable logic of restoring the lost tooth site rather than potentially putting the viability of the two adjacent teeth in play with a permanent bridge.
Dr. Kazemi is personable and authentic, quietly decisive. His office staff and assistants are terrific.
He is well trained and experienced. Compared to my hurriedly researched resources (all out of date), his numbers are excellent. He gives you a choice of anesthetics. You are prepared pre op and most importantly, he and his staff support you post op with helpful and encouraging emails and videos during the period of maturation of the implant site. This in conjunction with follow up visits lets you feel his good judgement is carefully applied until he sets you loose to have the crown restoration completed. And finally, there is a very instructive video by his hygienist on optimal oral hygiene of the implant site. Thoughtful and attentive care from beginning to end.
I am very happy with the outcome and the work comes with a lifetime guarantee. I hope I don’t have to go back in the future, but if I do, I will be confident in and thankful for his good work.
William G.
Durham, North Carolina”

03/19/15 – Hassan Chehayeb
” loved it. I walked in feeling a little nervous and the minute I sat on the chair I was then sedated and enjoyed the rest of my experience.”

03/19/15 – Saniya Anwar
“I had all my wisdom teeth extracted. The whole process was very smooth, and extremely professionally managed. The doctor immediately saw me when I arrived both times. His team is great and very responsive. He does a great job with the extraction; needless to say it’s painful to have wisdom teeth taken out.”

03/16/15 – Lora Nakshina
“My experience was very good. The entire process was professionally done, which gave me confidence that I received the best treatment I could get. Every step was done smoothly. Thanks.”

03/15/15 – Jean Liu
“My experience was very good. The entire process was professionally done, which gave me confidence that I received the best treatment I could get. Every step was done smoothly. Thanks.”

03/15/15 – Caroline Curtis
“It was amazing on all levels. I came after having several failed implant surgeries. Dr Kazemi and the whole staff stuck with me to a successful conclusion. I am very appreciative of their professionalism and dedication!”

03/13/15 – James Bonilla
“Thorough and stress-free. Dr. Kazemi and his team were extremely warm, receptive, and fully capable with the procedure. I definitely felt like I was in good hands and had a swift recovery that was made easier thanks to Dr. Kazemi’s detailed and easy instructions.”

03/11/15 – Stephen Erusiafe
“My experience was extremely pleasant thanks to the warm and professional staff”

03/03/15 – John Russo
“Very professional experience. Staff was serious but not without a sense of humor. Outreach after procedure and materials were excellent.”

02/26/15 – Tom Forster
“Very good. Your staff is pleasant and was very helpful throughout the implant process. I appreciate your concern and interest in follow-through. My only minor complaint was that there was a small abrasion on my lower lip, probably from removing the brace during one session. This would not keep me from using your services again or recommending you to others.”

02/23/15 – Caren Norris
“Professional and friendly office. Dr. Kazemi explained all procedures thoroughly and and even called to check on my progress after the implant. Completely pleased with my results!”

02/17/15 – Gabriele Carter
“Dr Kazemi was fantastic! It was a completely pain free experience. As the Novocaine was taking effect he said he just wanted to see how it was doing. Next thing I knew I was biting down on gauze and the the wisdom tooth was already out! I was expecting pain when the Novocaine wore off so I took one of the pain pills before the Novocaine wore off completely. Then I went to sleep. When I woke up there was no pain and I never even needed an Advil or Tylenol after that. No pain! Period! The only way I could tell that I had my wisdom tooth removed was the strange hole in my mouth!”

02/13/15 – Roxie Roxas
“The staff were very professional and welcoming from the moment I walked through the door. I felt very relaxed and at ease. I had four impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed. The procedure went smoothly and was done in less than an hour! Recovery time was unproblematic. I would highly recommend Dr.Kazami to family, friends and to whomever may need Oral surgery.”

02/02/15 – Jennifer Bahadur
“I had a great experience. Everything was explained to me clearly and the process went smoothly. My only concern was the bleeding, which lasted 12+ hours the day of surgery but I was assured by Dr. Kazemi that this was normal.
There was very little swelling even though my teeth were impacted, which I think is indicative of Dr. Kazemi’s skills as a surgeon. The pain was very manageable and I was fine just taking Advil. I’m hoping the insurance process will go smoothly.
Overall a good experience and I would recommend to a friend or family member!”

02/02/15 – Paula de Masi
“Dr. Kazemi is an outstanding oral surgeon with a rare combination of skills–he is extremely smart and skilled, but also kind, patient and compassionate–he really gets how frightening oral surgery can be for some people. His office is run in a super efficient manner, with a team that is highly responsive and competent and simply a pleasure to work with. He makes oral surgery seem easy and I have already recommended him to many friends and family.
My 3 surgeries with Dr. Kazemi all had excellent outcomes with no complications or significant pain. For each, he and his team provided clear information about what was involved in the surgery, how much it would cost, and pre and post operative support, including excellent instructions about home care, and assistance with my insurance. I especially appreciated knowing that in the event I had complications or even questions, Dr. Kazemi was only a phone call away–even over a holiday weekend.
Dr. Kazemi and his team are superstars!”

02/01/15 – Sage Givens
“Dr Kazemi gets an A+++ some so many perspectives. Dr. Kazemi volunteered to perform oral surgery on a boy from Kenya who is in the US on an emergency medical visa to prevent blindness in both eyes. While here, we discovered that he also needed six tooth extractions. Dr. Kazemi volunteered to perform the surgery the next day and completely free of charge. He and his staff treated us like royalty, despite the fact that we were non-paying clients. The surgery went remarkably well and the staff was extremely professional and yet very warm. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kazemi and his staff. His generosity should serve as an example for so many others and speaks to his strength of character. We are most grateful.”

01/30/15 – Isabel Morgan
“The entire staff was very pleasant and professional. They made the experience a lot better and very welcoming.”

