Problems with Dentures

learn more about my dental implant optionsWhen all of your teeth are missing, your jaws deteriorate rapidly. In addition, as the bone melts away your muscles migrate, or pull back, from their natural position. Your lips cave in as they lose support, and wrinkles increase dramatically as your facial structures collapse. Complete tooth loss and the deterioration of the jaws can also result in significant overall health problems related to improper digestion and malnutrition.

Dentures Cause Bone Loss:

If you replace your missing teeth with dentures, you are compromising your facial structures. Dentures accelerate the bone resorption process as they put pressure on and compact the gums and underlying bone.
As facial structures continue to collapse, the dentures must be relined (made thicker) to compensate for additional bone loss.

Replacing your teeth with implant supported overdentures (or bridges) will preserve the bone and prevent the further deterioration of facial structures and the related health problems that would normally occur with complete tooth loss.

learn more about my dental implant options