Dental Implant Reviews

10/07/14 – Jeffrey Shapiro
“Great. Efficient. Well detailed.”

10/06/14 – Junius Brock
“Extremely professional staff. Very pleasurable experience with superb results. I highly recommend Dr Kazemi to anyone in need of oral surgery/dental implants!”

10/03/14 – Philip Vestergaard
“I found all the staff to be bright and friendly every time I visited. The surgery team was professional, effective, and extremely care oriented both during the procedure and with follow-ups. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi for any implant or oral surgery needs.”

09/23/14 – Thomas Abbamonte
“I was seriously injured in an auto accident in-the-line-of-duty as a police officer. My mouth & teeth sustained terrible trauma and subsequent medical treatment & medicines destroyed my teeth.
Working with my prostodontist, Dr. Kazemi and his staff provided outstanding care while accepting payment well-below his fees from workman’s compensation. All my teeth were pulled, bone grafts initiated, and ten implants and two permanent bridges were “installed”. The results are fabulous!!! Dr. Kazemi & his staff were extremely gentle and very caring! I can’t thank them enough for not only putting a wonderful smile back on an old face, but also for allowing me to be able to chew solid foods again!”

09/18/14 – Esther Ocuin
“As pleasant as dental “dates” can get. Outstanding professionals, strong patient-friendly staff on every level, and great results so far to a work in progress.”

08/04/14 – Rataj Didier
“Easy and without complications.”

06/20/14 – Carl Schaefer
“Dr. Kazemi makes significant efforts to reduce patient anxiety, to reduce risks of complications, and to ensure that his work (in my case, extraction, bone graft, and implant) is completed properly.”

05/07/14 – Rita Hill
“I had an extremely positive experience with my 5 dental implants all placed by Dr. Kazemi on the same day! Never did I expect to breeze through this procedure with so little discomfort. Dr. Kazemi and his staff had me very well prepared. It is very important to follow their instructions. This is the most well staffed and most well run medical professional office I have ever had the pleasure of visiting for my medical needs.”

02/21/14 – Svetlana Lyapustina
“Dr. Kazemi is one of the best medical professionals I have ever experienced as a patient. The quality of dental work and the quality of customer service are both outstanding.”

02/21/14 – Mitchell Pressman
“Excellent work . I would definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi and his excellent staff.”

02/04/14 – Robin Rothman
“Dr. Kazemi’s practice exceeded all of my expectations. The office and staff are very professional and make you feel very comfortable. I had a sinus lift, bone graft and two implants. I was taken extremely good care of during and after my procedure. I feel Dr. Kazemi is a skilled surgeon and I would highly recommend him for any kind of oral surgery.”

02/03/14 – Michael T.
“After researching/finding very good reviews for Dr. Kazemi online, as well as having my Dentist’s recommendation, my wife and I came to his office in November, 2013, for a consultation about a lower tooth with an abscess beneath it.

We found Dr. Kazemi to be friendly and soft-spoken. He reviewed the x-rays of the affected area that I had brought with us, and confirming what my Dentist had suggested, again described the possible treatment approaches.

Then Dr. Kazemi had his technician take a 3-D image of my mouth/teeth. (This provided a rather impressive 360 deg. view of the front and back of my teeth/gums.)

After studying this, Dr. Kazemi explained why he could only recommend removal of the tooth to thoroughly clean out the abscess, to be followed by installation of an implant, which, from his explanation, I agreed to.

The surgery proceeded quickly, and the ‘recovery’ patiently. One real plus – to me – was that even though Dr. Kazemi had given me a prescription for pain medicine, I never required more than a couple Aleve pills, experiencing practically no pain at all.

We found Dr. Kazemi to be very professional throughout this process, including the surgery and follow-up, as well as very reassuring. Also, he took time to patiently answer every one of our questions at each visit.

His office staff and technicians were likewise very courteous and professional; and at no time did I feel rushed. What I did feel was that everyone there truly cared about my receiving A+ service and care.”

02/01/14 – Nancy Stevenson
“I missed my tooth but I wasn’t overwhelmed by the hole in the side of my mouth. I smiled less, avoided photos. Now that my tooth has been placed, I realized how much I valued a good smile and the confidence that comes with having teeth.”

12/23/13 – Bahman Momeni
“Dr Kazemi was very professional, caring, kind and personable! His work was impeccable. I have recommended and would recommend him again.”

11/11/13 -Aparna Miano
“Very professional and efficient staff. Dr. Kazemi seems excellent and my results were great.”

11/20/13 – Kathleen Llontop
“Dr. Kazemi is an excellent oral surgeon. Three years ago in August of 2010, I had my first appointment at his office and took a panoramic X-ray of my teeth. Upon review of the films, he found and showed me the cyst that had developed on the right side of my jaw. After requesting my films taken at a different doctor’s office three years prior, he found out that the cyst had in fact been there at the time and my orthodontist simply overlooked it, allowing it to grow to almost an inch in size. This was very frustrating and worrisome.
He very clearly explained what the situation was and presented me with options of what to do next. If I chose to deal with the cyst later, eventually my jaw could fracture or collapse. This was clearly not the best option, and so I decided to have it biopsied and removed. Because I needed to return to college in a month or so, Dr. Kazemi helped me to set up an incredibly efficient and swift schedule for the next few of weeks. Within a week, I had a biopsy done on the cyst – it was benign. Twenty days after that first appointment, Dr. Kazemi performed the surgery to remove the cyst, all four of my wisdom teeth, and one molar that had been affected by the cyst. From my point of view, the scariest part of the surgery was the possibility of having a hip bone graft to fix the bone damage caused by the cyst. He wouldn’t know until he had actually removed the cyst and surveyed the surrounding bone, so we had to prepare for that possibility as well. Thankfully, my bone wasn’t too damaged so Dr. Kazemi used synthetic bone instead. The surgery was a success and the recovery – barring the usual soreness and swelling of having teeth removed – was painless and easy to undertake.
Three months after the surgery, Dr. Kazemi inserted a tiny titanium dental implant to replace the removed molar. I’ve had no problems with it up to now and can chew as comfortably on the right side of my mouth as on the left. Also, the implant really is small so no worries about setting the metal detector off in the airport!
Since then, I’ve had regular six month and one year follow ups. In November of 2013, I’ve gotten my last follow-up panoramic x-ray (an extra that I requested to be thorough), and my jaw and implant are doing great! I’m so thankful for Dr. Kazemi’s great work in catching what other orthodontists missed and in helping me to prevent what could have been a real problem in the future.”

11/11/13 -Henry Steingass
“The experience at Dr. Kazemi’s office is always professional and friendly, and the team is always efficient and expert at making you feel comfortable.”

10/22/2013 -Gene Cacciamani
“Dr. Kazemi was very thorough and professional in preparing and installing my tooth implant. The overall consultation and care was excellent. “

4/24/2012 -Vicky McDowell
“I was very impressed with everything about the office and care. The staff are extremely professional, the surgery went very well and I had no pain afterward! I was also impressed with how clean the entire office is. The staff and care are organized – they anticipated my questions and had a handy package for me to take home in case I had additional questions. “

4/10/2012 -Tessa McBride
“I was glad to be seen punctually. I received excellent care, with good follow-up information and explanations as to what I should do to minimize pain after the procedure. It was reassuring to be able to call the office with a question, to which I received an immediate reply, and I later received a “follow-up” call to ascertain that I was managing well. I would like to give special praise to the pleasant and courteous office staff and nursing assistants, for whom no request was too much trouble”

4/10/2012 -Elida Amezquita Bonfield
“Visit to the facility very respectful and cordial. Service was good and the procedure was very professional.”

4/8/2012 -Rouane Itani
“Dr. Kazemi rose to his excellent reputation. He answered all questions clearly and is detail oriented, confident and I felt I got great medical care. The staff is extremely friendly and the space beautiful and relaxing. They put a warm pillow under my neck and covered me with a blanket. I’m glad I opted for IV sedation and recovery went well. No swelling, no issues. recovering nicely.”

3/19/2012 -Lindsey Forbes
“I located Dr. Kazemi through Yahoo! answers. I needed a large (and very costly) amount of surgery done. My insurance was no help. Nor were my local surgeons. I traveled from Lynchburg, VA to see Dr. Kazemi (4-5 hours considering traffic/road work). The trip was definitely worth it. The extractions/implant surgery was painless. He was willing to work with me both financially AND with distance. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Kazemi and his staff and would definitely recommend him to others.”

3/14/2012 -Adam Dormuth
“Dr. Kazemi is great! He and his office staff are professional, courteous, and instill confidence. If I have other issues, I will definitely come back to him and recommend him to my family members.”

3/12/2012 – Kathleen Smith
“I’m very pleased with the end result – it’s great to have teeth that don’t hurt all the time, and I’ve had lots of compliments on how good I look – (it’s the teeth that make the difference!). All the staff, and Dr. Kazemi were very kind & professional. I do think “you get what you pay for”. My other dentists (general practice and Endodontist) both are pleased with the implants and bone grafting.”

2/13/2012 – Nancy Aispuro
“Dr. Kazemi has to be the BEST oral surgeon in the state!!! I must say i was really nervous going in for surgery but Dr. Kazemi made everything so stress free for me and made me feel at ease when it was time for the procedure. The staff was amazing from every point of view, Emily explained everything to me from financial to recovery, Lisa was so careful when taking the 3D x-ray that was needed, Ludy and Adriana where such a big help to me as well. over all EXCELLENT! Highly recommended to all!”

2/1/2012 – Emiliano Albanese
“Treated perfectly. Oral surgery was totally pain free and the recover very rapid and extremely smooth. All people at Dr. Kazemi’s facility are extremly polite, friendly and supportive. I would strongly recommend to others to seek for Dr. Kazemi’s and his assistances attention of any oral/ dental problem/ surgery or consultation.”

1/30/2012 – Kathleen Battista
“Everyone was wonderful from start to finish!”

1/30/2012 – Florence L. Kamm, Ph.D
“I have had a very satisfactory experience as a patient of Dr. R. Kazemi. He provided total information about the implants and answered all my questions about what to expect, prior to surgery and during my recovery. His professional approach and calm demeanor was very reassuring and was a great help in my successful recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone considering dental implants.”

1/20/2012 – Armando Diaz
“Great experience! Dr. Kazemi and his staff are extremely professional and truly inform their patients about their upcoming surgery.”

1/18/2012 – Preston Wagner
“The service was very accommodating and considerate. The surgery was effective and I recovered relatively quickly from the procedure.”

1/16/2012 – Malcolm Carayol
“My overall experience at Dr. Hamid Kazemi’s Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practice was the most pleasant and relaxing experience that I have ever had in a medical arena. All of the staff (assistants, receptionists, etc.) were very informative, helpful, and extremely cordial. Before the procedure Dr. Hamid and his assistant each took their time to talk over all of the related issues with me. I was then taken into the surgical room where I was completely put under with an IV. I HIGHLY recommend.”

1/14/2012 – J.M.
“Professional, efficient and very thorough.”

1/12/2012 – J.K.
“Wonderful experience and the office was one of the most well-run, efficient operations I have ever seen; everyone was so pleasant but also appreciated your time.”

1/11/2012 – Nate
“I thought the care and ability of Dr. Kazemi and his staff to perform the operation were exceptional, and I felt like the staff really cared about my progress.”

1/4/2012 – Sarah C.
“I’m usually a really nervous patient, but I was completely comfortable during this procedure (the IV sedation really helped), and my mouth healed very quickly. The service was excellent; everything was done on time and fully explained!”

1/1/2012 – Maddie Kelly
“Everyone at the office was very friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. They explained exactly what I should do after the surgery to recover quickly and even called my house later that night and again a few days later to see how I was doing.”

12/29/2011 – Don Baker
“I surely was grateful for the kind and very thorough care that I received before, during and after my procedure with Dr. Kazemi. At the recommendation of my dentist, I contacted Dr. Kazemi’s office for an initial consultation and diagnosis, and he was able to provide me some good advice and reassurance immediately. I appreciated the smooth way that the office is run and the full sharing of information throughout the relationship. The result of the procedure has been outstanding. Many thanks.”

12/28/2011 – Abraham Schneider
“I would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to anyone afraid of the dentist or doctor. The coordinator at Dr. Kazemi’s office was extremely friendly, patiently explained everything to me, and knew all the loopholes to deal with my insurance company. Dr. Kazemi is also one of the friendliest and patient surgeons I’ve encountered. After the procedure, I had very little swelling and the recovered quickly.”

12/15/2011 – Irv Chamberlain
“Flawless surgery by a dedicated surgeon and his staff. Careful and thorough explanation of the procedure provided clear understanding of what was to be accomplished. Followup was initiated by a telephone conversation the night of the surgery which consisted of patient answers to all my questions of how I was feeling. Frequent visits soon after kept me monitored throughout the healing process. Successful on all fronts.”

11/14/2011 – John Churchill
“The entire experience, over a course of months, for a pretty complex situation, was extremely positive. Scheduling, office support, staff, and of course Dr. Kazemi himself– it was all extraordinarily good. I could not be more pleased with the results.”

11/13/2011 – H.S.
“I found Dr. Kazemi and his staff to be caring, competant and calming. My questions were answered, my concerns were addressed, and followup by Dr. Kazemi and his staff was excellent.”

10/25/2011 – Glynnis Mileikowsky
“The offices are warm and welcoming. I was treated with the utmost efficiency and cordiality. The team makes me comfortable and at ease. Next-day follow-ups were appreciated. Dr. Kazemi is a highly competent surgeon with a warm and friendly “bedside manner”. My recovery was faster than I expected, with very little sweling. I also appreciated the background music, which was muted, but very soothing and calming. All in all, it could not have been a better experience.”

10/15/2011 – Nicole Sands
“I was terrified of having my tooth extracted. Dr. Kazemi and his staff made me so comfortable. I love the fact that when I had sensitivity he made sure I was numb enough to proceed. Woooohoooo! I only had pain the first night and I had NO swelling the next day. Now I have to make an appointment for some implants.”

10/14/2011 – Karen Wayns
“I had a wonderful experience and highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to others who may be in need of implants. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are extremely professional and offer outstanding patient care throughout the implant process.”

10/14/2011 – Ashley Kelley
“Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and informative. The initial consultation, procedure, and recovery all went as smoothly as possible. Dr. Kazemi helped me feel comfortable and relaxed as a patient, and I would recommend him to others!”

10/9/2011 – Mike Galvin
“Dr. Kazemi and staff are the best!! From Emily to Dr. Kazemi the service and staff are very professional. Had 10 implants and it went great!! Made a 2nd app. for 1 more implant cant wait to go back.”

10/7/2011 – Gary Garofalo
“Dr. Kazemi was very friendly and engaging. It was not hard to contact him for information and he showed a great amount of dedication towards my procedure and follow ups. Not too mention he did a great job on my surgery and I have no lingering effects.”

9/30/2011 – J.H.
“The staff were very friendly. The doctor was thorough and gave me the courage to go through the painful surgery. Also, I commend the lady who expedited the process of refund from the insurance company in a lightning speed.”

9/28/2011 – Bekki Welter Griffin
“The service I received was top-notch. The procedure was clearly explained and executed along with all pricing. Front office service and Dr. Kazemi’s bedside manner were fantastic. Thank you!”

9/23/2011 – Ivan Watson
“The entire experience was very good. Everyone was very professional.”

8/27/2011 – Melanie Broder
“Caring, nurturing, attentive, trustworthy.”

8/19/2011 – Ashley Alvord
“My experience was great. All the staff are very nice and do a great walking you through every procedure. They give you all the information you need prior to your consultation. The best part is that they do not keep you waiting. Both my visits I spent very little time waiting. I would recommend Dr. Kazemi.”

8/12/2011 – Sophia
“The doctor and his whole staff were very friendly and made the enviornment comfortable. The surgery went smooth and the recovery was great.”

8/12/2011 – Karim Mourad
“Overall it was a very positive experience. Everything was very well explained. The procedure went very well and the recovery was without any complications. Dr. Kazemi was always available and called us after the procedure to make sure that everything was alright.”

7/28/2011 – Heidi S. Zia
“I am short of words to describe the level of professionalism, care, and service at Dr. Kazemi’s office. Dr. Kazemi, himself, an extremely caring, humble, and attentive doctor walked my daughther to the operating room and was with her until we left the office. His staff were equally caring and professional. A recovery that was expected to take at least two week, took place in four days. It is a priveledge to have Dr. Kazemi in the Washington area. “

7/22/2011 – Victoria Woodall
“From the moment I stepped into Dr. Kazemi’s office, I felt very at ease and comfortable going into my surgery. The surgery went extremely well and I did not feel a thing and I recovered well and very quickly. Overall it was a very pleasant surgery that I would not have had done anywhere else.”

7/18/2011 – Ed Hopkins
“I had an excellent experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff. Relatively pain-free, no complications, very professional. I would not hesitate to go again if the need arose.”

7/15/2011 – Uyoata Udo Ekandem
“My experience was great. I thought the entire staff was helpful and attentive to my needs.”

6/27/2011 – Rachel Hunter
“Dr Kazemi was wonderful. He thoroughly explained the procedure risks and benefits and put my mind at ease. The whole process was seamless and recovery was nearly pain free. I would definitely recommend him and his team to all my friends and loved ones. “

6/9/2011 – John E.R. Assevero
“Professional, Friendly Service. My procedure was painless. The doctor followed up as promised and my post surgery visit went well. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his staff.”

6/7/2011 – Tadek Galeza
“Great service on site and over the phone. I felt like I was the most important client that day.”

5/31/2011 – Robin Stein
“Very professional and warm.”

4/10/2011 – Kam
“Excellent. The staff first explained how the surgery would take place. Dr. Kazemi explained what he was doing at every stage of the surgery. I did not feel any pain or swelling during or after the surgery. Post operative instructions were understandable and to-the-point. The entire staff was knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi’s office.”

4/8/2011 – Bobby Rountree
“Dr. Kazemi took very good care of me. I had a great experience and fast recovery. When my dentist took xrays after I met with Dr. Kazemi to receive my splint, she said “Dr. Kazemi did a perfect job and put everything back perfectly.”

4/8/2011 – Mohammad Amin
“It was excellent. The treatment was very good and the staff was very polite, helpful and cheerful.”

4/7/2011 – Danielle
“Dr. Kazemi is highly recommended. I was very anxious about my procedure and he always took the time to answer my questions and address any concerns. He also has the BEST staff I have ever encountered so everything runs so smoothly. I will definitely return to this office if I need any other work done. Thanks so much everyone!!”

3/2/2011 – Danielle
“The definition of professional. Dr. Kazemi and staff are educated, efficient, thorough, and friendly. Worth every penny!”

2/18/2011 – DB
“Dr. Ryan Kazemi has superior expertise, consideration, patience and skills exceeding any dental professional from whom I have received care in my extensive dental experiences. Dr. Kazemi listened carefully to my many concerns, asked essential questions regarding my dental and general health, and evaluated all previous care and current x-rays. He carefully reviewed his recommendations for a comprehensive treatment plan but never pressured me to select anything other than what I felt I could address. I recommend him and his office highly.”

1/14/2011 – AB
“Dr Kazemi extracted one of my teeth which was attached to an old bridge. He most kindly took time to answer all my questions before the procedure, explained what he was doing during the surgery and even called the next day to inquire how I was doing. The staff was very professional, helpful and pleasant as well. Although the healing took a little longer than I had thought, the experience was very positive and I would recommend the whole team without any reservations. Thank you!”

1/11/2011 – Parisa Bahmani
“Everything was absolutely great. Great customer service on the phone and in the office. The doctor did a great job with the surgery. Everything was properly explained and I was well informed on what to expect. Overall, very satisfied with my experience. “

12/29/2010 – Sam McMurtrie
“Very professional and helpful team, answered all questions, felt able to make contact after the procedure if needed, clear post=procedure instructions”

11/19/2010 – Christa Webb
“Staff was quick to greet and assist. No waiting time. Pleasant, followed up, and were available for an questions”

11/19/2010 – Leslie
“From the moment I called to set up the consultation and spoke to Emily, I knew I was at the right place. They just took care of everything! I have never had a more positive experience at a dentist before. I had an extraction and bone graft and it went so well! I could not ask for better service and care. Thank you so much! I will be returning for the implant and have total confidence that it will be done with the same precision and care!”

11/5/2010 – Gylla Martinez
“I was very pleased with the service and care I received at the Center for Oral & Facial Enhancement. From pre to post surgery, the professional and caring manner in which I was treated by the staff went a very long way to dispel my anxiety and fears. I especially appreciated the check-up call from Dr. Kazemi the day after my surgery. My best wishes for continued success to the center.”

10/27/2010 – Terri McFadden
“Dr. Kazemi and staff are very professional. My experience was pleasant and calming, my consultation with Dr. Kazemi calmed my fears immediately. I was made aware of the procedure I was having and all my questions were answered. The care I received before during and after was great.”

10/16/2010 – Al Belsky
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are thoroughly professional, highly skilled and really care about their patients.”

10/7/2010 – Kam Jalali
“I was very well prepared for the operation. Dr. explained carefully how bone graft had to be done before getting tooth implant. The aids are friendly and knowledgeable. The environment is pleasant. Post Operative procedures very detailed and easily understandable. The office followed up with me to make sure I am healing.”

9/24/2010 -Karen Strauss
“I knew what to expect from the first visit through recovery. Dr. Kazemi is very concerned that not only his implantation is superb, but that the dentist doing the crown work also does well. The supporting staff are very caring and supportive. Dr. Kazemi is a perfectionist and which is reassuring and leads to superior results. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Kazemi and his staff to others.”

9/1/2010 – Orson Porter
“The team went out of the way to make my visit work for mind, body and soul!”

8/31/2010 – Alberto Donoso
“Having been referred to Dr. Kazemi by a great dentist, I expected the top-quality professional service I received. What I didn’t expect was the great personal attention during and after the procedure. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of his services.”

8/9/2010 -Nicole Murarka
“Excellent care. The doctor and staff were all were very patient and accommodating, answering all questions and easing all concerns. The recovery was virtually painless and I experienced minimal discomfort. Would definitely recommend to all friends and family.”

8/9/2010 – Kay Weems
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff are unbelievable! I typically don’t like the Dentist, but I though I would never say that I had a wonderful experience at this office. From Emily answering the phones with such a pleasant and caring attitude to the end of my appointment everyone I came into contact with went above and beyond. Dr. Kazemi explained everything to me in “plain english”, in order for me to understand. This practice definitely deserves a thumbs up!”

7/20/2010-Reyda Gonzalez
” It was great! I wish I could have the same experience with every doctor that I go to. Just outstanding! The personnel, office, service, care, surgery was excellent. 5 stars to me.”

7/15/2010-Polly Carbonell
“Excellent in every way.”

7/9/2010-Jefferey Johnson
“Great service, surgery was quick and easy, and recovery was a breeze.”

6/21/10-Ana Gergely
“I felt i was at a dental Spa. I was terrorized at the idea of implants, it took me 7 years to decide to do it. The experience was excellent, it did not hurt at all, the sedation worked very well. The explanations before the procedure were complete and reassuring.”

5/25/10-Leonard Coleman
“As soon as I walked in the staff was pleasant and welcoming. The atmosphere made you feel right at home for such a stressful surgery. I honestly had no problems and could not see how it could have gone any better. The personal phone call from Dr. Kazemi really sealed the deal for my family and I. Thanks again guys.”

5/23/10-David Markey
“I had a very positive experience from start to finish with Dr. Kazemi and his staff! I was given a comprehensive account of what the surgery would entail and detailed guidance on recovery and after-care. Emily was very helpful in guiding me through the paperwork process with my medical and dental insurance. The atmosphere in the office is one of calm professionalism – I felt in very good hands!”

5/11/10- Marta Englehart
“I just had an implant put in today at 11:00 a.m. I got home, was a little drowsy from sedation and went to bed. I didn’t even have to take the painkiller. I have had two other implants done a couple of years ago, again by Dr. Kazemi, and my experience was just as positive. I highly recommend this. If you are afraid of going to the dentist I recommend sedation. It costs more but it saves your teeth and you don’t have any pain or anxiety. Dr. Kazemi and his staff are very warm.”

4/13/10 -Nathaniel Cole
“My experience was AMAZING! The entire process was professional and swift. Dr. Kazemi and his team were kind and pleasant throughout the process. They answered all questions and provided me with detailed information regarding my dental surgery. The team was thorough and made sure my comfort was a priority. One never looks forward to having dental work done but Dr. Kazemi and his team provided a welcoming environment, transforming a daunting operation into a pleasant experience.”

4/13/10 -Bob Kass
“Service is great from front door until the end. Everybody is caring with follow up phone calls to see if your o.k. Very happy with the service and the results.”

4/12/10 -Caroline Possick
“The staff and doctor was very kind and welcoming. The surgery went well and was exactly as they described. I was provided with all the information about pre- operation and post operation care as well as what was going to happen during the surgery. I had a great experience with Dr. Kazemi and his staff.”

3/22/10 -Maia Tucker
“The office staff was very kind and professional. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kazemi. He was very generous and made me feel comfortable. He knew what he was doing and was absolutely awesome!”

3/16/10 -Tom Wright
“Without hesitation, I would refer anyone I know who may require oral surgery. The level of professionalism and care are stellar and without compare. The team has made for me a dental visit that is no longer an anxious or fearful experience. Though I hope I will not need any future oral surgery, but if I do, I know now where I will go without any concerns at all. From the moment you enter the office, there is a calming reception that already sets the tone for a uniquely caring experience. You are made the center of attention which immediately eases your anxiety of a dental procedure. Dr. Kazemi’s approach to gentle dentistry and compassionate surgery completely removed the stigma of the perceived painful dental process. Because of this, if I ever require future oral surgery, I know where I can get worry-free care. The entire team is warm, caring and a joy to be in their company.”

July 27, 2009 -Lewis F Bond.
“You have created a nice office atmosphere.
Other Comments: Being from another (older) generation I think everything is too expensive—but you have to understand that I think a necktie should cost $5.00—oh well life goes on.
This was the first office that appeared to be paperless. It was easy, efficient and interesting, and thats saying something coming from an old fart like me.”

July 17, 2009 -N.N.
“I was very pleased with my experience…from the scheduling of the initial appointment to the follow-up consultations”

June 30, 2009 -N.N.
“My experience was great, I have nothing negative to say. No complications with the procedure, I was pain free in less than a week and back to work in 2 days.”

June 29, 2009 -Matta Zeinali
“Thank you for taking your time and explaining all the details. I had so many issues that my current dentist was not explaining to me. I am glad I took the time to see Dr. Kazemi. I will use Dr. Kazemi for my future dental needs.”

June 29, 2009 -Petra Morhard
“Very professional! Also the aftercare was wonderful, my son really felt well taken care off.”

