Frequently Asked Questions

Plan Your Visit FAQ


What are the practice hours? Will I be seen on time? How do I cancel an appointment? Is there a charge for not keeping my appointment? What do I need to have prepared prior to appointment? Can I schedule my consult and surgery on the same day? Who is ideal for the All-in-One Visit? When is it... Read More


How can I save time by pre-registration? What X-rays are necessary? Can I use previous X-rays taken by my dentist? Do I need a referral form? Can I send an X-ray for online evaluation? Do you offer dental CT scans? How much is a dental CT scan? When is dental CT scans recommended? Informatio... Read More

Referral Forms

What is referral form? Why do I need a referral form? Where do I get a referral form? How are referral forms sent? What is referral form? A referral form is a communication tool often provided by your dentist or physician requesting the specific procedures to be performed. Why do I need a referr... Read More

Financial Preparation

How do I find out the cost of surgery? What should I bring with me for my appointment? Can I do financial planning on the same day as surgery? What forms of payment is accepted? How can I find my insurance benefits? How do I find out the cost of surgery? The cost for any surgery depends on... Read More

Length and Number of Visits

How long is a typical appointment? Will my appointment be on time? How many visits are necessary? How long is a typical appointment? The length of appointments depend on the procedure and complexity. Here are the average length of appointments: Evaluations: 20-30 minutes Extraction o... Read More

Day of Surgery

When should I arrive? Can I eat or drink anything on day of surgery? Can I take my normal medication in the morning? I am scheduled for surgery and I have come down with a cold. Can I proceed with surgery safely? Does my ride have to be with me? Will smoking harm me before surgery? When should I a... Read More