Corrective Jaw Procedures

If your teeth do not fit well together, you have a disproportional face, gummy smile, an under- or over-bite, or a jaw size that is too big or too small, you probably have problems with your jaw. Many people discover these problems during their teenage years and have them corrected early. Others may postpone treatment, and as adults may develope teeth problems, facial pain or TMJ disorders related to a poor bite.

There are treatments available to improve your facial balance, improve your smile, correct your bite to help you eat better, eliminate jaw or TMJ related pain, and increase your teeth health and longevity. New techniques and technology now decrease treatment time, enhance recovery, and get you back to normal activities earlier.

Dr. Kazemi is an expert in correcting dento-facial deformities and establishing correct bite, jaw size, and facial balance. He collaborates with several expert orthodontists who are leaders in their field to combine orthodontic and surgical techniques to achieve predictable results that meet your goals. Most patients have the procedures done as outpatients, avoid jaw-wiring, and return to normal activities in as early as 10 days. Insurance and payment options can make these procedures affordable.