What Parents Say

03/02/14 -Parisa Fotouhi
“If you have a moody teenager who is going to pull out their wisdom teeth, don’t hesitate to go to Dr. Kazemi to have a relaxed surgery and fast recovery.”

03/01/14 -Ana Cavalcanti
“My daughter had her four wisdom teeth removed with Dr. Kazemi and our experience with the whole process was very positive.”

10/12/12 – Stacey Wills
“Office showed respect for my time, did not keep us waiting, saw us in a timely manner, phoned to confirm all appointments, made forms available online, and kept us comfortable while we were in the office (coffee, tea, water). They communicated clearly every step of the process and let us know what to expect, how long procedures would be and expected recovery. Reminders to follow rinsing protocol were helpful as were copies of forms for insurance. One of the most well run medical offices.”

8/6/2012 – Carole O’Toole
“My daughter couldn’t have been in better hands. The entire staff was welcoming and attended to all of our needs and questions promptly and professionally. Dr. Kazemi exuded caring and his skill as a surgeon led my daughter to a smooth recovery. Thanks to everyone at Facial Art for a stress-free experience.”

6/18/2012 – Lynne Steingass
“Excellent – Our 18 year old son is a baby when it comes to shots and procedures – he thought the wisdom teeth procedure was not bad at all. The service as always was pleasant, professional, and detailed. Thank you again.”

5/29/2012 – Naomi Kettler
“Very easy process for my son’s wisdom teeth extraction. Office is conveniently located, staff is responsive, informed and friendly and doctor is competant and precise. My son’s experience was very positive and his recovery was fairly easy since he had been well briefed about the post-surgery phase and how to handle his medications.”

5/27/2012 – Diane Heiman
“My daughter went to Dr. Kazemi to have her four wisdom teeth removed. Every aspect of her experience exceeded our high expectations–from the prompt and kind attention of staff to the extremely effective extraction–my daughter had minimal swelling, minimal pain and minimal bleeding. In a few days, it was behind her! Dr. Kazemi has a gentle and effective technique. Thank you!”

5/17/2012 – Tracey Ware
“Justin’s overall experience was great!!! He said that he hardly had any discomfort. He had heard from friends that his face would be swollen and lots of discomfort would follow but luckily Justin didn’t have any. I know that this varies from patient to patient though personally I think that the Doctor and quality of service has a lot to do with it. This is the second time Justin had permanent teeth extracted. He had the same experience when he had all four bicuspids removed. That’s why we returned.”

4/3/2012 -Phyllis L. Kim
“Our son was quite anxious about having his wisdom teeth removed. This was the very first time he would experience “surgery.” From setting the appointment to sitting with him in the recovery room, I was so impressed by the staff’s caring and professional demeanor throughout. Dr. Kazemi was patient in answering our questions and called that evening to make sure our son was okay. I so appreciated their genuine interest in our son’s well-being.”

3/15/2012 -Jan Eisner
“The entire staff, from being greeted at the reception desk, the staff prepping for the procedure, Dr. Kazemi and to the nurse giving discharge instructions, everyone is so professional, caring and concerned for my son’s well being. The procedure went smoothly and my son was not nervous and this is because he had confidence in the staff and everyone took his questions seriously and provided a thoughtful and thorough answer.”

1/30/2012 – Kathleen Battista
“Everyone was wonderful from start to finish!”

1/9/2012 – A.W.
“Dr. Kazemi is very knowledgeable and he has a very calm demeanor. He explains the treatment plan and he is not dismissive of questions. Although the office normally treats adults and much older kids, they were also great with my 3 year old. The minor procedure took only 10 minutes and Dr. Kazemi called at the end of the day to check on the recovery. The office staff was very friendly and there was basically no wait. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi!”

12/23/2011 – B. Bamgbose
“Great manner with young patients like my 8 year old daughter!”

10/21/2011 – Carol Bartholomew
“My son had a very good experience. He had 4 wisdom teeth and another extra tooth removed. All the staff were very skilled, helpful, and considerate.”

10/12/2011 – Walter Cronin
“When my 12 year old son needed to have five teeth (3 primary, 2 wisdom) extracted, Dr. Kazemi and his staff did a great job of making him feel secure, answering our questions and doing the procedure. My son was back on his feet with no problems a couple of days later.”

9/19/2011 – Patrice Ali
“It did not take long to extract my son’s tooth and though it can be a very heartwrenching experience for the parents – Dr. Kazemi’s staff was amazing!! Christina, Emily and Adrianna set me at ease, and were so warm and friendly I felt like I was among family instead of it being my first visit ever. My son loves Christina and the office itself is warm and has unique furniture that can keep anyone distracted. Thank you for taking such great care of my son and me.”

9/7/2011 – Barbie Briggs
“This is my family’s second experience with Dr. Kazemi and it was equally as impressive as the first! The staff was professional, friendly, and efficient. Dr. Kazemi is not only a superior oral surgeon, he takes a personal interest in all of his patients, making sure that their results are as successful as the actual surgery.”

8/29/2011 – Susan Mattingly
“My daughter (age 24) had to get all four wisdom teeth pulled. She was consumed with fear from the pain she just knew would come after and was even more fearful of the anesthesia. She had never been “put under” before. Dr. Kazemi and his entire staff showed amazing compassion for her and her fears. Dr. Kazemi is very smart and explained every detail of the procedure. She had very little pain from the procedure due to Dr. Kazemi’s excellent talents! We both highly recommend Dr. Kazemi!”

