A Patient Experience with Full-Arch Replacement of Non-Restorable Teeth with Pink-Free Implant-Supported Restorations

In a previous post, ‘The ‘No-Bone-Cut-Down’ Replacement of All Missing Teeth with Pink-Free Dental Implant Supported Restorations’, we discussed how non-reductive (i.e. no bone or gum tissue cut down) approach in full arch treatments benefits patients who have normal bone and gum tissue. In a related video, ‘‘no-bone-cut-down’ approach with pink-free restorations’, we presented the problems with conventional full-arch hybrid designs and how they are inappropriately used in many patients.

William came to us for solutions regarding replacement of his teeth. His upper teeth had significant caries and were not restorable, but he had mostly health bone and gum tissue. He also had several missing Lower teeth with bone loss. William needed a full replacement of his upper teeth. So we talked about the ‘teeth-in-a-day’ concept- with immediate implants and restorations. But because there were some areas of bone deficiency and areas of infection, treatment would have required an all-on-4 or all-on 5 hybrid design which would have required significant cut down of his totally healthy bone and gum tissue as required to make room for this kind of prosthesis. So instead we recommended a staged approach where we would gradually remove the teeth, preserve and augment the bone and gum tissue and replace with dental implants- while keeping him in a fixed temporary or provisional restoration at all times so he can have a relatively aesthetic and comfortable set of teeth in the interim while awaiting for healing. We were ultimately able to provide him with a complete set of pink-free set of fixed teeth on 8 dental implants giving him the necessary support, aesthetics, and function he wanted.  While this type of treatment took more time and more visits, it ultimately provided him with set of teeth with the look and feel of natural teeth and preserving his gum and bone tissues. We also restored the missing lower jaw bone through one surgical procedure and replaced the missing teeth with implant-supported crowns.

William shares his transformational experience in this video: