Staged Treatment of a Failing Dental Implant With Bone Loss, Gum Recession, and Poor Cosmetic Results

Poorly placed dental implants in the smile zone often results in a number of complications including poor aesthetics, bone loss from peri-implantitis, infection, and gum tissue recession. Patients with such conditions experience chronic pain and swelling and treatments such as cleaning, bone grafting, or gum tissue grafting are highly ineffective. The only viable option is to remove the failing implant, restore the bone and gum tissue, and then replace with a new dental implant following digitally-driven guided approach for total control. Such treatments have to be done in staged fashion to develop the proper foundation for aesthetic and functional results that patients expect. 

Development and precise execution of a well-designed treatment plan performed by a team of surgeon, restorative dentist, and lab technician is the only sure way to help our patients get what they came in for: healthy teeth that look great and comfortable to eat with for many years to come.

Here is a patient with dental implant complications in the smile zone and the staged treatment to restore his smile and confidence: