Biopsy: Cysts, Lesions, Ulcers

You might have suddenly noticed a sore spot in your mouth. Perhaps you feel a lump on the inside of your cheek that seems to have grown over the last few months. Or on your last dental X-rays your dentist noted a dark area around your impacted wisdom tooth resembling a cyst. Perhaps during your cleaning, your dentist noticed a white area, pigmented spot, or an ulcer in your mouth that was not there before. These are examples of common pathological conditions that occur in the mouth.

Oral lesions:

Oral lesions can occur at any age and virtually any where in the mouth, including tongue, cheeks, roof of mouth, floor of mouth, gum tissues, and jaw bone. The majority are benign but occasionally may be more aggressive or even malignant. Early detection, evaluation, and treatment are important in its management.  Your dentist will probably refer you to an oral surgeon for evaluation. But you may have some concerns or questions:

  • What is the growth?
  • Is it cancer?
  • How is it diagnosed?
  • Is biopsy needed?
  • How is it treated?
  • What is the course of recovery?
  • How long before results are back? And others.