01/20/15 – Margherita Morando
“I have had two implants in one year and every treatment has been perfect and extremely satisfactory!
I have always found extreme professionalism, competence and great courtesy!”

01/15/15 – Scott Nelson
“Very friendly, extremely professional and well organized!”

01/14/15 – Patricia Crusenberry
“Getting three dental implants was a long process. However, it was much easier than I anticipated even though I did not have sedation during the multiple procedures. I was always awake and alert and was so impressed by the skill and teamwork of Dr.Kazemi and his support staff during extraction, bone grafts, sinus lift, and implants. There was only minimal discomfort both during and after each procedure. The results were great and I love my new teeth. Kudos to the administrative staff also who were always pleasant, welcoming, and efficient. I wholeheartedly would recommend Dr.Kazemi and his staff to anyone who needed this service. I give them an A+!”

01/14/15 – Betty Pomarede
“Dr. Kazemi performed a tooth extraction, a sinus lift and an implant for me. I was very nervous at what I thought would be an ordeal but I was amazed at how extremely relaxing and reassuring the experiences were. I felt very comfortable during and after each visit. Everything was clearly explained to me before and after the procedures and the after care was superb, too. Dr. Kazemi is a remarkable oral surgeon and he and his whole team are very caring and extremely professional. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

01/13/15 – Jeremy White
“I was made very comfortable, the wisdom teeth surgery was clearly done well and healing up and not even any pain past the first couple days. And absolutely no pain during the surgery the IV worked perfectly and is definitely the way to go. Make sure to have your parents take videos of you right after the surgery too!”

01/12/15 – Sonia Albertini
“I went to Dr. Kazemi with a very particular and challenging condition. On the first courtesy consultation appointment I observed that Dr. Kazemi possesses a high level of experience, professionalism, and knowledge. He listened to me attentively as I explained my case and how it developed throughout the years. After taking a Panoramic X-ray and studying it, he very quickly came up with a treatment plan and a financial estimate with which I totally agreed. For the first scheduled surgery I was eager to get started; relaxed, and confident. I felt the same for the rest of the procedures. My initial feelings were confirmed and Dr. Kazemi proved his expertise along with his great human qualities of honesty, patience, and understanding. Dr. Kazemi personally follows up with phone calls after the procedures and returns calls promptly.
Dr. Kazemi’s office staff is outstanding. They provide an excellent costumer service, always polite and caring. Since I called the first time to get information about scheduling an appointment, Ryan has been an extraordinary liaison, courteous, polite, and attentive to extra details. Lisa is an amazing surgical coordinator. She knows what is going on and she advises wisely, always with a positive attitude. It was never a problem scheduling, rescheduling, and rescheduling again. I appreciate that Shainna sent e-mails reminding me of what stage of the procedure we were at, as well as what I should expect and do. Of course, medical assistants Ludy and Adriana are very gentle, caring and friendly.
Overall, Dr. Kazemi and his team provide an excellent service. They take their time answering questions without rushing and everything goes smoothly. They are so conscious about the patient’s needs that they are always a step ahead and many times I felt they read my mind. My experience at Dr. Kazemi’s office was just remarkable.”

01/09/15 – Carol Brooke-Williams
“I was afraid of getting my wisdom teeth removed, but when I went to Dr. Kazemi’s office, they made me feel comfortable and informed. My surgery went smoothly and all the staff were friendly and helpful.”

01/09/15 – Kristine Brunett
“Everyone at Dr. Kazemi’s office was extremely friendly and helpful. I had my wisdom teeth removed and felt totally prepared going in for the procedure because of the extensive information provided on their website. The day of couldn’t have been any smoother. At no point during any of my appointments did I have to wait, and I was always greeted with a friendly smile. Follow up care has been great, with phone calls, email reminders, and an in-person appointment. I hope I never need significant work done again, but if I did, I would come back! This team is fantastic.”

01/09/15 – Hilary DeVol
“Quick and informative”

01/09/15 – Kristine Kironyo
“My surgery was done very quickly and in a comfortable environment. Dr. Kazemi and staff are incredibly professional and made me feel extremely relaxed and well informed in what could have been a stressful situation.”

01/08/15 – Katherin O’Connell
“Wonderful experience. Was made to feel very comfortable by the staff.”

01/07/15 – Joan Claxton
“Dr Kazemi and his staff did everything possible to make my experience as easy as possible. The procedure was clearly explained, as well as the financial obligations. I highly appreciated the professionalism, care, and courtesy demonstrated by everyone I dealt with.”

01/06/15 – Marcie Sandalow
“Dr. Kazemi removed the wisdom teeth of both of my boys. There were no issues. Very pleased”

12/29/14 – Alexander Burnett
“It was great. Everyone in the office was lovely. Everything was explained clearly. I was provided with very detailed instructions for recovery and I had no problems. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

12/25/14 – Kayla Rhodes
“Everything was done for me. All the medicine was given to me there, all the paperwork for the insurance was done for me, I received emails to remind me what to do and let me know when I could eat regular food (wisdom teeth were pulled). All I had to do was show up for the surgery and they took care of everything else!”

12/18/14 – Zeina Hinnawi
“Dr. Kazemi was very personable and made my feel comfortable during my consultation. I had to take out my 4 wisdom teeth, most of which were impacted, so I was definitely worried. His staff was very friendly and puts your mind at ease. The surgery went great,he was quick and gentle. I didnt have any issues afterwards, just expected swelling, some pain and normal bruising. As long as I followed his after-care instructions and rinsed, I was fine! The personal touches like calling me the night of the surgery and following up the following week was very much appreciated!”

12/08/14 – Amy Koyiades
“Calm, organized and professional. From the minute I enter the office the staff was attentive and prepared. The procedure was quick and the after care was exemplary. The website post procedure care instruction were very helpful. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are the best.”

