Implants for Back Teeth

Missing back teeth can be predictably replaced with dental implants creating a natural look and and normal eating.

Missing back teeth can be predictably replaced with dental implants with long-term benefits: A natural appearance, easy to chew and enjoy your favorite food, and easy to clean- just like natural teeth!

The molars and premolars make up the back or posterior teeth of the mouth and they are responsible for grinding and processing food during chewing. They support the major forces of biting and chewing.

Why Replace the Back Teeth?

  • Maintain proper bite and teeth for chewing
  • Prevent shifting of adjacent and opposing teeth
  • Prevent excessive forces to the front teeth that can cause them to develop fractures or periodontal disease
  • Aesthetics

Number of Implants for Replacing Back Teeth:

The best treatment approach is to replace each missing tooth with an implant. If multiple teeth are missing adjacent to each other, it is best place one implant per missing tooth for support of a single crown. Bridges (several teeth supported by fewer implants) are not routinely recommended.

Key to Implant Success in the Back Teeth:

  • One implant per missing tooth.
  • Use widest and tallest implant as possible.
  • Immediate restorations to be done with great caution. It is best to allow them to integrate and heal before restorations.
  • Avoid short implants.
  • Avoid bridges (for example, placing two implants for support of four adjacent missing teeth)
  • Proper restorations with excellent fit and bite harmony (proper occlusion)