Dental Implants- What You Need to Know!

How To Cut Implant Restorative Cost By Up To 75%

In this presentation, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and Amir Juzbasic, master dental technician, discuss digital work flow and a collaborative strategy that cuts down on implant restorative cost by up to 75%. This approach will provide better results, less chair time, less overall cost, and improved overall patient experience.

Common Misconceptions and The Truth About Dental Implants

Have you been given conflicting information about dental implants? Do you know who is the right dentist for implant treatment? Do you think you are too old for implants or you lack enough bone? Many patients have been misinformed about dental implants, its benefits, success, overall experience, and risks. This podcast discusses common misconceptions and the truth about dental implants.

Is Same Day Dental Implants and Teeth For You?

Many current advertisements promise patients same day immediate implants and new teeth , offering to replace decayed, infected, or missing teeth with implants and even deliver teeth, all on the same day. While this is a possible treatment option, it is not for everyone. There are a number of limitations and the success depends on proper patient selection, diagnosis, and communication between the surgeon and the restoring dentist. This video discusses immediate implants and immediate teeth and when they may be considered and when they should be avoided.