Our Services During Pandemic

Our office is open for all treatments including both elective and emergency Procedures

The safety and health of our patients and team members remain our number one priority as the world continues to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. With increase in COVID-19 variation Delta and Omicron, we remain diligent to assure a safe environment for all.

We have implemented a number of new processes to assure such safety. These include through review of medical history, COVID-19 questionnaires, and temperature for all guests and team members. We utilize full personal protection devices for all team members and adhere to strict infection control protocols. Our large office and 4 different lounges allow easy social distancing between each guest.

Our entire team is fully vaccinated (two doses and boosters) as recommended by CDC.

Infection Control Protocol For Patient & Staff Safety

In-additional to our strict infection control practices, we are taking additional steps to assure total safety for our patients and staff:


  • Vaccination: We encourage all patients to be fully vaccinated
  • Non-vaccinated Patients must present a negative COVID-19 test within 3 days of their appointment
  • Advanced registration using our online forms
  • Pre-appointment confirmation calls to asses any changes in your health
  • Mask requirements: All patients are required to wear own mask while in office.
  • Hand sanitizer to be used by all patients before entering office
  • AirDoctor: Air filter units throughout facility
  • COVID-19 health questionnaire for new and returning patients
  • Limitations on companions: Please minimize number of family members or friends accompanying you to your visit. 
  • Scheduling protocols to allow safe social distancing between each scheduled patient.
  • Remote consultations and follow up (Tele-dentistry) will be implemented to minimize onsite appointments if possible.

Our Team:

  • All team members are fully vaccinated.
  • Daily health assessment of team members at beginning of day
  • Full personal protection equipment for all surgical team members
  • Mask worn by all team members at all times
  • Ongoing training on OSHA and infection control protocol and close monitoring for compliance.


  • Continuous and thorough disinfection of ALL surfaces in the office
  • Touch-less documents and payment processing

Safety remains our number one priority. If you or your patients have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 301-654-7070 or send email to [email protected]

COVID-19 Health Questionnaire For Existing Patients

COVID-19 Questionnaire

COVID-19 Health Questionnaire

Vaccination Status:
Have you had any fever, cough, or shortness of breath within the last 140 days? *
Have you had a test for Coronavirus in the last two weeks? *
Have you had any recent changes in your health? *