Patient Referrals to You

Dentist Referral Link

We are pleased to introduce Dentist Referral Link, a new service for our most trusted and respected referring doctors that provides an efficient way for us to refer potential patients to them as they have to us. Frequently, we meet patients who do not have dentists and ask us for referrals. These patients come from our vast and unique network, both online and from the community. Upon request, we will refer them to a specific dentist whom we know, trust, and work with closely.

As part of this program, we invite you to create your own personal web page on our site. This personal page will act as a communication and referral tool enabling us to facilitate patient referrals to you. Not only does it provide an easy and personal way for us to recommend you to our patients, it also builds their confidence and trust when they experience the interactive relationship we have with you.

How it works

  1. A potential patient calls us or comes to our website (perhaps via an online search) looking for a dentist.
  2. We give them a verbal referral or direct them to complete the “get referral to a dentist” form on our website.
  3. After they submit the form, we send them an email with a personalized message and a link to your specific page which contains relevant information about your practice and ways to contact you. This page is not visible on the website itself. It can only be seen by the patient who has received our personal email along with a direct link to it.
  4. The patient can then contact your office directly to make an appointment. They may call you or complete a contact link in your personal page, in which case you will receive email notification that a patient has reached out to you through our site.

How do we generate patients for referral?

  • Our social media campaigns reach thousands of potential patients everyday.
  • We have great search engine optimization. Our website shows up consistently on the first page of search results, and often as the first link.
  • Our website has over 600 pages of content bringing relevant information to patients with many different kind of needs.
  • We treat many patients who come to us by word-of-mouth or through an internet search and who are in need of other dental treatments.
  • Local community activities and educational programs.