What Our Patients Say

9/1/2010 – Orson Porter

“I visited Dr. Kazemi for wisdom teeth removal. From the consultation to the follow-up, the patient care from both the front office and Dr. Kazemi himself were exceptional and personal. The doctor made sure to clearly and thoroughly inform me of my condition and the procedure, and actively solicited questions. The care itself was excellent and my recovery was much easier than I anticipated.”

8/31/2010 – Danielle White

“Wisdom teeth extraction on our 13 old son. Easy procedure, extremely easy recovery. ”

8/17/2010 – Lynne Steingass

“Excellent service, excellent results. Very fast as well.”

8/17/2010 – Christian Britton

“Having been referred to Dr. Kazemi by a great dentist, I expected the top-quality professional service I received. What I didn’t expect was the great personal attention during and after the procedure. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of his services.”

8/17/2010 – Alberto Donoso

“The care and service were outstanding and much appreciated throughout the entire process of getting my wisdom teeth removed. The surgery and recovery themselves went very smoothly and any questions I had were quickly answered. The office was always at my disposal for any potential comments or concerns I had and they never failed to provide me with very useful information.”

8/9/2010 -Alix Woodall

“Excellent care. The doctor and staff were all were very patient and accommodating, answering all questions and easing all concerns. The recovery was virtually painless and I experienced minimal discomfort. Would definitely recommend to all friends and family.”

8/9/2010 – Nicole Murarka

“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are unbelievable! I typically don’t like the Dentist, but I though I would never say that I had a wonderful experience at this office. From Emily answering the phones with such a pleasant and caring attitude to the end of my appointment everyone I came into contact with went above and beyond. Dr. Kazemi explained everything to me in “plain english”, in order for me to understand. This practice definitely deserves a thumbs up!”

7/31/2010 – Kay Weems

“We greatly appreciated the excellent care my son received in connection with the extraction of his wisdom teeth. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were extremely warm and gracious, taking their time to answer all of our questions and ensure that my son was comfortable both before and after the procedure. They never kept us waiting for an appointment and were extremely efficient. My son had a minimum of pain and recovered quickly. We appreciated the fine service and recommend Dr. Kazemi enthusiastically”

7/31/2010 –Marsha C.

” The experience was better than I ever could have expected. Everything from the informative podcast to the online pre-registration process to the fact I could get the consult and the procedure done on the same day made what could have been an anxiety-ridden couple of days before the procedure much easier. The procedure itself was highly effective in the time it took and lack of pain but also the mental stress both day-off as well as post-procedure. Dr K is really best practice all around.”

7/20/2010-Jared Degnan

” It was great! I wish I could have the same experience with every doctor that I go to. Just outstanding! The personnel, office, service, care, surgery was excellent. 5 stars to me.”

7/16/2010-Reyda Gonzalez

“Great experience from start to finish. The surgery was quick and easy, only three-four days recovery. We received check up calls to see how I was and the nurses were great too!”

7/15/2010-Brittany Cowden

“At no point during our time in Dr. Kazemi’s care did my daughter or I feel rushed. From the consultation through to the surgery, recovery, and post-surgery visit, Dr. Kazemi and his staff made my teenage daughter feel at ease as she had her four wisdom teeth extracted. Followup phonecalls by Dr. Kazemi the night after her surgery and a couple days later from the nurse demonstrated the comprehensive care they provide. We recommend Dr. Kazemi without hesitation.”

7/15/2010-Karen Cowden

“Excellent in every way.”

7/9/2010-Polly Carbonell

“The entire experience was great. Doctor and staff were knowledgeable and professional.”

7/9/2010-Jeff Sack

“Great service, surgery was quick and easy, and recovery was a breeze.”

7/9/2010-Jeffrey Gladstone

“The care, courtesy, and professionalism were all excellent. I had a quick and easy recovery from my extraction. Thank you.

7/9/2010-Helen Reid

“The experience and results were perfect, as usual.”

6/19/2010-Susan Dugan

“We got good explanations before surgery, so we knew what to expect and everything happened as planned. The team was very helpful, kind and friendly. Surgery and post surgery were great, no bruises, very little swelling, no complications. The only thing we did not expect was the first 10 minutes after surgery. The effect of anesthesia induced for my son a kind of loss of control with tears and anxiety, but it didn’t last more than 10 minutes.”

6/19/2010-Nicole Weismann

“I felt i was at a dental Spa. I was terrorized at the idea of implants, it took me 7 years to decide to do it. The experience was excellent, it did not hurt at all, the sedation worked very well. The explanations before the procedure were complete and reassuring.”

6/16/10-Ana Gergely

“I had a great experience. I never waited very long to see the doctor. Dr. Kazemi explained everything until I understood. The whole office is very well managed. “


“Dr. Kazemi and all members of his staff were very competent and extremely accommodating including when I needed to reschedule last minute due to a job interview, when awakening from surgery took longer than expected requiring extra time in the recovery room, and when I faced insurance payment complications post-surgery. Thanks to Dr. Kazemi and his entire staff, my wisdom teeth surgery went smoothly and was made as pleasant as possible!”

6/11/10-Brad Bernhardt

“Our daughter and our son were both treated by Dr. Kazemi and his staff and we were very impressed by the treatment the children got. The information, patience, cleanliness, friendliness, the time they took for us. We are very happy that we choose Dr. Kazemi and his team for the operation.”

6/6/10-Elisabeth and Joseph Mait

“I suck as a patient. Generally I hyperventilate and become so stressed out I am in pain before I get to the doctor. Dr. Kazemi makes me feel safe. He puts me to sleep, does the procedure and I never have a problem. His staff always follows up with my progress. It is not dinner and a movie, but if you have to have oral surgery, it is 5 Michelin stars.”

5/25/10-Lucinda Ebersole

“As soon as I walked in the staff was pleasant and welcoming. The atmosphere made you feel right at home for such a stressful surgery. I honestly had no problems and could not see how it could have gone any better. The personal phone call from Dr. Kazemi really sealed the deal for my family and I. Thanks again guys.”

5/23/10-Leonard Coleman

“I had a very positive experience from start to finish with Dr. Kazemi and his staff! I was given a comprehensive account of what the surgery would entail and detailed guidance on recovery and after-care. Emily was very helpful in guiding me through the paperwork process with my medical and dental insurance. The atmosphere in the office is one of calm professionalism – I felt in very good hands!”

5/20/10-David Markey

“I was welcomed immediately by the same person who I had been corresponding with prior to my visit, and waited less than five minutes in the waiting area. The procedure (four wisdom teeth extractions, IV sedation) was quite enjoyable, actually, since I was totally asleep and what with the attractive Dr. Kazemi and his adorable, smiling assistants all over the place. Recovery was much quicker than I expected and as close to painless as it could be given the circumstances.

5/2/10-April Nowicki

“I just had an inplant put in today at 11:00 a.m. I got home, was a little drowsy from sedation and went to bed. I didn’t even have to take the painkiller. I have had two other inplants done a couple of years ago, again by Dr. Kazemi, and my experience was just as positive. I highly recommend this. If you are afraid of going to the dentist I recommend sedation. It costs more but it saves your teeth and you don’t have any pain or anxiety. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are very warm.”

5/11/10- Marta Englehart

“Staff were friendly, competent, efficient, and comforting. They told me exactly what to expect during and after my tooth extraction.”

5/1/10- Bonnie Lesley

“The staff and doctor was very kind and welcoming. The surgery went well and was exactly as they described. I was provided with all the information about pre- operation and post operation care as well as what was going to happen during the surgery. I had a great experience with the Dr. Kazemi and his staff.

4/13/10 -Caroline B. Possick

“I really enjoyed my overall experience with Dr. Kazemi. The staff was very accommodating and the surgery and recovery time went incredibly smoothly. I had my wisdom teeth removed and the swelling and the pain was minimal. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

4/12/10 -Amanda Browne

“Service is great from front door until the end. everybody is caring follow up phone calls to see if your o.k. very happy with the service and the results.”

4/1/10 -Bob Kass

“My experience was AMAZING! The entire process was professional and swift. Dr. Kazemi and his team were kind and pleasant throughout the process. They answered all questions and provided me with detailed information regarding my dental surgery. The team was thorough and made sure my comfort was a priority. One never looks forward to having dental work done but Dr. Kazemi and his team provided a welcoming environment, transforming a daunting operation into a pleasant experience.”

4/1/10 -Nathaniel Cole

“all great. fast, relatively painless, and easy. i was very impressed.”

4/1/2010 -Kinney Zalesne

“The staff and doctor was very kind and welcoming. The surgery went well and was exactly as they described. I was provided with all the information about pre- operation and post operation care as well as what was going to happen during the surgery. I had a great experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff.”

3/22/10 -Maia Tucker

“The office staff was very kind and professional. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi. He was very generous and made me feel comfortable. He knew what he was doing and was absolutely awesome!”

3/16/10 -Tom Wright

“Without hesitation, I would refer anyone I know who may require oral surgery. The level of professionalism and care are stellar and without compare. The team has made for me a dental visit that is no longer an anxious or fearful experience. Though I hope I will not need any future oral surgery, but if I do, I know now where I will go without any concerns at all. From the moment you enter the office, there is a calming reception that already sets the tone for a uniquely caring experience. You are made the center of attention which immediately eases your anxiety of a dental procedure. Dr. Kazemi’s approach to gentle dentistry and compassionate surgery completely removed the stigma of the perceived painful dental process. Because of this, if I ever require future oral surgery, I know where I can get worry-free care. The entire team is warm, caring and a joy to be in their company.”

September 11, 2009 -Heidi Cox

“I put off having my wisdom teeth removed for years, and when it was finally time, I was told to go to the best – Dr. Kazemi. With some trepidation I scheduled a visit. From the first contact I had with his office, they handled everything efficiently, professionally and carefully. The office has the serenity of a spa and when I woke up from my procedure the whole team was there to make sure I was ok. They were very caring and I appreciated their kindness very much!”

July 27, 2009 -Lewis F Bond.

“You have created a nice office atmosphere.

Other Comments: Being from another (older) generation I think everything is too expensive—but you have to understand that I think a necktie should cost $5.00—oh well life goes on.

This was the first office that appeared to be paperless. It was easy, efficient and interesting, and thats saying something coming from an old fart like me.”

July 27, 2009 -N.N.

“You guys were great and made my experience with wisdom teeth extraction extremely pleasant. From the moment I talked to Emily, the receptionist, I knew that this was the right place. Everyone in the office is so incredibly friendly and warm, I automatically felt welcome and in great hands. The office itself is beautiful, nice furniture and a lovely atmosphere. The actual procedure of the wisdom teeth extraction was a breeze, did not feel a thing during or after. The recovery process was also not bad at all. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi’s office to anyone and everyone. Plus, the prices are so affordable compared to many others in the area.”

July 17, 2009 -N.N.

“I was very pleased with my experience…from the scheduling of the initial appointment to the follow-up consultations”

July 17, 2009 -Great Gormley, Mother of James jacas

“The whole experience was a study in professionalism and genuine caring . A trying time for my learning disable Son with a sever fear of needles was handled with finesse making it a pleasure instead of a terror.”

June 30, 2009 -N.N.

“My experience was great, I have nothing negative to say. No complications with the procedure, I was pain free in less than a week and back to work in 2 days.”

June 29, 2009 -Matta Zeinali

“Thank you for taking your time and explaining all the details. I had so many issues that my current dentist was not explaining to me. I am glad I took the time to see Dr. Kazemi. I will use Dr. Kazemi for my future dental needs.”

June 29, 2009 -Petra Morhard

“Very professional! Also the aftercare was wonderful, my son really felt well taken care off.”

June 22, 2009 -Lucy Grantham

“The entire office could not have been nicer or more accommodating. My son recovered very quickly from the removal of his wisdom teeth with virtually no swelling. I would not hesitate to recommend your office to any of my friends or colleagues.”

June, 22, 2009 -Sara Siddiqui

“My dental surgical experience with Dr. Kazemi and his team was outstanding. Everything was explained to me in detail. From the first phone call to schedule an appointment to my last follow up appointment Dr. Kazemi and his team provided exceptional service. The streamlined process of completing “paperless” forms was the best! I would definitely recommend him and his team to anyone who needs services such as I did. Thank you again!”

June 18, 2009 -Asha Allam.

“This was the most supportive, attentive, flexible, thorough and patient-centered experience I have ever had with any physician. From the business cards to actual patient care, Dr. Kazemi and his team were professional, up to date, and extremely helpful, making my surgery and recovery all the more manageable and swift. Having heard horror stories of wisdom tooth extractions, this surpassed every one of my expectations and while I hope never to need oral surgery again, I am reassured in knowing where I could go.”

June 14, 2009 -Dr. Lisa J. Allen.

“You guys are impressive! really go the extra mile on every single detail! I have my own practice (physical therapy) and I know it is not cheap to offer all of this customer service. Kudos to you.

I have had a lot of dental work and was very nervous about having my wisdom tooth pulled. I have absolutely refused to allow anyone to pull them for 20 years! Finally, I relented. And I cannot believe how easy it was! I had only novocaine (although of course they offer gas and IV sed) and it was absolutely painless! It was fast, easy, and completely complication free. Actually, it was a phone call where Dr. Kazemi actually got on the telephone himself that finally allowed me to follow doctors orders and have the tooth pulled. He explained how the procedure would go, and then he held up to his promise! It was fast and easy! Furthermore, I cannot believe the completeness of their customer service plan. Every detail is attended to. Even after I was home. Just when I was deciding I didn’t really need to rinse with salt water, and maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal if I quit my antibiotics, I received a reminder phone call to keep up with both of those things! Are they telepathic or do they just know the diligence starts to flag after 5 days! You guys are really tops, I am impressed and amazed — and most importantly grateful — that I had a pain-free, trouble-free experience. Most Sincerely, Dr. Lisa Allen”

June 3, 2009 -Kristina Dell

“Everyone was great…from the receptionist to the nurses to Dr. Kazemi. Their attention to detail and to making patients feel comfortable was noteworthy. I would recommend everyone get their wisdom teeth out here! And this is coming from someone who was not looking forward to going through with the procedure and was close to backing out. Thanks for being so helpful the whole time and making me feel comfortable. Many doctors’ offices are quick to get you in and out, but everyone here couldn’t have have been nicer in answering questions, returning phone calls and making sure I knew what was happening. I appreciate it.”

May 24, 2009 -N/S

“Dr. Kazemi and his team are by far the most skilled and dedicated professionals I have come across in this industry. I highly recommend their services.”