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Dental Implants to Replace Teeth

Tooth loss at any age can be a traumatic experience. Perhaps you had severe decay at an early age and lost your teeth to extractions. Or you lost teeth due to injury from a fall or related to sports. You may have developed complications with a root canal procedure and it could not be treated. Or you developed an abscess or gum disease that resulted in extractions. Perhaps your tooth just never developed and it has always been missing. And if the tooth was lost a long time ago, you may now notice gradual shifting of your teeth, jaw pain, bite problems, and emergence of new issues.

Treatment Options:

Treatment approaches can vary from doing nothing, to conventional bridges, to modern dental implants. Some people seek immediate treatment while others wait. Dental implants are now the standard-of-care for replacement of missing teeth. But as you consider your options, it is important to think about your motivations for replacing the missing teeth.

  • Is self-confidence and public image the motivation?
  • Is it to smile again?
  • Is it to keep you other teeth from being damaged?
  • Do you want to preserve your oral health?
  • Do you want to be able to eat your favorite foods and live a healthier life?

What Implants Do We Use in Our Office?

We use only the most well known and researched implant companies in our office, including Zimmer, Biomet (3i), and Nobel. We do not use the lower quality and cheap dental implants that are available in the market. These cheaper implants do not have adequate research and literature behind them and their composition and manufacturing process are unknown. We do not recommend the use of such implants as they are unpredictable and may be associated with an increase risk of failure, infection, fractures, and poor healing.

How we achieve 99%+ success?

  • Solutions to implant complications CTAA team of implant experts, each doing what they do best: oral surgeon placing the dental implants and our team expert restorative dentists placing the teeth supported by the implants.
  • Careful diagnostics and planning: Comprehensive evaluation by oral surgeon and the restorative dentist along with necessary diagnostic studies such as x-rays, dental CT scan (CBCT), photos, models, and 3-D computer dental implant planning- all to develop an accurate diagnosis and a detailed plan to meet your needs.
  • Utilize best implants and materials: We place only the most respected and researched dental implants. Our restorative dentists use the best materials and laboratory to create results that look great and can last a lifetime.
  • Treatment efficiency and clarity: We work hard to minimize your overall treatment time and number of visits. We do this through continued communication and close collaboration with the entire team as well as you.

How to learn more about your treatment options?

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