Frequently Asked Questions

Before and After Care FAQ

Pre-operative Instructions

When do I need to take Antibiotic prophylaxis? When should I arrive? Can I eat or drink anything on day of surgery? Can I take my normal medication in the morning? I am scheduled for surgery and I have come down with a cold. Can I proceed with surgery safely? Does my ride have to be with me? W... Read More

Post-Operative Instructions

When should I take my medications after surgery? Can I take my medications together? It's two or three days after surgery and I have more swelling. Is that ok? How long should I rinse for? When can I smoke again? How do I treat nausea or vomiting? It's the day after surgery and it's still blee... Read More

Medical Conditions

Cardiovascular disease Hypertension Coagulopathy Asthma Seizures Diabetes Patients on steroids Patients on bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva) Pregnancy Breast feeding Can I take my normal medications on day of surgery? Cardiovascular disease Patients with history of angina... Read More


How much pain is there after oral surgery? How much pain is there in children having oral surgery? Will I have any swelling? What can I eat after surgery? How soon can I get back to exercise? When can I return to work or school? Can I travel after surgery? When can I see my dentist for cleani... Read More