Fees & Payment Options

Cost for Surgery Depends On:

  • The number of wisdom teeth: There are usually four wisdom teeth, but occasionally there may be more (supernumerary teeth) or fewer (agenesis of wisdom tooth).
  • Degree of impaction: Wisdom teeth may be erupted (visible), covered with gum tissue (soft tissue impaction), partially in bone (partial bony impaction), completely covered with bone (full bony impaction), or within the bone in very complex positions (complicated full bony impaction). The fees increase for each category, respectively.
  • Type of anesthesia: There is no fee for local anesthesia. The other options are nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) and IV sedation (the most common and recommended).

Once an X-ray has been reviewed and proper diagnosis has been made, a treatment plan is completed and exact fees can be discussed.

Payment Options:

We have several payment options including short- and long-term plans. Those with insurance may choose to pay the surgical fees and receive reimbursement directly from their insurance company, or pay an approximate co-pay and we will submit the necessary claims. We accept all forms of credit cards, personal checks (with two forms of ID), and cash. If you need special assistance for payments, we recommend a separate consultation appointment rather than scheduling your consultation and surgery on the same day.

We offer three- to 12-month (or longer) payment plans. A short application (via phone or website) is necessary, along with a credit check for approval. Once approved, you do not have to make any payments to our office. Instead, following your procedure or treatment, you will make payments directly to the third party company. This is a NO-INTEREST program. Speak to our financial coordinator for details or contact the companies below to obtain line of credit. We offer these programs through the following companies:


Extraction of wisdom teeth and office anesthesia are considered basic services under most insurance plans. If you have dental insurance, you may receive benefits up to your annual maximum amount. We can you obtain your benefits and terms of your insurance plan. If you want the exact amount of your benefits, we will be happy to submit a pre-authorization letter and form on your behalf. For this we will need to see you and obtain an X-ray. Although rare, some medical insurances may provide benefits for wisdom teeth if they are fully impacted. Contact your insurance company for benefits or call us for assistance.

Learn more about fees and how insurance plans work.