Best Dental Implant Dentists in Bethesda, Washington DC & Virginia

Elite Team of Dental Implant Dentists:

If you are looking for the best team of dentists for your dental implant treatment in the greater Washington DC area, you have come to the right place. Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi, a board certified oral surgeon, in collaboration with areas best prosthodontists and general dentists provide lifetime dental implant therapy. All providers have average of 15 years of experience in field of implant and cosmetic dentistry and are considered among the top dentists in the US. They have offices in Bethesda, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.

How we achieve successful results?

These are the key factors to our success with dental implants:

  • Expert clinicians- Our team dentists are true experts in field of implant and cosmetic dentistry. We work with top prosthodontists and general dentists who understand the restorative aspect of dental implants. They all have remarkable skills necessary for ultimate success of the implants.
  • Team approach- No one person can do it all well. So we have designated surgeon, Dr. Kazemi, performing all the surgical procedures including teeth extractions, dental implant placement, and necessary bone grafting. Then a qualified prosthodontist or general dentist restores the implants with optimal function and cosmetic results.
  • Detailed diagnostics and collaboration- We use carefully obtained clinical data together with digital X-rays, dental CT scans, and study models to diagnose existing conditions and help us find an appropriate solution to achieve desired results. All data and information is shared and discussed by your team dentists so nothing falls through the cracks. Good diagnosis, thorough collaboration, and precision execution of treatment are the key to our success.
  • Great laboratories- The final outcome of your treatment is also dependent on collaboration of great laboratories and master ceramists. They work in conjunction with the prosthodontist or general dentist to deliver the desired treatment.
  • Choice of great materials- Only brand name and the most researched and trusted dental implants are used. The restorative dentists also use best dental materials and techniques to deliver quality results.
  • Communication- We manage your entire care and maintain close collaboration with all dentists involved in your treatment. Everyone is aligned and communicating effectively to make sure the treatment is provided with precision and efficiency.
  • Close follow-up- We closely monitor your progress long after treatment has been completed. Recall visits and proper hygiene are important in keeping your teeth healthy. We continue to support you for as long as necessary.

How is the treatment coordinated?

First, you will see the surgeon, Dr. Kazemi and one of his recommended restorative dentists for consultation. Then doctors collaborate and discuss optimal treatment plan. Next, we the entire treatment plan along with timeline, number of visits, and cost is presented to you. You will receive a treatment proposal letter detailing all stages along with who does what and when. Our financial coordinator can assist you with payment plans or other arrangements to make your treatment possible. Appointments are then made to begin your treatment.

Contact us today for an appointment and learn more about how our services can help you achieve the results you want.