Treatment Stages

What are the treatment stages?
  1. Your orthodontist has already placed the braces to align your teeth. During this process, adequate space is created to accommodate eventual eruption of the canines into their proper position.
  2. Dr. Kazemi will expose the impacted canine and place a bracket which has a short chain attached to it. This small chain (gold in color) is ligated to the braces to allow easy access for the orthodontist. If the primary (baby) canine is present, it is extracted at the same time.
  3. Orthodontist can begin the canine eruption in 7-10 days. Elastic bands are placed on the chain that activates the eruption process. A new elastic band is placed once a month until the canine has emerged through the gum tissue. It is then aligned with the rest of the teeth.
Best treatment approach:
An evaluation is often recommended to discuss the treatment plan. Canine exposure is a 30-45 minute procedure, often performed under IV sedation or nitrous oxide, which usually heals in five to seven days.