Dental Implants

In this section, you will find stories and photo galleries of some patients that we have treated over the years. All of the patients in these stories were treated by Dr. Kazemi in collaboration with restoring dentists.

To make it more relevant to your need, the stories are categorized according to the type of situation:

Implants in smile zone:

The smile zone is the upper front area of your mouth and typically refers to your canines (#6, 11), lateral incisors (#7, 10), and central incisors (#8, 9)

Single tooth replacement:

A single tooth replacement may be in any site: incisors, canines, premolars, or molars. With this option, one can avoid unnecessary damage to adjacent teeth from use of a bridge or denture. The implant supported a customized crown that looks and feels as a natural tooth.

Multiple teeth replacement:

Multiple teeth replacement with implants helps restore areas of the mouth with several adjacent teeth missing. Typically in the back of the mouth, one implant is necessary per tooth being replaced while in the front of the mouth, implants may be restored with a connecting bridge.

Complete missing teeth:

For patients who have lost all of their teeth, there is a better option than just a conventional denture. These stories demonstrate several options:

  • Overdentures on two or four implant
  • Fixed prosthesis using a hybrid design
  • Fixed prosthesis with complete implant supported bridge

Dental Implant Success Stories