No more denture adhesives! We can help you with Lifetime Dental Implants

Jawbone Loss 2With today’s remarkable advances in implant dentistry, it is surprising that so many people still wear dentures and struggle every day to do what we all take for granted: eating, smiling and enjoying a good quality of life. Dentures are just as barbaric as offering wooden stumps to help someone walk who have lost their legs. Dentures are uncomfortable, damaging to the jaw bone and gum tissue, costly to repair, and offer poor aesthetics.

A simple solution, which is now the standard-of-care, is dental implants. With as few as two implants, you can enjoy enhanced stability, comfort, and ease of eating. Choose a removable implant-supported over-denture for its simple and less expensive design or a fixed implant-supported hybrid design that offers you the look, feel and function closest to natural teeth.

Do away with denture glues once and for all, and stop worrying about loose dentures that keep you from a social and an active lifestyle. Get back your youthful look, start enjoying your favorite food, and stop feeling old.

At Lifetime Dental Implants we have helped thousands of patients transform their lives by getting rid of their debilitating dentures and replacing them with beautiful and healthy new teeth. Our team includes an expert oral surgeon and restorative dentists in an implant-focused facility, which enables us to deliver high-tech, high precision, and the highest quality care. How about the cost of dental implants treatments?  Check out our simple and transparent dental implant fee structures that make the treatments affordable for everyone.

With our unique techniques and anesthesia options, implant procedures are incredibly painless with quicker recovery than you might think. Join thousands of people who are now living the life they want and are no longer handicapped by their old dentures!

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Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and chief director of Lifetime Dental Implants in Bethesda, MD