8/14/2011 – Benoit Blarel
“Tristan’s intervention –extraction of wisdom teeth– could not have not more smooth. Reassuring pre-visit, combined with first class intervention and a friendly and supportive staff made the whole experience an almost non-event. Tristan’s experience was similar to mine a few years ago, and confirmed my great appreciation of Dr. Kazemi’s high quality services.”

8/12/2011 – Karim Mourad
“Overall it was a very positive experience. Everything was very well explained. The procedure went very well and the recovery was without any complications. Dr. Kazemi was always available and called us after the procedure to make sure that everything was alright.”

7/28/2011 – Heidi S. Zia
“I am short of words to describe the level of professionalism, care, and service at Dr. Kazemi’s office. Dr. Kazemi, himself, an extremely caring, humble, and attentive doctor walked my daughther to the operating room and was with her until we left the office. His staff were equally caring and professional. A recovery that was expected to take at least two week, took place in four days. It is a priveledge to have Dr. Kazemi in the Washington area. “

5/31/2011 – Robin Stein
“Very professional and warm.”

4/19/2011 – Brenna Maloney
“My 8-year-old son needed two baby teeth extracted. This kind of procedure can be really scary for a kid, but Dr. Kazemi and his staff put both my son and me at ease. They were fast, skilled, professional, compassionate, and supportive. The procedure could not have gone more smoothly. Dr. Kazemi and his staff gave my son excellent care.”

3/16/2011 – D.R.
“Dr. Kazemi and his staff were very gentle with my daughter and took the time to ease her fears and fully explain the procedure to her several times. Dr. Kazemi called personally a few hours after the surgery to check on my daughter. We felt very well taken care of and she is healing well. “

3/3/2011 – Liz Mozden
“My son (age 10) and I had a great experience with both Dr. Kazemi and his office staff. Dr. Kazemi did a careful evaluation and consultation prior to my son’s tooth extraction, and the subsequent surgery and recovery went very well. Emily and the other personnel in the office were so kind and helpful. Everyone was highly organized, efficient, and friendly. Overall, it was an excellent experience for both my son and myself.”

3/1/2011 – Susie Canton
“My daughter and I felt like we were in professional and caring hands before, during and after the procedure to have her four impacted wisdom teeth removed. The expectations for recovery were right on target and nothing came up that your office had touched base on ahead of time. I’ve already reffered your practice to two families since Ashleigh’s procedure 14 days ago.”

1/28/2011 – Gail Trost
“Dr. Kazemi removed my teen-aged daughter’s wisdom teeth, and she had the best experience possible. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were friendly, extremely well-organized and professional and very thorough with instructions for post-operative care.”

12/31/2010 – ML
“The entire experience was professional and positive. We were given information about the procedure and any questions we had were quickly answered. The day of the procedure went very well. Everyone was helpful and our son had almost no swelling even after 4 teeth were pulled. That evening we received a call from Dr. Kazemi to see how our son was doing. We would highly recommend Dr. Kazemi and his office and will go again should our younger son need his wisdom teeth pulled.”

11/5/2010 – Anna Warnke
“Beginning with the evaluation appointment, Dr. Kazemi and his staff took the time to explain to my niece all aspects of the wisdom teeth extraction. There were no surprises as my niece followed the very detailed instructions for post-op care. Dr. Kazemi, Emily and Luisa all get high marks for competency and customer service.”

8/26/2010- Lynne Steingass
Wisdom teeth extraction on our 13 old son. Easy procedure, extremely easy recovery.”

8/8/2010-Marsha C.
We greatly appreciated the excellent care my son received in connection with the extraction of his wisdom teeth. Dr. Kazemi and his staff were extremely warm and gracious, taking their time to answer all of our questions and ensure that my son was comfortable both before and after the procedure. They never kept us waiting for an appointment and were extremely efficient. My son had a minimum of pain and recovered quickly. We appreciated the fine service and recommend Dr. Kazemi enthusiastically.”

7/16/2010-Karen Cowden
At no point during our time in Dr. Kazemi’s care did my daughter or I feel rushed. From the consultation through to the surgery, recovery, and post-surgery visit, Dr. Kazemi and his staff made my teenage daughter feel at ease as she had her four wisdom teeth extracted. Followup phone calls by Dr. Kazemi the night after her surgery and a couple days later from the nurse demonstrated the comprehensive care they provide. We recommend Dr. Kazemi without hesitation.”

6/24/10-Susan Dugan
The experience and results were perfect, as usual.”

6/21/10-Nicole Weismann
We got good explanations before surgery, so we knew what to expect and everything happened as planned. The team was very helpful, kind and friendly. Surgery and post surgery were great, no bruises, very little swelling, no complications. The only thing we did not expect was the first 10 minutes after surgery. The effect of anesthesia induced for my son a kind of loss of control with tears and anxiety, but it didn’t last more than 10 minutes.”

3/16/10 -Lauri Cleary
From start to finish, Dr. Kazemi and his staff were just terrific! Every aspect of my son’s experience–quality of care, personal attention, quick and easy procedures and Dr. Kazemi’s attention to all aspects, including recovery and post-surgical questions and concerns, have been outstanding–exceeding our best expectations. We are pleased to recommend Dr. Kazemi’s practice.

3/1/10 -Sharon Riegel
The service was personal and did not seem routine. The procedure was explained thoroughly and my questions were answered to my complete satisfaction. Excellent. I liked that the Dr personally called me to ask after my son’s recovery.”

6/29/2009 -Petra Morhard
Very professional! Also the aftercare was wonderful, my son really felt well taken care off.”

6/22/2009 -Lucy Grantham
The entire office could not have been nicer or more accommodating. My son recovered very quickly from the removal of his wisdom teeth with virtually no swelling. I would not hesitate to recommend your office to any of my friends or colleagues.