Bleeding-Related Questions

What to expect immediately after surgery:

Bleeding gradually diminishes in three to four hours after surgery and often stops completely in four to six hours. Occasionally, it may ooze until the next day. One hour after surgery, remove the gauze sponges that have been placed in your mouth. Replace with a clean gauze and bite or press down with pressure. Repeat every 30 to 45 minutes until bleeding stops.

Important instructions to stop the bleeding:

  • Rest with your head elevated
  • Do not spit. If there is any saliva / blood, gently wipe it with a tissue
  • Bite down firmly on the gauze
  • Do not use straw to drink- Simply sip from a glass
  • Do not smoke

When to stop using gauze?

As bleeding decreases, the gauze will be less and less red and saturated with blood. Eventually become pink and then only small amounts of blood is visible when you change it. Keep using the gauze until all the bleeding has stopped. When the gauze is completely white 30 minutes after changing (no blood on it) then you can stop using them. Gauze may be used cautiously during sleep.

Bleeding persisting beyond 6-8 hours:

If there is continued bleeding after six to eight hours, continue using the gauze directly over the extraction socket and bite down firmly and hold for 30 minutes. Sit upright and remain quiet. Repeat every 30 to 45 minutes as necessary. If bleeding continues, dip a caffeinated tea bag in cold water and place directly over the extraction site. Avoid spitting or using straws as that causes bleeding by creating suction in the mouth. If you are still unable to control the bleeding, call us.

Bleeding continuing 1-2 days after surgery:

Rarely, small amount of blood oozing may continue day or two after surgery. This may occur if you have taken Aspirin or perhaps blood thinning medications. Continue with gauze and firm pressure as instructed. Avoid rinsing until the bleeding completely stops.