Out-Of-Town Patients

Our facility is located in Bethesda, MD in the Washington DC area. However, many patients visit us from other cities across US or abroad from other countries. (getting here)

Dental Implant Patients:

If you need dental implants but do not live in the Washington DC area, we can coordinate your treatment before your arrival.

  • Treatment options: We offer several options to learn¬† about treatment options. Click here to start or fill out form below
  • Restorative dentist: If you have an existing restorative dentist in your home town, we can collaborate with them. Alternatively, we can coordinate your treatment with one of our highly skilled and trusted restorative dentists locally in Washington DC.
  • Local accommodations: We can assist you with local accommodations and transportation to our office.
  • Number of visits: In many situations, all your surgery can be done in one visit although it may be necessary to stage in two or three phases.
  • Online registration: Register for your visit online
  • Sending your records: If you have series of X-rays, models, or other records from your dentist, you can send it to our office address. You may email X-rays and reports to: [email protected] or use our online form
  • Digital photos: Actual photos are very helpful in providing us with your existing condition and needs. You can ask your dentist to take several digital photos and then have them sent to us. They can be emailed to [email protected] or use our online form

Wisdom Teeth Patients:

If you need wisdom teeth extractions, we can coordinate your treatment so that your consultation and surgery is completed on the same day. Upon completion of your online registration, all necessary pre-operative instructions and information will be available for download.