Researching Dental Implants & The Right Team of Dentists

Thank you for your inquiry about dental implants option for replacement of your missing teeth. In this page, you will find relevant resources to help you make the right decisions about your care. Whether you are looking for the right dentist, learning about the treatment, or simply researching for ‘best’ fees, the following resources will help you make better and more engaged decisions.

Who is the right dentist for dental implants?

You choice of dentists is the single most important factor in achieving success and longevity of your treatment. It is always recommended to have two dentists working together: An oral surgeon placing the dental implant and a restorative dentist who places the crown, bridge, or denture on the implants. Dentists who offer surgery and restorations both, are not specialized and often lack the skills and training on both sides. Here are some resources to help you make the right choices:
How to qualify dentists for dental implants?
Choosing the right dentists

What are the recognized dental specialties?

7 qualifying questions to ask your dentist to make sure they are fit for implant treatment.

Our patient reviews

Cost, insurance, and payment plans for implants

Cost is an important factor in deciding to proceed with dental implants and also choosing the right dentist. There are lot of advertisements and promotions by general dentists offering implants at very low fees. But be very cautious. Such dentists are usually not trained adequately and their low cost offers are often associated with sub-standard treatment, materials, and techniques. Read the following articles to learn more about such promotions and what you need to be aware of:
What’s behind promotions or discount dental implants?
What is the difference in implant treatment between a discount dentist and a specialist?

Cost & insurance questions about dental implants

Interest-free payment plans

Why dental implants over bridge or dentures?

Dental implants are the standard-of-care for teeth replacement. Traditional bridges an dentures cause significant irreversible damage to other teeth and jaw bone. Always ask your dentist about implant option. If they are recommending a bridge or denture, it is best to get another opinion.
Why dental implants?
Are dental implants right for me?

Misconceptions and truth about dental implants

Success stories of actual patients

Timing, visits, & anesthesia for dental implants:

We work closely with your restorative dentist to make sure the treatment is provided efficiently and in least number of visits. We do offer same-day-teeth when appropriate. The overall time of your treatment can be be influenced by the area of the implant, amount of bone, and aesthetic requirements.
Treatment stages and time-line
Recovery- Getting back to school or work after implant surgery

Anesthesia for dental implant surgery