12/08/14 – Chuck Teubner
“The mere thought of a tooth extraction is uncomfortable. However, Dr. Kazemi and his staff were terrific. Virtually no pain and the process was quick and comfortable.”

12/03/14 – Shereen Mahoney
“Excellent. My daughter needed 4 permanent teeth extracted. She had 4 bath teeth extracted by her dentist a couple years ago and was extremely swollen and in pain afterwards. After Dr. Kazemi extracted her permanent teeth she had minimal swelling and very little pain afterwards. She was able to resume normal activities the next day. The service at his office was also outstanding!”

12/02/14 – Cory Richardson
“Overall spectacular! From my initial registration all the way through follow-up, my experience was comfortable, rapid and problem free recovery.For those in need of having one or more wisdom or impacted teeth extracted, do not hesitate to schedule your consultation today! You will be greeted by Dr. Kazemi and his wonderful team of professionals. Cory 11.21.14”

11/13/14 – Megan Maresco
“My experience was wonderful, to say the least. While getting your Wisdom Teeth out is not the most enjoyable experience, Dr. Kazemi and his staff made the only terrible part the actual healing process one must go through on their own.

From the beginning, the staff is courteous, respectful, engaging, and professional. I’m not from around here and found the option to submit your insurance through their online page extremely helpful in finding an oral surgeon. Within a day I received a phone call from the staff discussing how my insurance would work in terms of the services they offered, which immediately allowed me huge relief. After that, I was able to set up an appointment within a week.

Their office is small, but I think that allows them the capacity to really pay attention to their patients. It is extremely high tech, and I felt comfortable with all the equipment and the staff using it. Because you can do everything to prepare for your visit online, I waited little more than five minutes. At which point they promptly took me back and x-rayed my mouth. The staff was engaging and fun the entire time. I had a chance to actually look at my teeth and see every single detail laid out in front of me. Doctor Kazemi came in about another five minutes later, and asked me the usual questions about what was bothering me with my teeth. He was extremely helpful and explained in detail why my teeth should come out and, in laymen’s terms, his procedure. I was able to get an appointment for extraction the following day.

The staff spent the next 20 minutes or so going over exactly how the extraction procedure would go the following day and what I needed to do to prepare and what I should do to heal. As well, their front desk staff goes over all payment and terms with you in very specific words. They are truly helpful in explaining anything from ways your insurance would cover something to how you may react to the anesthesia.

My procedure went off without a hitch. I waited barely two minutes, and was in and out of the office in about an hour and fifteen minutes total. Even though the previous day they had gone over home care thoroughly–and provided a take home packet–they still went over it again for me, and especially for my friend (I was still a little loopy). They followed up with another home care email, and even Doctor Kazemi called later the night of the procedure to check up on me.

To Summarize: The staff and Doctor Kezemi are fantastic. They are not only trustworthy at their jobs and provide a great service, but their customer service is fantastic. It is not a gimicky way, where you feel like they are just being nice to get great reviews. They genuinely care about their patients, and their health and well-being. I highly recommend this extremely professional staff. And the fact that they were so willing to take time out to explain just about every detail, right down to the billing of teeth, and the way insurance works, is perfect for people less medical administratively inclined.

Lastly, some people suggested they were on the more expensive side, but based on comparison prices, it is hardly noticeable, if at all. They are out of network, so most insurances you will probably have to pay out of pocket and then submit a claim, but they will take care of it and fill out everything you need to submit it. They work with you on literally everything, and offer lots of options.”

10/28/14 – Stephanie Wang
Wang- testimonial page 1
Wang- Testimonial page 2

10/20/14 – Meghan Gurdon
“Attractive office, charming nurses, terrific doctor!”

10/16/14 – Karina Valverde
“It was a VIP experience! Although apprehensive about oral surgery (wisdom tooth removal), I found myself well assured by the full service and very professional staff of Dr. Kazemi’s practice. The pre and post surgery procedures were communicated very clearly and in engaging ways, i.e. regular phone check-ins, email reminders, blogs, video tutorials. My surgical procedure went very smoothly and I actually did not need to take the pain medication – impressive! If it were possible, I would enlist Dr. Kazemi as a regular doctor, though I don’t plan to have any more teeth removed!”

10/16/14 – Roselin Atzwanger
“The best dental experience I ever had! (57yrs.-old)”

10/12/14 – Steven Guttentag
“The staff and Dr. Kazemi were exceedingly competent and professional. In addition to the extraction being executed flawlessly, the customer service was excellent. My appointments all started immediately after I arrived and when I needed to change an appointment they were very accommodating. Overall it was a very positive experience and I would recommend Dr. Kazemi without hesitation.”

10/12/14 – S. Ross
“Dr. Kazemi and everyone on his staff were extremely professional, responsive, courteous and caring. From my first contact with the office until the completion of my post-op period, they prepared me for what to expect and what to do to foster a smooth recovery, and they provided helpful written information before and after my procedure at helpful intervals that both put me at ease and reminded me of the steps that I should take to facilitate getting back to my normal routine. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi for oral surgery needs.”

10/07/14 – Jeffrey Shapiro
“Great. Efficient. Well detailed.”

10/06/14 – Junius Brock
“Extremely professional staff. Very pleasurable experience with superb results. I highly recommend Dr Kazemi to anyone in need of oral surgery/dental implants!”

10/03/14 – Philip Vestergaard
“I found all the staff to be bright and friendly every time I visited. The surgery team was professional, effective, and extremely care oriented both during the procedure and with follow-ups. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi for any implant or oral surgery needs.”

10/02/14 – Connie Starks
“Excellent pre-opt process and surgery. Automated monitoring excellent as well.”

