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Bi-Directional Augmenation of Double-Arched Posterior Maxillary Vertical Defects


In this video, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi presents bone augmentation technique for double-arched posterior maxillary vertical defects. With this unique technique, the bone deficiency can be restored to accommodate dental implants in proper position.

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Single stage dental implant and sinus lift procedure


This video demonstrates a patient with missing upper molar and inadequate bone height due to sinus position. A single stage implant placement and sinus lift bone grafting was performed. A minimally invasive sinus lift technique using specialized instruments was used. This allows a small 5-6 mm window for placement of the graft. Uploaded by: H. […]

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Sinus lift bone grafting for dental implants


This video discusses sinus lift bone augmentation for dental implants. Dr. Kazemi presents the rational, techniques, and how the procedure is performed. Uploaded by: H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD Hosted: vimeo

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