Important information:

  • X-rays are necessary for proper diagnosis and planning for your surgery.
  • If you have existing X-rays from your dentist or physician, you may bring them with you or send them to us electronically via our contact us form.
  • If your dentist has recent X-rays, request they send them to us before your visit. This can be done using our online referral form.
  • X-rays must be within 6 months of date of your surgery.
  • We can obtain the necessary X-rays in our office. We utilize digital technology for all X-rays.

Types of X-rays


Indicated for wisdom teeth, multiple extractions, dental implants, bone grafting, and some biopsy procedures.

Peri-apical X-ray:

This is a small dental X-ray. It is adequate for extraction of any teeth other than wisdom teeth. A panorex may also be recommended if necessary.


Indicated for some bone grafting procedures, some dental implant procedures, jaw cysts, and other forms of pathology.

Cephalometric X-ray:

Used frequently for corrective jaw surgery.


Indicated for evaluation of TMJ or soft tissue lesions.