09/23/14 – Thomas Abbamonte
“I was seriously injured in an auto accident in-the-line-of-duty as a police officer. My mouth & teeth sustained terrible trauma and subsequent medical treatment & medicines destroyed my teeth.
Working with my prostodontist, Dr. Kazemi and his staff provided outstanding care while accepting payment well-below his fees from workman’s compensation. All my teeth were pulled, bone grafts initiated, and ten implants and two permanent bridges were “installed”. The results are fabulous!!! Dr. Kazemi & his staff were extremely gentle and very caring! I can’t thank them enough for not only putting a wonderful smile back on an old face, but also for allowing me to be able to chew solid foods again!”

09/18/14 – Esther Ocuin
“As pleasant as dental “dates” can get. Outstanding professionals, strong patient-friendly staff on every level, and great results so far to a work in progress.”

09/08/14 – Helene Daage
“Excellent care and follow-up. Treated with kindness and superb medical attention.”

09/08/14 – Eli Cohen
“Very efficient. Could not have gone more smoothly. Everyone was polite and competent and made sure I was comfortable, had all in the information I needed and was well taken care of. Very impressive organization.”

09/08/14 – Alexandra Arcilla
“The staff was very friendly — made you feel at ease about your procedure. Even after the procedure they still stuck around to make sure I was okay before sending me home.”

09/05/14 – Tracey Patch
“Professional, caring, easy access to Dr. Kazemi. Wonderful experience.”

09/02/14 – Anna Hill
“Every time I was in the office, Dr. Kazemi made sure I was comfortable. His staff were friendly and very professional. All of my appointments were easy to schedule, and my surgeries could not have gone better. The attentive follow-up care assured I was recovering well. I would go back to Dr. Kazemi for surgery any time!”

08/29/14 – Stratton Wimsatt
“Very comfortable. The atmosphere was very relaxing, and the staff were all friendly and accommodating. It was definitely a good experience”

08/22/14 – T-Ray Armstrong
“This was my first ever surgery so I was SUPER nervous! The staff and Dr. Kazemi completely reassured me and before I knew it, it was over! They give super easy to understand instructions on how to care for your teeth post surgery, and they’re all really friendly!”

08/18/14 – Davis Menard
“Quick and easy. I felt safe and taken care of.”

08/15/14 – Jerry Baker
“Very smooth procedure and easy sailing through the recovery. Dr. Kazi was extremely easy to reach for one on one help with trouble shooting as well.”

08/04/14 – Rataj Didier
“Easy and without complications.”

08/04/14 – Julia Ernst
“Dr. Kazemi as well as his whole staff was professional, very kind, and technically impressive. I had almost no swelling and experienced little pain. I was even able to exercise after two days due to his wonderful, minimally-invasive technique. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi to any friend or family member who needed a wisdom teeth removal.”

08/03/14 – Benjamin Greene
“I got my wisdom teeth out and the doctor said he would try for there not to be any swelling, and there wasn’t! Other than that, all the staff were extremely nice and helpful and managed to make the whole process extremely relaxing for me.”

07/31/14 – Emily Kim
“The staff was very friendly and follow-up services were great. Would definitely recommend Kazemi Oral Surgery.”

07/28/14 – Kaitlin Asrow
“Wonderful and calming experience!This office also does an excellent job of walking you through costs and the health insurance process.”

07/25/14 – Nasaa Munkhbaatar
“Very kind doctor who knows what he’s doing and really cares about the patient in this case was our daughter with a clipped tongue issue. She was healed quickly pain free after the procedure. Her tongue is already stretching out and enjoys eating ice cream now :)”

07/25/14 – Robin Cohen
“I could barely sleep on Thursday night due to extreme gum/jaw pain. I was diagnosed with a cyst at 1pm on Friday by endodontist. Dr Kazemi took my emergency appt at 2pm and had the cyst removed from my jaw by 3pm ending my pain. Thank you so much!”

07/25/14 – Roger Avebe
“I wish there were a fancier fashion with which to express utmost gratitude for the extreme solicitude Dr. Kazemi and his –hugely professional– staff demonstrated ex-ante and ex-post a tooth-extraction surgery. Dr. Kazemi called the very evening of the surgery, merely to ascertain all was well. In the same spirit, I received daily reminders –for medication intake and salted water rinse, etc– from Lisa and her colleagues. In addition to the aforementioned professionalism, one can hardly not note the exquisitely clean and stupendously appointed facility, notably the high-tech equipment. I am keenly looking forward to my next appointment for implants. Cheers, Roger E. A.”

07/19/14 – Victoria Hill
“I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Kazemi and was very happy with the treatment I received from initial consultation through to post-surgery check-up with Dr. Kazemi and all his staff. Post-operative instructions and check-ups by phone before my next appointment were extremely useful and reassuring. The office was very professionally and efficiently run and I had zero problems or complications from the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi’s office to others.”

07/18/14 – Margaret Diruggiero
“I felt very well attended to and I trusted Dr Kazemi and his employees.”

07/17/14 – Ben Gips
“The entire process was streamlined and easy, making what I expected to be a painful experience very painless!”

07/17/14 – Dr. Lauren Rubenstein
“Fabulous. No swelling whatsoever. You would cringe if I told you what my son ate two nights later. I have already recommended Dr. Kazemi on the BCC Community listserv.”

07/17/14 – Leigh Jervey
“Easy, efficient, pleasant.”

07/15/14 – Beth Daugharty
“Dr. Kazemi is very gentle and patient. He takes time to make sure you understand everythin and his follow-up is amazing. I highly recommend him.”

07/13/14 – John Irving
“My experience in every respect was superb – preliminaries, before and after communications and follow-up, fulltime with Dr. Kazemi, attentive and courteous staff – and fine results.”

07/13/14 – Farid Khadduri
“I am extremely impressed with the medical skill of Dr. Kazemi and the professional care provided by him and his very competitent staff. I highly recommend him without hesitation.”

