What Our Patients Say

5/4/2011 – Derek Stone

“Dr. Kazemi is a very skillful and caring Oral Surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone & everyone who has major & extensive gum and teeth issues. I think he has a excellent rapport with patients.”

4/30/2011 – Camille Fox

“I went to Dr. Kazemi to have my wisdom teeth removed. The whole experience was fantastic; he lived up to all of the recommendations I had gotten. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were great about making me feel comfortable and answering questions. The procedure was great and the recovery period was much better than I expected. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone in need of oral surgery.”

4/22/2011 – Mahamane Toure

“I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted by the Center for Oral & Facial Enhancement. I was initially very nervous about the procedure, but was comforted by the clear and concise materials on their website, detailing exactly what I should expect, and how I should prepare for the operation. The operation itself was quick, painless, and very professional. Dr. Kazemi and his staff made themselves available for my questions and concerns, and checked in with me during the recovery process.”

4/19/2011 – Paul Ferrari

“Very efficient tooth extraction and everyone was very friendly. I thought it was a nice touch being given a glass of water in a real glass. I also appreciated being scheduled on short notice.”

4/10/2011 – Anonymous

“My 8-year-old son needed two baby teeth extracted. This kind of procedure can be really scary for a kid, but Dr. Kazemi and his staff put both my son and me at ease. They were fast, skilled, professional, compassionate, and supportive. The procedure could not have gone more smoothly. Dr. Kazemi and his staff gave my son excellent care. ”

4/10/2011 – Brenna Maloney

“Excellent. The staff first explained how the surgery would take place. Dr. Kazemi explained what he was doing at every stage of the surgery. I did not feel any pain or swelling during or after the surgery. Post operative instructions were understandable and to-the-point. The entire staff was knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi’s office.”

4/10/2011 – Kam

“It was perfect! There was no pain after the extraction of my wisdom teeth.”

4/8/2011 – Kanako Inoue

“Dr. Kazemi took very good care of me. I had a great experience and fast recovery. When my dentist took xrays after I met with Dr. Kazemi to receive my splint, she said “Dr. Kazemi did a perfect job and put everything back perfectly.”

4/8/2011 – Bobby Rountree

“Having seen 2 other oral surgeons, none gave me the confidence and assurance that Dr. Kazemi did. I had done some extensive research on the pros and cons of removing wisdom teeth vs having the cavities on them filled, so I was fairly well-informed. Dr. Kazemi exuded high professionalism and expertise in the calm manner in which he carefully explained the procedure and follow-up care in detail. I would recommend him within my circle of friends and acquaintances.”

4/8/2011 – Dorothy N.

“It was excellent. The treatment was very good and the staff was very polite, helpful and cheerful.”

4/7/2011 – Mohammad Amin

“Dr. Kazemi is highly recommended. I was very anxious about my procedure and he always took the time to answer my questions and address any concerns. He also has the BEST staff I have ever encountered so everything runs so smoothly. I will definitely return to this office if I need any other work done. Thanks so much everyone!!”

3/25/2011 -Danielle

“Doctor Kazemi and his staff were very professional in everything.”

3/25/2011 – Anonymous

“I had my wisdom teeth extracted & had an incredible experience. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in to the office. After only a few minutes in the relaxing waiting room, I was introduced to Dr. Kazemi & the rest of his friendly staff. The procedure & post-op course were carefully explained to me & all questions were addressed. I was asleep w/in minutes of entering the procedure room & when I woke up I was not in any pain. In fact, I only had to take pain medicine 3 times post-op!”

3/24/2011 – Elizabeth Leachman

“Just the idea to have to get a wisdom tooth remove was scary… but it turned out to be my best dentist experience ever! The welcome was warm and comforting and the surgery just perfect… No pain during and no pain at all after…. just nothing !!! as if nothing as happened. Just a normal day. Thanks a lot to Dr Kazemi and his team. See you next time!!! ”

3/16/2011 – Valerie

“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were very gentle with my daughter and took the time to ease her fears and fully explain the procedure to her several times. Dr. Kazemi called personally a few hours after the surgery to check on my daughter. We felt very well taken care of and she is healing well. ”

3/3/2011 – Daphne Rappaport

“My son (age 10) and I had a great experience with both Dr. Kazemi and his office staff. Dr. Kazemi did a careful evaluation and consultation prior to my son’s tooth extraction, and the subsequent surgery and recovery went very well. Emily and the other personnel in the office were so kind and helpful. Everyone was highly organized, efficient, and friendly. Overall, it was an excellent experience for both my son and myself.”

3/2/2011 – Liz Mozden

“It was as wonderful an experience as one can get given the nature of the procedure! You have a wonderful, caring and experienced staff and a very pleasant environ. I’m glad that I was recommended to you.”

3/2/2011 -Dorinda Young

“The definition of professional. Dr. Kazemi and staff are educated, efficient, thorough, and friendly. Worth every penny!”

3/1/2011 – Danielle

“My daughter and I felt like we were in professional and caring hands before, during and after the procedure to have her four impacted wisdom teeth removed. The expectations for recovery were right on target and nothing came up that your office had touched base on ahead of time. I’ve already reffered your practice to two families since Ashleigh’s procedure 14 days ago.”

2/26/2011 -Susie Canton

“I haven’t had dental insurance in 7 years so needless to say I haven’t been to the dentist a lot during that time. I had a wisdom tooth that was causing me a lot of pain and needed to see a someone quickly and get it out quickly. The problem; I travel a lot for work. This, however, was not a problem for Dr. Kazemi’s office. I called on a Monday and got an appointment for Friday (I arrived back into town Thursday night so this worked out great). He did the xray, the consultation, and the tooth extraction all in the same day. In fact, I got there early and they took me back early. I believe I was going under the effects of the IV before my original scheduled appointment time. When I woke up I was still very woozy from the drugs so there was no pain and one of the nurses walked me down stairs to meet my ride. That night Dr. Kazemi called me himself to check up on how I was doing. Now, I had heard horror stories about other people getting there wisdom teeth removed but I didn’t experience anything remotely close to horrific. Yes, there was some pain and discomfort but they pain killers they gave me worked fine. I took it easy for the next couple of days and was fine to go back to work on Monday. All in all, I could not have asked for a better experience. They were able to fit me in quickly, the staff was amazingly nice and helpful, they fill your scripts right there so you don’t even have to make a stop at the pharmacy, and the pain was very manageable during the recovery period. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Kazemi to anyone that needs to have a tooth extraction done. You will not be disappointed.”

2/18/2011 -Mickey Chagnon

“Dr. Ryan Kazemi has superior expertise, consideration, patience and skills exceeding any dental professional from whom I have received care in my extensive dental experiences. Dr. Kazemi listened carefully to my many concerns, asked essential questions regarding my dental and general health, and evaluated all previous care and current x-rays. He carefully reviewed his recommendations for a comprehensive treatment plan but never pressured me to select anything other than what I felt I could address. I recommend him and his office highly.”

2/18/2011 – DB

“I can’t thank Dr.Kazemi and his team enough! I needed my extraction asap. Dr.Kazemi made sure I was comfortable during the surgery. His coordinator put together all the paper work I needed right away. The only worry I had was how fast I would recover after. The information kit I received along with some quick tips from his assistant put that worry to rest. My surgery was one week and a day ago today. Yesterday I ate an apple like nothing ever happened.”