Removal of a Poorly Positioned Bicon Dental Implant in a Patient With Atypical Symptoms

In this video, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi discusses presentation of atypical symptoms in a patient following placement of a dental implant. While the symptoms could not be correlated to the implant itself which had healed well, it was not restorable due to its compromised position and angle. Dr. Kazemi also describes the surgical technique for removal of a submerged Bicon dental implant which is requires a unique approach. He further demonstrates bone graft technique for development for the site for replacement with a new dental implant at a later time. The position of dental implants are critical in their success and longevity. Complete digital workflow is now the only recommended approach for proper placement of dental implants. (Note: This content of this video is in not intended to reflect on Bicon dental implants, their general success, and indications. The user is encouraged to learn more about this implant on their website).