What Our Patients Say

8/19/2011 – Lisa Davis

“My experience was great. All the staff are very nice and do a great walking you through every procedure. They give you all the information you need prior to your consultation. The best part is that they do not keep you waiting. Both my visits I spent very little time waiting. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

8/19/2011 – Ashley Alvord

“I had a terrific experience with Dr. Kazemi when I got my wisdom teeth out and would highly recommend him to anyone needing to have this procedure done. I had no swelling and was back to work on Monday after a Friday surgery with minimal discomfort. I never thought getting oral surgery could go so smooth and be so enjoyable! Thank you Dr. Kazemi and all of the attendants and staff that helped in the surgery and follow-up!”

8/14/2011 – Amanda Lodovico

“Tristan’s intervention –extraction of wisdom teeth– could not have not more smooth. Reassuring pre-visit, combined with first class intervention and a friendly and supportive staff made the whole experience an almost non-event. Tristan’s experience was similar to mine a few years ago, and confirmed my great appreciation of Dr. Kazemi’s high quality services.”

8/12/2011 – Benoit Biarel

“The doctor and his whole staff were very friendly and made the enviornment comfortable. The surgery went smooth and the recovery was great.”

8/12/2011 – Sophia

“Overall it was a very positive experience. Everything was very well explained. The procedure went very well and the recovery was without any complications. Dr. Kazemi was always available and called us after the procedure to make sure that everything was alright.”

8/10/2011 -Karim Mourad

“I was nervous about the impacted wisdom teeth that had to be removed, as I had heard from many of my friends that it was extremely painful. The experience at Dr. Kazemi’s could not have been more pleasant. I know that pleasant is not typically used to describe sedated surgery, but it was easy and painless. After the surgery I was up going about my daily routine the next day, and was totally recovered in less than a week. People were shocked at work when I returned, as I had no swelling at all. ”

7/28/2011 – Bijan Verlin

“I went to Dr. Kazemi with a lot of pain and a lot of fear. I had to have my wisdom tooth removed and it was my first time to go under sedation. I can only say that he is a jewel – his care, professionalism, demeanor and most of all RESULTs. Usual healing takes 10 days, I healed in less than a week. His follow-up care was just perfect as the surgery and the healing. It takes more than just expertise to turn pain into pleasure. Doctor Kazemi has it all, the expertise and the amazing care. ”

7/28/2011 – Yasmin Kermanchi

“I am short of words to describe the level of professionalism, care, and service at Dr. Kazemi’s office. Dr. Kazemi, himself, an extremely caring, humble, and attentive doctor walked my daughther to the operating room and was with her until we left the office. His staff were equally caring and professional. A recovery that was expected to take at least two week, took place in four days. It is a priveledge to have Dr. Kazemi in the Washington area. ”

7/22/2011 – Heidi S. Zia

“From the moment I stepped into Dr. Kazemi’s office, I felt very at ease and comfortable going into my surgery. The surgery went extremely well and I did not feel a thing and I recovered well and very quickly. Overall it was a very pleasant surgery that I would not have had done anywhere else.”

7/18/2011 – Victoria Woodall

“Having the four wisdom teeth out went so smoothly that it seemed to be hardly more involved then a routine visit. The recovery was also very brief. The office is well organized and pleasant and every effort is made to make the experience as smooth and convenient as possible.”

7/18/2011 -Maeve Foley

“I had an excellent experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff. Relatively pain-free, no complications, very professional. I would not hesitate to go again if the need arose.”

7/15/2011 – Ed Hopkins

“My experience was great. I thought the entire staff was helpful and attentive to my needs.”

6/27/2011 – Uyoata Udo Ekandem

“Dr Kazemi was wonderful. He thoroughly explained the procedure risks and benefits and put my mind at ease. The whole process was seamless and recovery was nearly pain free. I would definitely recommend him and his team to all my friends and loved ones. ”

6/27/2011 – Rachel Hunter

“Convenient downtown Bethesda location.Intro room a bit cramped. Wish we had known about the do not eat, before surgery, suggestion. But I wanted Novocain anyway since I wanted to keep the medication as low as possible for my son.”

6/20/2011 – Kristen Mosbaek

“I’m starved for time and this was a dream experience. No waiting time, super-competent doctor, super-easy recovery for my son. Even tough we took out all four teeth, he experienced minimum discomfort and zero complications.There are more wisdom teeth in the family, and from now on, they’re coming to your office.”

6/20/2011 – Camille Cholst

“Hallo, eine tolle Website! Super Videos, sehr informativ! Super, super, super! 😉 Greetings from Switzerland! ”

6/20/2011 – Fischer

“Very professional, extremely pleasant experience.”

6/20/2011 – Jochen Erdelen

“When our dentist recommended Dr. Kazemi, I inquired right and left among friends and checked the web. After all, my son needed all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time and I was a bit anxious, as my husband had just had a terrible experience having only one tooth removed by his own dentist. Well, the whole process with Dr. Kazemi was just a dream. What a relief. I’m a working mother, starved for time. We were seen immediately at the appointed time, the staff was friendly and efficient. The surgery was fast and was so well done that my son only took pain-killers the first day, and only for mild discomfort. At no point did he state that he was really in pain, and he was able to eat liquified food right away. There were zero complications and all four sites healed right on target, with stitches coming off on their own a week later. Dr. Kazemi stayed in e-mail touch, which was very reassuring. It was absolutely well worth every penny spent. There are some things you simply should not try to save money on. There are plenty of wisdom teeth left to be removed in our family, and from now on, I will make sure everyone goes to Dr. Kazemi.”

6/17/2011 – Venida Marshall

“Awesome, Fantabulous, Professional, Caring. The positive list goes on. I am 65 years old. I have been deathly afraid of dentists for more than 50 year, however, Dr. Kazemi has restored my faith in dentists. I had a fractured tooth that had to be removed — the pain was beyond excruciating. He was pleasantly caring and so very professional. After numbing my right jaw, it took him merely seconds — less than three minutes to extract this tooth that we thought might require stitches. No stitches, relatively pain free, and an great experience. I just had to say something. As a matter of fact, I’m spreading the word about Dr. K and his blessed medicine. I will be eternally grateful — feeling great!!! Oh, by the way, his office is so unique. Quiet, pristine, inviting. . .he should write a book, and if he did, I’d like to edit it!!! Thanks bunches.”

6/9/2011 – Anonymous

“Professional, Friendly Service. My procedure was painless. The doctor followed up as promised and my post surgery visit went well. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his staff.”

6/7/2011 – John E.R. Assevero

“Great service on site and over the phone. I felt like I was the most important client that day.”

5/31/2011 – Tadek

“excellent care and treatment.”

5/31/2011 – Steven Cohen

“I liked the way Dr. Kazemi was efficient with my time.”

5/31/2011 – Rob McGovern

“I had the BEST time at Dr. Kazemi’s office. It was almost like being at a spa… I was so relaxed and comfortable the entire time (I had my wisdom teeth taken out) and experienced barely any pain after my surgery! All my friends made fun of me because I told them I had a great time at Dr. Kazemi’s office! Everyone working there was extremely nice and overall I had a great experience!”

5/31/2011 – Carolyn Peyser

“Very professional and warm.”

5/13/2011 – Robin Stein

“Friendly atmosphere, in and out quick easy procedure. No need for a follow up appointment, recovery was just a few days.”