The Secrets to Eliminating Complications After Oral Surgery

Post op kit

There are several important elements for a fast recovery and prevention of complications from oral surgery procedures.  The surgical technique and experience of the surgeon is clearly critical to a successful outcome. However, keeping patients informed and aligned with what to do after the surgery is just as important. Following every surgery, we provide our patients with thorough instructions and multi-media communication all designed to keep them on the right track.

Here are the secrets to our success:

  1. Detailed pre-operative evaluation and instructions and careful management of any medically-related conditions before surgery.
  2. Customized home care kit with everything patient needs during their recovery. We provide hands-free ice packs, gauze, travel bag, water bottle, pen, written post-op instructions, chapstick and dietary recommendations.
  3. Multimedia communication with instructional videos and timely email reminders on critical instructions.
  4. Web-based support page with frequently asked questions, solutions, and request for prescription refills
  5. Personal calls from Dr. Kazemi and his surgical team following surgery and on coming days after.
  6.  24-hour availability and immediate response directly from Dr. Kazemi for questions or support.