What's In It for You?

Our professional relationship with any referring doctor is more that just a referral-to-specialist interaction. We consider each introduction to a new referring doctor to be the start of a true partnership. We seek to understand you and your office and design solutions that will help you and us be better and more effective at what we do for patients.

Our Promise

Create loyal patients

Our goal is to make your patients happy in every way possible. Not just satisfied, but loyal.

Deliver expected surgical results

We work together with you so that we deliver results that the patient expects.

Keep you informed

We communicate with you about patients’ progress every step of the way.

Make referral process easy

We make it easy for you and your office staff to refer patients to us.

Refer new patients TO YOU

We also like to refer new patients TO YOU.

Your complete resource and support

We support your practice with continued education and easy access to information.