07/10/14 – Tylor Mcleod
“Overall very positive experience. Extremely satisfied with quality of service received. Very courteous staff and professional practice.”

07/06/14 – Kevin Gershfeld
“The office staff are warm, easy going and very helpful. The office atmosphere is calming. Dr. Kazemi is an excellent oral surgeon that made my experience of oral surgery quite painless. The office provides all that one need’s upon departure and follows-up with an initial phone call and emails with updated instructions with respect to one’s continued healing. Overall I had an excellent experience and I have already recommended others to try Dr. Kazemi. I hope one will not need the use of an oral surgeon but if you do need one I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

07/03/14 – Alex Chizhik
“Dr. Kazemi is great. He is very professional, takes appointments on time (a rarity in the profession) and is always available by phone for questions!”

06/28/14 – Kirsten Beall
“It was quick and easy.”

06/24/14 – Luz Cadavid de Agudelo
“Dr. Kazemi is kind and knowledgeable, he takes his time to explain the procedure from the beginning to the very end. His 20 years of experience and his warm and caring staff make you feel very comfortable through the whole process. I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful doctor. Thank you Dr. Kazemi and staff.”

06/20/14 – Carl Schaefer
“Dr. Kazemi makes significant efforts to reduce patient anxiety, to reduce risks of complications, and to ensure that his work (in my case, extraction, bone graft, and implant) is completed properly.”

06/20/14 – Karen Rindner
“It was the best possible experience! Dr. Kazemi was wonderful. Every member of the staff was courteous, kind and knowledgable. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing wisdom teeth removed. Thank you!”

06/19/14 – Rita Ivanscics
“Removing wisdom teeth is not a great thing at all, especially more of them at the same time, but Dr. Kazemi and his team made me feel comfortable and the surgery went very quickly and without any complications. Thanks!”

06/18/14 – Ava Omidvar
“Getting wisdom teeth extracted is not an enjoyable experience, but Dr. Kazemi and his staff made me feel comforted and reassured about the whole process. They really went above and beyond to make sure that my recovery process was going smoothly.”

06/17/14 – Lalit Jalota
“Professional, comfortable, not frightening, and very competent!”

06/15/14 – Mitchell Bard
“Great treatment. Dr was great in explaining procedure and wonderful about follow up, even calling in the evening to see how I was doing.”

06/15/14 – Albert Belsky
“The implant process is long, but well worth it! Dr. Kazemi and his staff are ultimate professionals. They thoroughly explained every step, from preparation to follow-through.”

06/11/14 – Lonnie Neubauer
“About as pleasant as it could be going through the unpleasant experience of having 2 wisdom teeth removed! Very attentive staff, surgeon who comes extremely high recommended, great responsiveness! If you need oral surgery in the D.C. area, you absolutely cannot beat Dr. Kazemi and his practice!!”

06/08/14 – Steven Spicer
“I had a great experience at Dr. Kazemi’s office. They took great strides to ensure that the entire experience was a pleasant one. They have a great personal touch, and as busy as they are, they made me feel like I was their only patient.”

05/28/14 – Catherine Cox
“Extremely positive. I was recommended by a friend and would definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi to other people. Not only was Dr. Kazemi helpful and through, his other employees were equally nice and professional. I had a wonderful experience, and am so lucky I heard about his practice!”

05/27/14 – Charlotte Nielson
“Very professional.”

05/27/14 – Caroline Ferguson
“Quite enjoyable and very much on my terms. I was able to go in for a consultation with Dr. Kazemi, get x-rays, and have the procedure done all in one sitting. The recovery for my wisdom teeth removal was quick and easy, as Dr. Kazemi is clearly very competent. And I received routine emails to instruct me on where I should be in the recovery process.”

05/27/14 – David Saltzman
“Dr. Kazemi is attentive and personable. Though he runs a very busy practice, I never felt that he was rushed or lacked time to respond sincerely to my questions and concerns. He is also excellent at responding to email — a rarity in the medical profession. I also was treated with kindness and courtesy by every member of his staff. As for the medical side of things, it’s hard for me to judge, but Dr. Kazemi charted a conservative course of treatment and was honest about its pros and cons going in. As for the final medical outcome from my procedure, time will tell; but for now everything is progressing in the right direction. Finally, the cost of treatment was rather high and not covered by my insurance. That said, costs were fully disclosed in advance and there were no surprises or added charges. Price was outweighed by other considerations that factored into my decision to be treated by Dr. Kazemi. I would recommend him.”

05/25/14 – Mark Kim
“Outstanding service and professionalism. I recommend Dr. Kazemi and his highly trained and polite staff without reservation or hesitation to anyone needing implant surgery. Mark Kim.”

05/22/14 – Katherine Tarzian-Britt
“Dr. Kazemi had excellent bedside manner and was extremely accommodating. My wisdom tooth pain was very expected and he kindly took me right away for an extraction. Dr. Kazemi followed up with me the evening of surgery and continued to send email updates about where in the healing and convalescing process I should be. I would absolutely recommend his practice to anybody in need of an oral surgeon.”

05/19/14 – Louis Khouri
“I had a very good experience. I was in and out quickly and received the best care available.”

05/15/14 – Christine Armstrong
“Nobody likes having oral surgery but Dr Kazemi makes it bearable. He is wonderful! Explains procedure, great bedside manner, and follow-up! Overall a very pleasant experience. His office staff is very friendly too!”

05/07/14 – Rita Hill
“I had an extremely positive experience with my 5 dental implants all placed by Dr. Kazemi on the same day! Never did I expect to breeze through this procedure with so little discomfort. Dr. Kazemi and his staff had me very well prepared. It is very important to follow their instructions. This is the most well staffed and most well run medical professional office I have ever had the pleasure of visiting for my medical needs.”

