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Dental Implants

Whether you have lost a tooth, have a tooth that needs to be extracted or have loose-fitting dentures, dental implants are the most effective option for your long term oral health. They are a permanent solution that provides the look and feel of natural teeth.

Lifetime Dental Implants, led by Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi, is uniquely qualified to restore your dental health with dental implants. Our success rate is over 99.5% thanks to our highly skilled and experienced team of surgeon and restorative dentists who bring their collective experience and skills to every treatment plan.

Key facts:

  • Dental implants are standard-of-care for replacement of missing teeth
  • We work in close collaboration with a team of dentists. Dr. Kazemi is a board certified oral surgeon who specializes in placement of the implants working along with highly skilled and specialized restorative dentists who make the actual teeth.
  • Our implants are safe 100% biologically compatible, and highly successful.
  • Dental implants preserve your other teeth and prevent your jaw bone from further damage.

Lifetime Dental Implants offers you peace of mind, knowing:

  • Your implants and restorations have the longest-lasting prognosis possible.
  • Your implants are strong and stable to handle any food you want to eat.
  • Our treatments are safe
  • You will have 100% support during treatment and long after it is completed.
  • You are in the care of highly trusted and respected doctors in the community
  • You will get the most honest counseling and appropriate treatment solutions available

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