Dental Implant Removal

Remove Failed Dental Implants

Unique technique for dental implant removal

We offer a unique and non-invasive technique for removal of failed dental implants.The procedure can take as little as 10 minutes with minimal patient discomfort.

With special instrumentation and technique, the implant removed by simply rotating it out of the bone. It does not require any removal or cutting of the surrounding bone which helps to preserve the bone for implant replacement.

The following videos demonstrates our technique for removal of failed dental implants without bone removal (This is a surgical video and is graphic!)

When to remove dental implants?

Dental implants with the following conditions should be removed:

  • Infected dental implants
  • Implants with significant bone loss
  • Painful implants from inflammation or infection
  • Fractured or broken dental implants
  • Implants placed in wrong position that can not be restored
  • Implants with mobility or movement
  • Implants with no bone coverage that are symptomatic
  • Implants with gum recession and exposure of implant surface
  • Non-restorable dental implants
  • Implants with fractured screws inside that can not be retrieved

What to do after dental implant removal

Depending on the circumstances, anatomical considerations, and biological reasons, there are several treatment options immediately following removal of a failed dental implant:

  • Immediate replacement of a new dental implant- If the site is clean, infection-free, and with good bony support, then a new dental implant may be placed immediately.
  • Minor bone graft to restore missing bone- Allow 4- 6 months of healing before replacement with a new dental implant at a later time.
  • No immediate treatment- Allow gum tissue heal for 2 months and then re-assess the site for replacement with a new dental implants. If bone is deficient, it is augmented using an appropriate grafting technique. A new dental implant is then placed.

Replacement of a new dental implant is done using our ‘implant-perfect’ methodology to assure optimal success.

Remove Failed Dental Implants