05/07/14 – Todd Goldwasser
“Had an overall good experience with the surgery and recovery. Had some lingering effects from the sedation and (seems like) normal healing process at the extraction site.”

05/04/14 – Donna Bryant
“Procedure was successful.”

04/24/14 – Serena Uruburo
“Dr. Kazemi was very thorough and I knew exactly what to expect when I walked in. The procedure was quick, and recovery wasn’t as painful as I expected. With Dr. Kazemi’s instructions, recovery was a breeze.”

04/18/14 – Mo Fathelbab
My three P’s for a implants and extractions with Dr. K”

04/18/14 – Arian Mobasser
“I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Kazemi, and could not have been more pleased with how it went. The procedure itself was quick, easy, and painless. What I was most taken by, however, was the care and attentiveness with which Dr. Kazemi followed my progress after the procedure. His directives were very clear, and he made absolutely certain that I understood them before sending me on my way. He made a point to follow up with me at least 2-3 times to see how I was doing. A+ experience!”

04/17/14 – Jinous Verlin
“My five children, husband and I have had fantastic dental care by Dr. Hamid Kazemi. His staff and assistants are helpful and incredible professionals.
We highly recommend Dr. Hamid Kazemi.”

04/15/14 – Ilene Weinbrenner
“Dr. Kazemi and his entire staff placed me at complete ease about the process for dental implants. Each step was carefully explained and my questions, including costs, answered clearly. Dr. Kazemi and his assistants were concerned about my comfort for this very uncomfortable procedure, and they worked worked quickly, efficiently, and professionally.”

04/15/14 – Claire Taylor
“Calm, friendly, efficient…super-competent and caring.”

04/04/14 – Yuntao Tang
“Dr Kazemi has excellent skill and very caring. He has wonderful professional team in the office. Strongly recommend to go there if you do need a surgery.”

03/27/14 – Jacqueline Eyl
“My entire experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff was high quality. They were professional, caring, and provided all the information and support I needed to get through my wisdom teeth extraction. I was especially impressed that Dr. Kazemi called me the evening of the procedure to check up on me and the e-mails from the office with reminders for post op care were very helpful. I highly recommend this practice.”

03/25/14 – Amir Allahbedashti
“For the first few days I had lot of problems, but as the surgery was so great and high qualified, by the guidance of the Doctor I recovered easily and without pain.”

03/18/14 – Chris Porter
“We were very pleased with my son’s wisdom teeth extraction. The office has a pleasant, tranquil atmosphere and the staff was very nice. Everything was thoroughly and thoughtfully explained to us during the procedure. The follow up telephone calls, emails and video instructions confirmed that we were in good hands. Thank you!”

03/14/14 – William Schurter
“The doctor and the entire staff were extremely professional and the outcome of an extraction and replacement implant was perfect, justifying the very high cost of the treatment without insurance. Overall, they did a great job and it was worth it.”

03/14/14 – Timothy Conley
“Everything from the first visit to the last was extremely comfortable.”

03/13/14 – Sheila Xu
“very good skills.”

03/07/14 -Tess Yago
“I am 19 years old and I like to think of myself as brave…but not when it comes to the dentist. I work at Orchin Orthodontics up the street from Dr. Kazemi and we work closely with his practice so my doctors referred me to him for my wisdom teeth extraction. Lets just say I was a mess. I came in SOBBING and the moment I sat down, Dr. Kazemi made me feel safe and at ease. He is loving, and caring, and patient.

As for the procedure, I had all four wisdom teeth extracted and I opted for IV sedation, which let me tell you, was the right choice.

I came into the office on the day of the surgery and was a complete sobbing mess. I sat down in the chair and immediately they put a warm scented neck rest around me, along with a heavy warm blanket. I was especially scared for the needle, so Dr. Kazemi promised me I wouldn’t see it, which I never did. They gave me laughing gas that made me extra relaxed and the nurse held my hand as Dr. Kazemi started the IV- practically painless.

Next thing I knew I was awake and lying down on a comfy bed in a recovery room with my boyfriend by my side.
They give you all your pain meds and antibiotics at the end of surgery too, so you don’t have to go to the pharmacy which was great.

It took me about 5 days to really feel back to normal but the overall experience was top notch and now I feel silly for being so scared!

The entire visit probably lasted an hour, the surgery only being about 25 minutes.

I would recommend Dr. Kazemi to ANYONE and EVERYONE.

My experience was better than I could’ve ever imagined, and his staff were FABULOUS. SO responsive, kind, caring, and wonderful at their jobs.

Put simply- The staff and Dr. Kazemi are the absolute BEST at what they do.”

03/06/14 -Carolina Saragosa
“Dr. Kazemi and all the staff were very kind & professional.
I’m very pleased with the end result …
Excellent Service :)”

03/02/14 -Parisa Fotouhi
“If you have a moody teenager who is going to pull out their wisdom teeth, don’t hesitate to go to Dr. Kazemi to have a relaxed surgery and fast recovery.”

03/01/14 -Ana Cavalcanti
“My daughter had her four wisdom teeth removed with Dr. Kazemi and our experience with the whole process was very positive.”

03/01/14 -Nina Cavalcanti
“The whole procedure was very quick – only half an hour for all four of my wisdom teeth – and I knocked out immediately; it was one of the best naps I’ve ever had. They took good care of me when I woke up and sent me really helpful emails throughout the week for each step of the recovery process. It was probably as good as oral surgery can get.”

02/22/14 -Nicholas Leonard
“No wait time, everyone in the office is friendly, surgery follow up was exceptional.”

02/21/14 -Svetlana Lyapustina
“Dr. Kazemi is one of the best medical professionals I have ever experienced as a patient. The quality of dental work and the quality of customer service are both outstanding.”

02/21/14 – Mitchell Pressmann
“Excellent work . I would definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi and his excellent staff.”

