What Our Patients Say

10/15/2011 – Kenneth Isen

“I was terrified of having my tooth extracted. Dr. Kazemi and his staff made me so comfortable. I love the fact that when I had sensitivity he made sure I was numb enough to proceed. Woooohoooo! I only had pain the first night and I had NO swelling the next day. Now I have to make an appointment for some implants.”

10/14/2011 – Nicole Sands

“I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to others who may be in need of implants. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are extremely professional and offer outstanding patient care throughout the implant process.”

10/14/2011 – Karen Wayns

“Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and informative. The initial consultation, procedure, and recovery all went as smoothly as possible. Dr. Kazemi helped me feel comfortable and relaxed as a patient, and I would recommend him to others!”

10/13/2011 – Ashley Kelley

“Dr. Kazemi is amazing at turning a potentially terrifying experience into a positive seamless procedure. I had a wisdom tooth removed and the entire process was performed thoughtfully and with a high level of sensitivity. Dr. Kazemi called and followed up with me the day of the procedure and his staff called on me in the following days. I will use him in the future to perform an implant procedure because of his kind thoughtful and professional manner.”

10/12/2011 – Brian Harrison

“When my 12 year old son needed to have five teeth (3 primary, 2 wisdom) extracted, Dr. Kazemi and his staff did a great job of making him feel secure, answering our questions and doing the procedure. My son was back on his feet with no problems a couple of days later.”

10/9/2011 – Walter Cronin

“Dr. Kazemi and staff are the best!! From Emily to Dr. Kazemi the service and staff are very professional. Had 10 implants and it went great!! Made a 2nd app. for 1 more implant cant wait to go back.”

10/7/2011 – Mike Galvin

“Dr. Kazemi was very friendly and engaging. It was not hard to contact him for information and he showed a great amount of dedication towards my procedure and follow ups. Not too mention he did a great job on my surgery and I have no lingering effects.”

9/30/2011 -Gary Garofalo

“The staff were very friendly. The doctor was thorough and gave me the courage to go through the painful surgery. Also, I commend the lady who expedited the process of refund from the insurance company in a lightning speed.”

9/28/2011 -J.H.

“The service I received was top-notch. The procedure was clearly explained and executed along with all pricing. Front office service and Dr. Kazemi’s bedside manner were fantastic. Thank you!”

9/23/2011 – Bekki Welter Griffin

“The entire experience was very good. Everyone was very professional.”

9/19/2011 – Ivan Watson

“It did not take long to extract my son’s tooth and though it can be a very heartwrenching experience for the parents – Dr. Kazemi’s staff was amazing!! Christina, Emily and Adrianna set me at ease, and were so warm and friendly I felt like I was among family instead of it being my first visit ever. My son loves Christina and the office itself is warm and has unique furniture that can keep anyone distracted. Thank you for taking such great care of my son and me.”

9/14/2011 – Patricia Ali

“Dr. Kazemi extracted my wisdom teeth, and my overall experience was excellent! Dr. Kazemi and his staff were friendly, empathetic, thorough, punctual, and professional. It’s clear from the moment you enter the office that you’re in the hands of a true expert who is passionate about his practice. My surgery was on a Friday afternoon, and I returned to work on Monday feeling great. There was no pain and no swelling. If you want it done right, call Dr. Kazemi!!”

9/7/2011 – Christina

“This is my family’s second experience with Dr. Kazemi and it was equally as impressive as the first! The staff was professional, friendly, and efficient. Dr. Kazemi is not only a superior oral surgeon, he takes a personal interest in all of his patients, making sure that their results are as successful as the actual surgery.”

9/1/2011 -Barbie Briggs

“I came to Dr. Kazemi with an undiagnosed oral tumor, which turned out to be cancerous. He thoughtfully and expertly undertook two surgeries which successfully removed the tumor. It has healed nicely and I am now on the way to excellent oral health. I can’t thank him enough and his skilled staff enough for their expert care.”

8/29/2011 – Sandra Y. Nathan

“everything was great, very impressed”

8/26/2011 – Caitlin Baschuk

“When it came to searching for an oral surgeon to extract all 4 of my wisdom teeth I wanted the best doctor in the area I could find. And I found him! Dr. Kazemi and his staff were amazing! I had such an extreme anxiety of getting my wisdom teeth out and they were all there to answer all of my many questions without hesitation. They were also all very understanding of my situation. I read all the other reviews as a part of choosing a doctor and they are ALL true to my experience as well.”

8/29/2011 – Jennifer H.

“I trust my dentist (Shokoufeh Khozein, DDS), who recommended Dr. Kazemi for my wisdom teeth removal. She said that even though they were more expensive, it was worth it. Well, I agree – I had a great experience. Most importantly, Dr. Kazemi worked with me to ensure I could get the most from my insurance company and put the least out from my own pocket. This meant a lot. In addition, the staff was courteous, the office clean and comfortable, and the procedure was fine.”

8/29/2011 – Margo Street

“My daughter (age 24) had to get all four wisdom teeth pulled. She was consumed with fear from the pain she just knew would come after and was even more fearful of the anesthesia. She had never been “put under” before. Dr. Kazemi and his entire staff showed amazing compassion for her and her fears. Dr. Kazemi is very smart and explained every detail of the procedure. She had very little pain from the procedure due to Dr. Kazemi’s excellent talents! We both highly recommend Dr. Kazemi!”

8/27/2011 – Susan Mattingly

“Caring, nurturing, attentive, trustworthy.”

8/26/2011 – Melanie Broder

“great service, easy to work with, fast and efficient.”

8/26/2011 – Todd Newman

“I was impressed with the efficient team approach used for my tooth extraction. Each member was efficient and answered all my questions. It went so smoothly and quickly that I was surprised when the whole procedure was completed; I had anticipated so much more pain and trepidation.”

8/24/2011 – Carol Ghazaii

“I was referred to Dr. Kazemi from a friend who knew I was absolutely terrified about having all four wisdom teeth exacted. From the moment I made contact with Emily to schedule the appointment until Christina assisted me to the car, the level of service is unmatched! Upon my arrival I had a consultation with Dr. Kazemi to explain the procedure and he completely made me fill at ease. Once over- Never experienced pain, swelling or any discomfort. Kudos to an amazing doctor with a great staff!”