Attention Full Arch Dental Implant Patients: You Are NOT Bionic!

Digital and implant dentistry have expanded treatment options for long time denture wearers and the edentulous population. Dental implants have broadened the smiles of  millions of  people across the globe. Tooth loss is a debilitating disease so one can understand the major impact dental implants have on overall health and quality of life: The Impact of Endentulism on Oral and General Health

When you think back on your implant journey from start to finish can you imagine having to do it all over again? Only this time it is because your dental implants have complications that contributed to severe peri-implantitis, a bone disease around dental implants that is non restorable and would require the removal (explanation) of the implant. Some dental implant complications can be prevented, especially those caused by plaque buildup from poor oral home care and / or lack of thorough and efficient professional maintenance visits.

If you are a patient with full arch dental implants please know you are NOT bionic! In fact, your home care regime must include the complete removal of plaque and food from all aspects of your restoration and away from the gum line. Given the specific restorative design and your level of dexterity, you may need specialty brushes that only a dental hygienist with knowledge in implant care can help you with. If there are challenges with dexterity that limit your ability to control plaque on a daily basis or if your systemic health is a risk factor, then maintenance visits with your dental hygienist / implant care practitioner may need to be on a 1-2-3 month commitment.

The Implant Clean Sulcus Brush: a specialty brush designed for fixed implant dentures

Behind every full mouth implant patient is a huge investment unlike any other investment you can make. Often times patients like to make light about the financial aspect by saying things like “I have a brand new house in my mouth”, but there is no comparison to undergoing reconstruction to restore a home as there is to restore an entire mouth (a second time) with implant dentistry!

Shavonne Healy, MSDH, RDH, ICP is a registered dental hygienist and implant care practitioner at Kazemi Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

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