02/18/14 – Eleanor Pabarcius

“Kudos to Dr.Kazemi and staff. Everyone worked together like “Hand ‘n glove”. It was very reassuring and had a great calming effect. Many thanks to Dr. Kazemi for giving me back my smile. ep”

02/08/14 – Hans Wydler

“Dr. Kazemi did a great job. The surgery was over before I knew it. He called me at 9 pm on a Friday night to check in on me, and answered all my questions w/ clarity, compassion and confidence.”

02/04/14 – Robin Rothman

“Dr. Kazemi’s practice exceeded all of my expectations. The office and staff are very professional and make you feel very comfortable. I had a sinus lift, bone graft and two implants. I was taken extremely good care of during and after my procedure. I feel Dr. Kazemi is a skilled surgeon and I would highly recommend him for any kind of oral surgery.”

02/03/14 – Michael Tracy

“After researching/finding very good reviews for Dr. Kazemi online, as well as having my Dentist’s recommendation, my wife and I came to his office for a consultation about a lower tooth with an abscess beneath it. We found Dr. Kazemi to be friendly and soft-spoken. He reviewed the x-rays of the affected area that I had brought with us, and confirming what my Dentist had suggested, again described the possible treatment approaches. Then Dr. Kazemi had his technician take a 3-D image of my mouth/teeth. (A rather impressive 360 deg. view of the front and back of my teeth/gums.) After studying this, Dr. Kazemi explained why he could only recommend removal of the tooth to thoroughly clean out the abscess, to be followed by installation of an implant. Which, from his explanation, I agreed to. I found Dr. Kazemi to be very professional throughout this process, including the surgery and follow-up, as well as very reassuring. His office staff and technicians were likewise very courteous and professional; and at no time did I feel rushed. What I did feel was that everyone there truly cared about my receiving A+ service and care.”

02/01/14 – Pia Bungarten

“The procedure was explained very well, the operation (a tooth extraction) was done very skillfully and quickly, I received very good pain medication. From start to finish, Dr.Kazemi and all on his staff were very friendly and supportive.”

02/01/14 – Nancy Stevenson “I missed my tooth but I wasn’t overwhelmed by the hole in the side of my mouth. I smiled less, avoided photos. Now that my tooth has been placed, I realized how much I valued a good smile and the confidence that comes with having teeth.”

01/31/14 – Shannon Holland

“Dr. Kazemi and staff are wonderful. I had two wisdom teeth removed today and let my feeling like writing this review right away be a testament of my great experience. The staff is professional, caring and courteous. They go the extra mile from answering questions and providing of informative documentation (pre and post op). Dr. Kazemi is an oral surgery “rock star.” I was expecting that having my bottom wisdom teeth removed that I’d be in a great deal of pain however it is not the case. I had my tops done last month and in comparison to that this was nothing. I am experiencing very little pain and have minimal swelling. Also, Dr. Kazemi just called me (7:30pm on a Friday night) to check that I am alright and to find out if I have any questions. I will undoubtedly recommend he and his office to family and friends in the future. If I need to have anything that Dr. Kazemi specializes in done in the future I would go back without hesitation.”

1/27/14 – Sathish “We met with an accident on 29th December 2013. My friend was severely hurt and broke his frontal sinus bone and he was admitted to Suburban hospital. Dr.Kazemi has seen my friend and immediately suggested for an surgery. Its amazing that how Dr.Kazemi did the surgery..not even a scar on my friends face. He looked normal after the surgery and after 3 weeks is looking fine and stitches are going away slowly. We all thank Dr.Kazemi and highly recommend him. All the best!!”

1/27/14 – George Labarraque

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff. They made me feel very relaxed and calm and yes I will highly recommend Dr. Kazemi. Thank you very much.”

1/24/14 – Jaqueline Scott

“I had to have my wisdom teeth extracted unexpectedly,and my dentist referred me to Dr. Kazemi. He was able to fit me in on very short notice (the same day I called). Of course, to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to having my wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. Kazemi and his entire team made the experience a fantastic one. The process was done in Dr. Kazemi’s office and was quick and simple. I was given a very specific set of instructions to follow, to ensure the most healing and best possible result. Dr. Kazemi called to check up on me that afternoon, several hours after I got home,and I really appreciated his concern. I followed Dr. Kazemi’s instructions to the letter, and I have had no problems at all. My incisions have healed well and quickly. Dr. Kazemi’s office is state of the art and very comfortable. Dr. Kazemi is an expert in his field, and a very compassionate man. His staff is professional, friendly and helpful. The office has followed up on my condition several times since the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his team for any oral surgery.”

1/22/14 – Daniella Jamieson

“First of all, everyone in the office was extremely nice and calmed me down. I was really nervous to have the procedure but it was over quickly and my recovery time was short. Everything healed well. Overall everything went great”

1/10/14 – Joey Lampl

“Thank you. I felt my son was in excellent hands. The Doctor and staff are extremely professional and courteous. You all make what could be an unpleasant experience–having teeth pulled–a comfortable, pleasant experience.”

1/7/14 – Molly Gurdon

“The surgery itself was quick and efficient – no pain, and before I knew it I was waking up. The following days my pain was minimal, and even more remarkably, my face hardly swelled at all. Within four days I was back to normal. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are efficient and friendly – I could not have asked for a better experience.”

1/6/14 – Elizabeth Nelson

“Dr. Kazemi came highly recommended by our regular dentist. He was very professional and helped us through the process for a difficult tooth extraction for our 7 year old son that ultimately had to be done in the hospital under general anesthesia.”

1/4/14 – Rula Norregaard

“Dr. Kazemi’s office was extremely organized, efficient and friendly. We entered the office a lit bit apprehensive of the unknown, but Dr. Kazemi quickly put our mind at ease and the procedure was executed flawlessly. The several follow up emails reminded us and reassured us of what to do and expect the following week. Also, Dr. Kazemi ‘s personal phone call to our home after the procedure was especially appreciated. Thank you Dr. Kazemi and office!!!”

