Extraction of Damaged Teeth

You suddenly feel a ‘crack’ in your back tooth as you bite into an almond or another hard object. Your teen gets elbowed in the mouth at soccer practice and you know something is wrong. Perhaps you were at work and suddenly felt pain in a tooth. You visit your dentist and are told the tooth has deep decay, is fractured, or has an abscess and it cannot be saved.

severe caries upper incisor

Severe decay involving the upper incisor: This tooth is not restorable and requires extraction.

Early Treatment is Recommended:

  • There may be concurrent pain and irritation making it difficult to work
  • You may have a cosmetic problem if it involves a front tooth
  • The danger of infection always remains a risk
  • If a tooth cannot be saved, then extraction remains the only viable option. We can help you with tooth extraction as soon as possible with minimal pain and quick recovery, provide you with a temporary prosthesis as needed, and get you back to your demanding and busy life as soon as possible. And with dental implants, you can replace your teeth and regain the confidence of your natural teeth.