A New Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment For Patients with Complete Missing Teeth & No Bone – All WITHOUT Bone Grafting

Following complete loss of teeth, the jaw bone can undergo significant resorption and shrinkage. Such bone loss commonly occurs either from existing periodontal disease or infection, or in response to conventional full dentures that accelerate the process. Patients with advanced bone loss may no longer be able to get dental implants without significant reconstructive bone grafting procedures to restore the missing bone. This often requires multiple bone grafting surgeries that although can be effective, significantly increase treatment time, cost, and invasive surgical procedures with potential risks. 

But now there is an alternative for such patients with severe bone loss who want the benefits of dental implants WITHOUT the need for any bone grafting. This treatment utilizes 3-dimensional CT scan and computer-assisted planning, and CAD/CAM technology to design a special customized implant system that is completely supported by the jaw bone regardless of its thickness. This unique graft-less approach provides such patients the ability to get dental implants in one surgical procedure with immediate fixed set of teeth while avoiding invasive and costly bone grafting procedures and lengthy recoveries.

Launched in Europe about 6 years ago, this treatment will soon be available in US pending FDA approval (anticipated in mid-2022). Our office will be one of the first centers in the US  providing this remarkable and ground-braking treatment for patients with severe bone loss. Considering its high predictability, shorter treatment time, lesser cost, and no need for bone grafting, we believe this treatment approach will be transformative for thousands of patients who simply want to eat, smile, and live healthier, and regain the confidence of natural teeth.

We anticipate a high demand for this treatment and will be accepting patients on first-come basis upon its availability. Please sign up below to get updates on launch date and the qualification process.