Pain-Related Questions

How much pain is there after oral surgery?

Level and duration of pain depends on the complexity of the surgery, technique, and patient’s tolerance. Most patients experience three to four days of elevated pain, commonly managed with pain medications such as Vicodin or Percocet. As pain gradually diminishes over the next two to three days, Ibuprofen (Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be used. After seven to ten days, most patients no longer have pain and may stop their medications.

Pain management following your surgery:

It is best to start pain medications while local anesthesia is still in effect. Take medications with plenty of water. For additional pain relief, the narcotic pain medication already prescribed (Vicodin, Tylenol #3) may be supplemented with Ibuprofen (200-400 mg), or Tylenol, staggered every two hours.

Pain persisting even after initial dose of pain medications:

Once you take 2-3 continuous dosages of the pain medications, the pain generally subsides. If you do not feel too drowsy from on tablet of pain medication, you may take an additional half to one tablet. But please be cautious. Follow the prescriptions on the bottle and only increase dosage if pain is not relieved and you are not feeling too sleepy or drowsy. Most narcotic pain medications may be taken every 4-6 hours although it may be increased to one every 3-5 hours depending on your tolerance, weight, and clinical effect. Consult with Dr. Kazemi before changing the normal recommended dosages.

Nausea from pain medications:

If nausea develops, discontinue the narcotic pain medication and take only ibuprofen (Advil, two to three tablets). It is normal for discomfort to last up to five to seven days, gradually decreasing each day.

Increase in pain:

An increase in pain three to five days after surgery without swelling is most likely due to localized inflammation from inadequate oral rinses. Increase oral rinses aggressively every two to three hours. However an increase in pain with swelling may be a sign of developing infection. Continue your antibiotics and pain medications as prescribed, rinse with salt water every two hours aggressively, and call Dr. Kazemi for instructions.

Need more pain medication: