Season 2: Hints & Tips in Dentistry With Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

S2:E1 - How to Diagnose and Treat Extra Teeth (Supernumerary)

Supernumerary teeth or hyperdontia are dental anomalies characterized by excessive number of teeth. They most commonly occur between central incisors, premolar area, and in the third molar regions and can result in delayed eruption or malpositioning of permanent teeth and general crowding. In this episode of ‘Hints & Tips in Dentistry’, we discuss current approaches for diagnose and treatment with minimally invasive techniques.

S2:E2 - The Role of Gum Tissue in Keeping Teeth and Dental Implants Healthy

When it comes to health of natural teeth or dental implants, gum tissue plays a very important role. Gingival architecture and health directly promotes aesthetics and our smile as well as protects the bone and teeth. But what does exactly a healthy gum tissue mean? And what are characteristics of a healthy gum tissue. What are attached and unattached gingiva? What are its biotypes? And what are characteristics of a healthy gum tissue. In this episode, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi discusses the basic concepts about gingiva and its role in keeping natural teeth and dental implants healthy.

S2:E3 - 3-Steps For Predictable Dental Implant Replacement of Infected Non-Restorable Teeth with Bone Loss

Infection around teeth cause significant compromise to the health of the surrounding bone and gum tissue. Therefore, the proper management of the site, bone grafting, and replacement with implants must follow specific biologically-driven techniques and sequence for optimal outcome. In this episode, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi discusses a 3-step process for predictable management of infected non-restorable teeth and replacement with dental implants.

S2:E6- What is Socket Shield and How Does it Preserve Your Bone and Gum Tissue

In this episode of Hints & Tips in Dentistry, we discuss the socket shield / partial extraction therapy technique for conservative and minimally-invasive extraction of teeth for total preservation of bone and gum tissue. Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi shares what socket shield is, how it works, and how it can prevent bone and gum tissue shrinkage that commonly happens after conventional tooth extraction techniques.