What Our Patients Say

1/28/2011 -Chris Rowe

“Dr. Kazemi removed my teen-aged daughter’s wisdom teeth, and she had the best experience possible. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were friendly, extremely well-organized and professional and very thorough with instructions for post-operative care.”

1/16/2011 – Gail Trost

“I was seen on an emergency basis. Treated well and received a comprehensive explanation of treatment options. Good pain control and satisfactory outcome under the circumstances.”

1/14/2011 – Stephen McKenzie

“Dr Kazemi extracted one of my teeth which was attached to an old bridge. He most kindly took time to answer all my questions before the procedure, explained what he was doing during the surgery and even called the next day to inquire how I was doing. The staff was very professional, helpful and pleasant as well. Although the healing took a little longer than I had thought, the experience was very positive and I would recommend the whole team without any reservations. Thank you!”

1/13/2011 -AB

“Very fast, no wait time. I liked that he called after the surgery to see how everything went”

1/11/2011 – EH

“Everything was absolutely great. Great customer service on the phone and in the office. The doctor did a great job with the surgery. Everything was properly explained and I was well informed on what to expect. Overall, very satisfied with my experience. ”

12/31/2010 -Parisa Bahmani

“The entire experience was professional and positive. We were given information about the procedure and any questions we had were quickly answered. The day of the procedure went very well. Everyone was helpful and our son had almost no swelling even after 4 teeth were pulled. That evening we received a call from Dr. Kazemi to see how our son was doing. We would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his office and will go again should our younger son need his wisdom teeth pulled.”

12/29/2010 – Melissa Loughney

“Very professional and helpful team, answered all questions, felt able to make contact after the procedure if needed, clear post=procedure instructions”

12/29/2010 -Sam McMurtrie

“I got my wisdom teeth removed (17yo) and surgery was easy, uncomplicated, and quick. Dr. Kazemi was kind and explained to me everything he was doing! I felt like I was in great hands. Afterward I felt kind of loopy, but the nurses/staff were so kind and brought me to my car to be driven home. Recovery was painful, but simple, and when I was brought back to be checked up on, Dr. Kazemi was very happy and explanatory. Although getting ones wisdom teeth removed is never fun, Dr. Kazemi was great! ”

12/27/2010 – Anna H.

“I was well prepared with all the information I needed. Everything was explained as much (or as little) as I wanted it to be. Overall, I thought it went smoothly and was pleased.”

12/25/2010 – Lesley Baseman

“My son had his wisdom teeth out and all went well. I would add more detail in the post operative instructions for the oral rinses. I would add that they should rinse for 30 – 60 seconds.”

12/25/2010 – Barbara Phelan

“Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness, attention, and the care you gave me when I had my recent accident. Everything that happened from meeting you in the hospital emergency room to the surgical procedure and follow up visit in your office was tendered in an atmosphere that showed TLC. I would also like to tell you how much I was impressed by the care and attention given to me by your entire staff. All of the ladies made me feel very comfortable, and I am sure you consider them an asset.”

12/25/2010 – Anonymous

“My experience with Dr. Kazemi and his team was absolutely wonderful. I was amazed at the level of care they provided me with when I had several wisdom teeth removed. They provided a number of useful and detailed resources that I consulted many times during my recovery. The entire staff made me feel comfortable and at ease, and I would recommend them without reservation.”

12/1/2010 – Jada Hamilton

“I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kazemi!! I had my wisdom teeth removed and it was the cleanest and fastest procedure, I couldn’t believe how quickly it was over. I had absolutely no swelling afterwards! Dr. Kazemi has an incredible bedside manner, and even when I called the office for a question, they let me speak with Dr. Kazemi directly. He also has an excellent staff! I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi, he is absolutely by far the best!! I wish I knew about him sooner!!”

