How Do The Top Dental Implant Dentists in the World Treat Patients with Missing Teeth?

What do most top dental implant dentists have in common? Advanced knowledge, excellent understanding of biology, remarkable skills, and relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their treatments- just a few to mention. But they also realize that regardless of skills and knowledge, data and diagnostics are probably the most critical factor in achieving desired results. They no longer practice in a 2-dimensional world using a conventional dental x-ray and a stone model to direct their treatments. Instead, they use digital dental technology and 3-dimensional planning and execution in 100% of their patients. And that is because 3-D diagnostics provides dentists the precise and accurate data upon which they can make critical decisions.

We took that journey about 12 years ago during the early days of the digital revolution in dentistry and have never looked back. Advances in cone beam CT scan (CBCT), dental implant planning software, 3-d printed surgical guides, and evolving techniques have resulted in better dental implant success and patient satisfaction. With digital workflow in implant dentistry, we can now provide predictable, biologically-compatible, and functionally stable treatments with perfect harmony between the implant and the restoration. There is no more room for surprises, preventable complications, and mishaps.

Dental implant experts worldwide follow digital workflow strictly in their treatments. And this is because they have discovered that remarkable skills, when combined with accurate data, result in better treatment outcomes and happier patients.