Dental Implants in The Smile Zone

Atraumatic Root Extraction and Immediate Dental Implant

In this video, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi demonstrates a tooth / root extraction system for atraumatic removal of roots. This technique is critical in preservation of bone and soft tissue surrounding the fractured tooth or retained root. In-addition, he describes the process for immediate placement of a dental implant.

Implants in Smile Zone- Part 1: Five Elements for Implant Success

Loss of a tooth results in significant shrinkage of bone and overlying gum tissue in the region of the front incisors and canines. Also there can be additional remodeling and shrinkage after implant placement or grafting procedures . All of this, if not addressed, will result in an uneven gum line, poor aesthetics, difficult cleansing, and even failure of the implant in the long run. In this video, Dr. Kazemi discusses the five key principles in achieving a result that you will love.

Implants in Smile Zone- Part 2: Guest Presentation

The restoration of implants requires great attention to details including use of proper temporary crowns, proper substructure, and carefully fabricated crowns. In the second part of these series, Dr. Prestipino, a prosthodontist, discusses restorative techniques to achieve highly aesthetic implants in the smile zone.