June, 22, 2009 -Sara Siddiqui
“My dental surgical experience with Dr. Kazemi and his team was outstanding. Everything was explained to me in detail. From the first phone call to schedule an appointment to my last follow up appointment Dr. Kazemi and his team provided exceptional service. The streamlined process of completing “paperless” forms was the best! I would definitely recommend him and his team to anyone who needs services such as I did. Thank you again!”

June 14, 2009 -Dr. Lisa J. Allen.
“You guys are impressive! really go the extra mile on every single detail! I have my own practice (physical therapy) and I know it is not cheap to offer all of this customer service. Kudos to you.

I have had a lot of dental work and was very nervous about having my wisdom tooth pulled. I have absolutely refused to allow anyone to pull them for 20 years! Finally, I relented. And I cannot believe how easy it was! I had only novocaine (although of course they offer gas and IV sed) and it was absolutely painless! It was fast, easy, and completely complication free. Actually, it was a phone call where Dr. Kazemi actually got on the telephone himself that finally allowed me to follow doctors orders and have the tooth pulled. He explained how the procedure would go, and then he held up to his promise! It was fast and easy! Furthermore, I cannot believe the completeness of their customer service plan. Every detail is attended to. Even after I was home. Just when I was deciding I didn’t really need to rinse with salt water, and maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal if I quit my antibiotics, I received a reminder phone call to keep up with both of those things! Are they telepathic or do they just know the diligence starts to flag after 5 days! You guys are really tops, I am impressed and amazed — and most importantly grateful — that I had a pain-free, trouble-free experience. Most Sincerely, Dr. Lisa Allen”

May 24, 2009 -N/S
“Dr. Kazemi and his team are by far the most skilled and dedicated professionals I have come across in this industry. I highly recommend their services.”

April 20, 2009 -Bill Blackwell
“Well run office with a highly professional staff. Absolutely painless procedure with an unusually quick recovery time.”

April 20, 2009 -Howard Norman
“Very sophisticated and detailed and sympathetic care. Very very positive experience.”

April 20, 2009 -Peter Gross
“The staff is very warm and supportive and everything is handled with great efficiency – phone calls, appointments, etc. The service of Dr. Kazemi, Luisa and the whole office made an unpleasant procedure very manageable.”

March 19, 2009 -Agma Prins
“Thank you so much for making yourself available for a last minute emergency! Agma Prins”

March 15, 2009 -Jane Pelehach
“I was very nervous about the procedure, but after meeting Dr. Kazemi and his caring staff..I felt more relaxed. It was so much easier than I had imagined..Dr. Kazemi and his staff took excellent care of me.”

March 9, 2009 -Audrey Kusiak
“Very professional, to the point and doesn’t waste your time. Kudos to Emily – she is a great receptionist.”

February 28, 2009 -Jean Haas
“I don’t think I’ve ever spent less time waiting to see a doctor. I really appreciated how quickly I was taken to the consult and exam rooms, and how quickly I was seen by your staff. Everyone was very nice as well.”

February 4, 2009 -Carl Rowan, Jr.
“This is a truly classy operation with a terrific support team. With the soothing music, heated neck wraps, and other comforts, it’s like going to a spa for dental work. Dr. Kazemi is an extraordinarily skillful practitioner who is a pleasure to deal with.”

February 3, 2009 -Charles W. McMillion, Ph.D.
“Surgery is inherently a frightening experience but Dr. Kazemi and his staff put me immediately at ease with their remarkable expertise and smooth teamwork from the moment I first entered their office. Each visit was a pleasure. Why can’t all professional services be so amiable and so…professional? Charles W. McMillion, Ph.D. Washington, DC”

January 24, 2009 -Peggy W. McCall
“The oral surgery was completed by Dr. Kazemi and his staff in a subperb manner. Patient care and comfort was of prime concern. The call from Dr Kazemi the night after surgery certainly relieved any anxiety I was experiencing. Directions for post surgery were concise and written in a manner so you knew what to expect. Thank you Dr. Kazemi for excellent care.”