11/19/2010 – Nina Chawla

“My son had a good experience working with Dr Kazemi. He spent enough time to explain the procedure to him. He did a great job puling 3 of his teeth without any problem so far. The only problem that I found was giving too many pain killer pills to a young adult. I think He should give few pills at the beginning and add more if needed later. Fortunatley my son is not into any type of drugs but it could be harmful. I also think that he should be able to do the procedure without using general anest”

11/19/2010 – Anonymous

“The overall experience was very good. The office has a relaxing feel to it that put me at ease when I was getting my wisdom teeth removed. I was nervous going in, but not as nervous when I got there. The healing process is going well, and I did not have much pain. Dr. Kazemi did a very good job. ”

11/19/2010 – Molly Powers

“Staff was quick to greet and assist. No waiting time. Pleasant, followed up, and were available for an questions”

11/19/2010 – Christa Webb

“Everything went very well”

11/19/2010 -Lara Fleck

“From the moment I called to set up the consultation and spoke to Emily, I knew I was at the right place. They just took care of everything! I have never had a more positive experience at a dentist before. I had an extraction and bone graft and it went so well! I could not ask for better service and care. Thank you so much! I will be returning for the implant and have total confidence that it will be done with the same precision and care!”

11/5/2010 – Leslie

“I was very pleased with the service and care I received at the Center for Oral & Facial Enhancement. From pre to post surgery, the professional and caring manner in which I was treated by the staff went a very long way to dispel my anxiety and fears. I especially appreciated the check-up call from Dr. Kazemi the day after my surgery. My best wishes for continued success to the center.”

10/27/2010 – Gylla Martinez

“ Beginning with the evaluation appointment, Dr. Kazemi and his staff took the time to explain to my niece all aspects of the wisdom teeth extraction. There were no surprises as my niece followed the very detailed instructions for post-op care. Dr. Kazemi, Emily and Luisa all get high marks for competency and customer service.”

10/27/2010 – Mary Patterson (Anna Wamke’s aunt)

“very kind, understanding and professional. ”

10/27/2010 – Angela Esteve

“ From the time of scheduling to the procedure and follow-up, my experience exceeded all expectations. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are top notch professionals who are conscientious, patient-focused, efficient and courteous. Not that I would want to have this procedure done again, but if that were the case, I would not think of having it done by anyone other than Dr. Kazemi….”

10/27/2010 – David Kim

“ I recently went to Dr Kazemi office for a dental extraction. This was my first visit and I was greated by kind staff, the assistant brought me back to the room, discussed the extraction and called for the doctor. The doctor came in and discussed the extraction I was about to have, and also layed out a treatment plan for future work. The extraction went very well and I had little pain. I would recommend Doctor Kazemi to anyone!”

10/27/2010 – Ludovic Reveiz

“Dr. Kazemi and staff are very professional. My experience was pleasant and calming, my consultation with Dr. Kazemi calmed my fears immediately. I was made aware of the procedure I was having and all my questions were answered. The care I received before during and after was great.”

10/16/2010 – Terri McFadden

“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are thoroughly professional, highly skilled and really care about their patients.”

10/7/2010 – Al Belsky

“Courteous, empathetic and highly professional. I particularly appreciated the fact that Dr. Kazemi returned my call after midnight on the day of the procedure when I was concerned about continued bleeding. Great jazz, too.”

10/7/2010 – Allan Miller

“I was very well prepared for the operation. Dr. explained carefully how bone graft had to be done before getting tooth implant. The aids are friendly and knowledgeable. The environment is pleasant. Post Operative procedures very detailed and easily understandable. The office followed up with me to make sure I am healing.”

9/27/2010 -Kam Jalali

“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were great. I don’t think anyone looks forward to having their wisdom teeth out, but it really couldn’t have gone better. I had almost no pain after the morning of my procedure, and Dr. Kazemi called me that evening to see if I had any questions. His office also followed up with me later that week to make sure that I was still feeling ok and to check my progress. I definitely got lucky when I was referred to Dr. Kazemi.”

9/24/2010 -Rebekah Hutton

“I knew what to expect from the first visit through recovery. Dr. Kazemi is very concerned that not only his implantation is superb, but that the dentist doing the crown work also does well. The supporting staff are very caring and supportive. Dr. Kazemi is a perfectionist and which is reassuring and leads to superior results. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Kazemi and his staff to others.”

9/1/2010 – Karen Strauss

“Great service and excellent staff! ”

9/1/2010 – Ashley

“The team went out of the way to make my visit work for mind, body and soul!”