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Understanding Dental Implant Complications

Have you experienced complications or are simply concerned about its success before getting started? In this video, Dr. Kazemi describes the multifaceted realm of dental implant complications, offering invaluable insights for both prospective and current patients. He explores the underlying causes of complications empowering viewers with essential knowledge to mitigate risks. Prevention strategies take center stage as he discusses known factors that lead to dental implant complications. Additionally, he sheds light on the significance of selecting an experienced and reputable dental practitioner to enhance treatment outcomes and minimize complications. For those facing complications, he provides guidance on current principles in revision therapy. Moreover, Dr. Kazemi addresses the emotional toll that complications can take, offering support and reassurance to individuals grappling with uncertainty and anxiety throughout their implant journey.

Finally, he tackles the often-overlooked financial implications of dental implant complications Empowering, informative, and empathetic, this video serves as an indispensable resource for anyone embarking on or contemplating dental implant treatment, fostering confidence and clarity in navigating the complexities of implant dentistry.

Types of Implant Complications

Our true specialty is doing dental implants right the first time! But with rising dental implant complications and demand for related treatments, we have designed specific solutions to help patients regain a healthy mouth.

We Understand You

We understand the impacts of unsuccessful treatments: physical, emotional, and financial. We start by first listening to you and learning from your previous treatments and experiences. Next, we obtain all the necessary diagnostics to see the condition of your teeth and supporting structures. Then we schedule a consultation with our surgeon and prosthodontist to fully assess your condition and needs. Finally, we present you with a comprehensive treatment plan, timeline, and related cost.

We have created a unique protocol for dental implant revision therapy designed to restore not only lost bone, soft tissue, or implants, but also trust and confidence. We realize that this journey takes time and must be managed with utmost care and patience. 

Our 3-Step Process To Your Dental Implant Complications

We understand that each patient starts with a positive attitude, hope, and the promise of successful results. Therefore, when implant complications happen, patients must deal with their feelings of disappointment, frustration, and distrust. They have invested much time and money only to find themselves exposed to more time and expense. There is no easy way through this, but it can be managed.

First, our team of dentists will take time to listen to your problems and events that led to them. Acknowledgement of the emotional effect, empathy, and support is an important part of this process. Next, we’ll have an honest conversation about your current conditions, what treatments are possible, and discuss realistic expectations. We’ll continue to offer our support and understanding as you hopefully come to a state of acceptance and get reignited with positive thoughts about a successful outcome. Finally, we’ll render treatments with great care and attention to detail by our selected experts.

Our complete team of consultants include:

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: For surgical management
  • Prosthodontist: For implant restorative management
  • Master lab technicians: Transitional and final restoration design
  • Digital technicians: Digital diagnosis and planning for revision treatments
  • Medical practitioners: For management of health-related factors
  • Financial consultants: To assist with flexible payment options
  • Legal council: Assistance with reimbursements from original practitioners and other legal information

Our Solutions

What to Consider Before Your Proceed With Treatment

Treatment complications can have great impact on one’s emotional, financial, and overall well-being. You have already invested a lot of time, trust, and money into treatments that began with hopes and dreams but have turned into disappointments and frustrations. As you begin your second journey, it is important to consider what lies ahead.


This book, The Painful Dental Implant, is written to help patients understand peri-implantitis, the most common complication and cause of pain with dental implants. You will learn why peri-implantitis happens, why it may be on the rise, how to prevent it, which treatments work. Additionally, you will learn how to choose the right team of dentists who can deliver remarkable results with less complications. If you are experiencing pain related to your dental implants or are currently considering dental implant treatment, this book is for you.

Our Implant Center

Located in downtown Bethesda, MD, our office provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for optimal patient comfort and experience. Our blue wing is for patient reception and routine oral surgery procedures and our purple wing is dedicated to dental implant and tissue regeneration procedures. Both sections are equipped with state-of-the-art treatment rooms, recovery rooms, and latest dental and surgical technology and equipment.