S3:E3 - Unlocking the Mystery: Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Pain Around a Dental Implant

Chronic pain, especially around dental implants, can be perplexing and debilitating for patients. However, armed with advanced diagnostic tools and a comprehensive approach, we can navigate through the complexities to provide effective solutions. Our journey begins with the pivotal role of diagnosis. We emphasize the importance of a thorough evaluation process, where every aspect of the patient’s condition is meticulously scrutinized.

Enter the revolutionary realm of 3-D imaging. With cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we unveil how this advanced imaging technique serves as a game-changer in pinpointing the underlying cause of pain. Witness how intricate details hidden from conventional imaging methods are brought to light, empowering dental professionals to make informed decisions and tailor treatments with unprecedented precision.

In this episode, we follow the journey of a patient plagued by chronic pain around her dental implant. Through the lens of 3-D imaging, the elusive culprit is unmasked, unraveling a diagnosis that was previously elusive. This real-life scenario exemplifies the transformative impact of embracing innovation in the realm of dental care.

But our exploration doesn’t end there. We shed light on the non-invasive reverse torque technique, a breakthrough method for the removal of fully healed dental implants. This technique, characterized by its gentle yet effective approach, offers newfound hope for patients seeking relief from persistent discomfort where no other treatment remedy may be possible.