Length and Number of Visits

The number of visits depend on the type of procedure and its complexity. If you cannot take too much time off from work or school, then you can pick the All-in-One visit. This way you can have your evaluation and surgery all on the same day. If you prefer to meet the oral surgeon, learn about the surgery, visit the office to become more comfortable, and discuss treatment options prior to surgery, you can choose the All-in-Two visit option.

Three types of visits:

  1. Evaluation: Typically 20 to 30 minutes, when X-rays are taken, an exam is given, and your oral surgeon discusses the recommended surgery and anesthesia, and reviews consent forms, pre-operative instructions, and prescriptions. The financial coordinator also discusses fees and payment options.
  2. Surgery: Typically 20 to 30 minutes for all four wisdom teeth to be removed followed by 30 to 45 minutes of recovery from anesthesia. Additional time may be required for more complex wisdom teeth extractions.
  3. Follow up appointment: Usually a five-minute visit to evaluate healing, remove sutures if necessary, and give other recommendations for continued healing.


You can arrange your evaluation and surgery all on the same day, and dissolvable sutures can be placed so there is no need for a follow-up visit. A telephone or email follow-up is usually adequate. This is suitable if you have limited time, especially for students who have to return to school, have exams, work, or other responsibilities that make it difficult to take time off.

  • Necessary forms are completed prior to your visit via website or fax.
  • On the day of your appointment, necessary x-rays are taken, evaluation is done, and surgery is completed as planned- all on the same day!
  • In 5-7 days, the oral surgeon will check up on your progress by phone or email.

Who is ideal for the All-in-One Visit?

  • Healthy patients with no need for special medical precautions.
  • Non-complex impacted or non-impacted wisdom teeth (i.e. no major cyst, pathology, or severe and unusual impactions)
  • No significant financial assistance necessary (i.e. insurance work up, payment plans, etc.)
  • You are comfortable with information provided online and by phone, and have good confidence in the recommended oral surgeon.
  • Multiple visits are difficult due to limited time or distance.


Having the evaluation and surgery on the same day may not be for everyone. Some patients might want a separate evaluation or follow-up appointment to make sure everything is healing well.

You might consider a separate evaluation appointment if:

  • You are very anxious and meeting the oral surgeon and the staff might help put you at ease.
  • The wisdom teeth are highly complex in nature (e.g. deeply impacted or malpositioned teeth, presence of cysts or other pathology).
  • You have a lot of questions or are anxious about the surgery or anesthesia and want to make sure you have thoroughly reviewed them with the surgeon prior to your surgery.
  • You have special financial needs or need assistance with insurance, payment plans, etc.

You might consider a separate follow-up appointment if:

  • You are able to return to office in five to seven days for a routine check.
  • Parents have flexibility to bring their teenagers back for suture removal and a quick check-up. No need to accompany patients older than 18.
  • The surgery was a long or difficult, so the oral surgeon recommends a follow-up to evaluate healing.


Evaluation, surgery, and follow-up visits are sometimes necessary on different days. This is recommended for complicated wisdom teeth or when the surgery is combined with other procedures such as dental implants or biopsies.  A second follow-up visit may be recommended as necessary.