1/2/14 – Lauren Devol

“I had a great experience, everyone was welcoming and made me feel at ease. I was sent e-mails throughout my recovery and received phone calls to make sure everything was going smoothly. My recovery was also easy and comfortable.”


“I surely was grateful for the kind and very thorough care that I received before, during and after my procedure with Dr. Kazemi. At the recommendation of my dentist, I contacted Dr. Kazemi’s office for an initial consultation and diagnosis, and he was able to provide me some good advice and reassurance immediately. I appreciated the smooth way that the office is run and the full sharing of information throughout the relationship. The result of the procedure has been outstanding. Many thanks.”

12/28/2011 – Don Baker

“I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone afraid of the dentist or doctor. The coordinator at Dr. Kazemi’s office was extremely friendly, patiently explained everything to me, and knew all the loopholes to deal with my insurance company. Dr. Kazemi is also one of the friendliest and patient surgeons I’ve encountered. After the procedure, I had very little swelling and the recovered quickly.”

12/27/2011 – Abraham Schneider

“I had a great experience having my wisdom teeth out, if that is possible. The entire staff is warm, friendly, comforting and great at what they do. I felt so well taken care of. I really enjoyed the design of the office and the advanced technology you have. I would recommend anyone to come to your office.”

12/23/2011 – Lisa Bosse

“Great manner with young patients like my 8 year old daughter!”

12/23/2011 – Joseph Starnes

12/15/2011 – B. Bamgbose

“Flawless surgery by a dedicated surgeon and his staff. Careful and thorough explanation of the procedure provided clear understanding of what was to be accomplished. Followup was initiated by a telephone conversation the night of the surgery which consisted of patient answers to all my questions of how I was feeling. Frequent visits soon after kept me monitored throughout the healing process. Successful on all fronts.”

12/9/2011 – Irvin Chamberlain

“Everyone was very professional and kind to me in my situation. I had to get 2 wisdom teeth out. I was in pain and worried about the surgery and recovery. They told me everything in detail and any possibilities of what may happen in regards to the surgery and recovery, which put me at ease. I am still recovering now, but I know I am in good hands with the team at Dr. Kazemi’s office if I have any more questions or concerns.”

11/14/2011 – DeAnn Trost

“Very satisfied- thanks!”

11/14/2011 – R Brad Kummer

“The entire experience, over a course of months, for a pretty complex situation, was extremely positive. Scheduling, office support, staff, and of course Dr. Kazemi himself– it was all extraordinarily good. I could not be more pleased with the results.”

11/14/2011 – John Churchill

“One day, after eating some Tostitos, I began to have severe isolated mouth pain. After looking up the symptoms online, I thought I might have to get my tooth pulled, so I scheduled an appointment with my dentist. My dentist spoke with me and referred me to Dr. Kazemi. I called their office and spoke to Emily, who was very friendly helpful, and explained my situation. This being on an early Friday afternoon, I was surprised that I didn’t have to plead/beg to get squeezed in. Luckily their office is a few blocks away from the Bethesda metro stop, making it convenient and really easy to find.

When I arrived, I filled out the standard forms and didn’t have to wait long at all to see Dr. Kazemi. After thanking him for fitting me in, we talked for a bit and he seemed pretty cool. After my x-rays were taken, he concurred with the tooth extraction.

The removal was quick and painless, I chose the option of Nitrous (laughing gas) on top of the local anesthesia, as I was a bit curious…When the extraction was done they gave me some time to recover and regain my bearings from its effects rather than having me pay and leave immediately, which I was thankful for as I was a little “out of it”.

Before leaving I was given a bag full of provisions like: pain meds, a re-usable cooling/heating pack, reading material to care for the extracted area, a CD of soothing-Zen music, and a business card magnet. Before leaving, a follow-up appointment was scheduled to get the sutures taken out, and I was off home to recover. What surprised me however was later that day the doc called to follow up and to see if everything was ok, etc… To me these extra little steps really did go a long way in my impression of the facility, and their commitment to excellence.

Over all the experience was exemplary and I would definitely recommend anyone that needs to have a tooth pulled to go here.”

11/14/2011 – Anonymous

“A perfect 10! In excruciating pain + scared from an infected wisdom tooth, I was worked in the same day to see Dr. Kazemi who explained to me what my problem was, treatment options + how full anesthesia would work. I did opt for being asleep–all I remember is sitting down in the chair, breathing oxygen + waking up a little while later, w no pain + a clear head. Dr. Kazemi + his staff are a perfect team–Thanks again.”

11/13/2011 – Elena Polyak

“I found Dr. Kazemi and his staff to be caring, competant and calming. My questions were answered, my concerns were addressed, and followup by Dr. Kazemi and his staff was excellent.”

10/25/2011 – H.S.

“The offices are warm and welcoming. I was treated with the utmost efficiency and cordiality. The team makes me comfortable and at ease. Next-day follow-ups were appreciated. Dr. Kazemi is a highly competent surgeon with a warm and friendly “bedside manner”. My recovery was faster than I expected, with very little sweling. I also appreciated the background music, which was muted, but very soothing and calming. All in all, it could not have been a better experience.”

10/21/2011 -Glynnis Mileikowsky

“My son had a very good experience. He had 4 wisdom teeth and another extra tooth removed. All the staff were very skilled, helpful, and considerate.”

10/19/2011 – Carol Bartholomew

“Entire staff and Dr. Kazemi are very pleasant and professional. They explained everything. Surgery & recovery went exactly as expected. This office has done dental surgery on other members of my family, all of whom have been very satisfied. I would recommend this office without qualification based on my experience.”