Teeth Extraction

What is a Mesiodens?

Mesiodens is a supernumerary tooth located in the midline between the two central incisors. It often results in malocclusion, aesthetic issues, or possible cyst formation…

How to Diagnose and Treat Supernumerary Teeth

Supernumerary teeth or hyperdontia are dental anomalies characterized by excessive number of teeth. They most commonly occur between central incisors, premolar area, and in the third molar regions and can result in delayed eruption or malpositioning of permanent teeth and general crowding. In the most recent episode of ‘Hints & Tips in Dentistry’, we discuss current approaches for diagnose and treatment with minimally invasive techniques.

Part 1: Sinus Perforations Following Teeth Extractions

Sinus perforation is a potential complication in certain patients undergoing extraction of their upper back teeth. In this Hints & Tips in Dentistry episode, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi discusses how to recognize high risk patients and offers solutions on how to prevent and manage sinus perforations should they occur following extraction of teeth in the posterior maxilla / upper jaw.