Types of Oral Conditions

Types of oral lesions:

  • Cysts: ’empty space’ or cavities in the jaw bone
  • Masses: Any lesion that is raised or looks like a lump)
  • Ulcerated lesions: Painful areas where tissue has been eroded)
  • Lesions: A generic name referring to anything that is abnormal. It may be a mass, ulcer, or an area of abnormal tissue. It may be pigmented, white, red, or combination)

Any abnormality must be evaluated and treated as soon as possible by an oral surgeon. A biopsy is generally indicated for any abnormal condition which has not resolve spontaneously in 7-10 days.

Benign lesions / masses:

  • Slow growing
  • Well delineated
  • Usually not painful, unless they are ulcerated or irritated

Malignant lesions /masses:

  • Grow rapidly
  • May be painful
  • Has broad attachment to underlying tissue
  • May have irregular borders
  • May have ulcerations